Magnetic Tape Bundle

Magnetic Tape Bundle

Exclusively for UAD and LUNA Recording System

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Magnetic Tape Bundle

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J. Murawski

February 1, 2013


The best plug.. out there, Not only for master, You can use it on individual tracks,iam. using it as a sound procesor making the track bigger ,it ads That analog Punch To do low end, And of course the nice sweetness of tape,litle EQ, ,,, You can set up the ampex as a tape delay and it's really unique,,its like having six or more Plugs in one , And when am done recording am puting it as a second to lastplug,on my stereo out, It glues Everything together, Ther are different presets for either MIX or MSTR.the only MINUs is that UAD pluggins in general dont have to many presets for any type of electronic music,,its all like rock ,jazz,country, I wish the uad People Recognize that and Release an update with some presets for electronic music,

T. Logemann

January 30, 2013


This plugin is truly amazing. I try to figure out what it does exactly. Perhaps it is the most clever combination of eq and compression, hidden behind the picture of a tape maschine. But all attemps to imitate the glue, warmth and presence of this wonderful plugin with other products failed.
By far the best plugin of UA in my collection.

M. Gervasi

January 28, 2013

Studer Glue

This plugin is really one of those that when you turn it on it's not so transparent you have to check the "bypass" to see if it's on (Manley). However WHAT it does isn't so strong it overwhelms the overall sound. Put on every track it seems to make it so that everything stitches together nicely. Then on the master it rounds out the sound so that it sounds "finished".
Audio glue is the best way I can describe it and worth every penny.

T. Anton

January 28, 2013

A must on every mix!!

This is not a plug-in. This is sublime! The quality of the sound and the endless ways to play with it, that special feeling that is adding to a mix are way beyond words, it glues everything just like the original machine or it give tones of personality on each is extraordinary!!

K. Haavik

January 25, 2013


:-)....................Fantastic plugin, takes me back to the good old dayZ

T. Peters

January 24, 2013

Basically Cheating

This plug-in is ridiculously good.

I accidentally tried it out and now I'm hooked real bad.

Are you at a 90% completed mix stage but lack the energy to finish the job off?

Whack one of these suckers on. Whammy. 99.99%

Thanks UAD!

T. Spielmacher

January 17, 2013


Not much to say.... used tastefully, things are just better! Allows recordings to sound "Legit", so much honour to the past...

T. Reis

January 17, 2013

Adds that something extra to your mix.

It gets put across as many busses and tracks as I have Dsp available for, dial in that flavour to your mix.

A. Booty

January 16, 2013

Greatest plugins I ever use.

I've always dreaming for a plugins like this. Even though It's not the real deal, but its help to glue everything together. Like the real open reel should do. Great job UA team!

E. Gryder

January 15, 2013

Sweet Sweet Plug in!

The Ampex Recorder produces an agressive sound that is excellent on things you want up front. Turn the "record: level up and watch it kick out some earth shaking lows that dont break up. This is one of my favorites!

J. Hofmann

January 15, 2013

ATR-102 is fantastic

the atr 102 plug-in does a really fantastic job. Its THE magic "glue" that i missed all the time. It´s a "must have" when using digital production of any stuff. Well done, UAD. Once more. THX to the crew. Six stars.

D. Woodford

January 14, 2013

Ampex ATR 102

Another wow plug-in!
Strap this across the stereo bus and just when you think it's effect is maybe a little bit subtle, turn it off and listen and marvel as your mix turns into a lifeless and dull two dimensional bore!
Between this and the SSL G Buss Comp, they are my first ports of call on any mix job!
Absolutely brilliant!

J. Manes

January 13, 2013

Ampex or studer..

I went with this one over the studer. While I use both, this tape machine feels beefier. I feel like the studer is more controlled, and bass resonates nicely though it, the studer feels flatter. Great plug right before the limiter on the master fader.

L. Tupý

January 13, 2013

Great Machine

I am very surprised by the quality of the simulation and all the setup options as on an actual device.
How can one try, so without it you will not want to work

F. Calle

January 12, 2013


This PlugIn its just fantastic on whatever you put on. I dont have the chance to use the hardware unit but this plugin has a lot of character, different colors. It can completely change the sound of your source or just enhance it!

F. Gabriel

January 11, 2013

a tape recorder in your computer

i m a reaggea producer and really needed this tool for roots reaggea(1970-1980).
I was using tape recorder 3M 2inch for several year but i went to computer based recording for more eazy editing and other obvious reasons...
I found the action on dynamics ,eq ,quite good ,realistik ,but that s not the reason why i chosed to earn this plug as i have some nice hardware compressors and eq than can do this job .
The wow and flutter simulation is just magical and repoduce exactlly the sound off my favorits reaggea mix especially :guitars ,clavs ,pianos, chaleston ,cymbals, sustain it just magical no others words can describe this.

P. Hamilton

January 7, 2013

Love it!

I have been recording on a 1" 16 track tape machine for years. I never really wanted to go digital, but once I saw THIS plug-in I knew it was time to make the jump. Being a total tape snob I really have to say that UA really blew my mind with the Studer plug-in. I can even make my track sound like a blown out, old hissy reel. I can't wait to get the Ampex next.

B. Keis

January 4, 2013

Another Winner

The Ampex ATR-102 Plug-in is another winner. It sounds amazing. Definitely a must-have.

H. Goldstein

January 3, 2013

Sweet Sweet Ampex

It`s actually hard for me to believe this plug-in exists...Having gone through the analog tape era and now the digital DAW era the fact that UA has gotten the vibe of analog tape in a plug-in is more than I could have wanted.

This plug adds a certain unexplained magic to either a master stereo buss or can be used to change the personality of individual instruments, vocals etc...The presets are extremely usable and simply changing the formulation of the tape and tape speed can yield great results. You do need to watch levels going in to the ampex..but not a problem.

Without any hesitation, it gets 5 stars from this user. Thank you UA !!!

PS, I`m finding that setting it up as the next to last in the signal chain works the best so far.

C. Cummings

January 3, 2013

Very Nice!

I have barely scratched the surface of this plug-in yet i am really impressed with what i am hearing so far. It just brings everything to life. As soon as you put it on a track you notice that everything seems to just "open up". I am happy with this purchase.

1561-1580 of 1781 Results