Manley® Massive Passive EQ

Manley® Massive Passive EQ

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Manley® Massive Passive EQ

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A. Hamoui

May 6, 2020

It was all worth it

This was the reason I picked up a UAD rig in the first place. For a fraction of the cost, what did I have to lose? This thing delivered and delivered well. I'm so happy with it.

S. Matas

May 4, 2020

I wasn't going to buy this...

I was NOT going to buy another plug-in. Heaven knows, I've got enough, and they sound wonderful. But then I tried it... I was only going to try it out. OMG!! Suddenly I had a whole new recording system. I bought it after the first take on the first track. This is hands down the best EQ for acapella vocals.


May 1, 2020

For the PRO

JESUS ! this is damn precise ! MASTERING with this when you used the hardware is just like having the real thing ! Thank you UA you know how to emulate the gear !

A. Bertók

May 1, 2020

Best EQ emulation

This is the best sounding EQ emulation, that i have ever heard.

J. Kröhnert

May 1, 2020

Best Passive EQ Plugin!

I absolutely love this Plugin, it sounds sooo smooth. Perfect on Vocals or Master Channel.

V. Kotljarow

March 31, 2020

Super Equalizer ! Very great !

Ich Liebe alle Plugins von Universal Audio und dieser Equalizer gehört auch zum meinen
besten Auswahl !!!

Respect !!!

J. Rosenthal

March 19, 2020

Great mastering EQ

Amazing Mastering EQ!

S. Oh

March 17, 2020

Amazing EQ!

Very great!

y. lee

March 10, 2020

Massive tool by manley

it's perfect plug-in that i never had. absolutely it's more lovely with vocal tracks.

P. McLaughlin

February 20, 2020

Virtually tactile.

I'm just starting to learn more about frequency and what are some go to frequencies to boost or reduce for specific instruments. Having said that, I like to just use my ears and listen. The massive passive is a passive equalizer and descendent from the great pultec. Pultec is nice put this is nicer. All is on one panel and this is great for mixing on individual tracks, the bus, and is also used as a mastering unit. I kept missing it after the demo so it was an obvious choice. Now with 12 cores of dsp it has a permanent home on any mix.

P. Jacobsson

February 19, 2020

Very sofisticated

You can´t go wrong with this, use it on channels, busses and mastering. Top notch!

F. Beats

January 31, 2020


Adds so much character to the vocals. Crisp, but warm.

S. Ra

January 28, 2020

Perfect tool for adding subtle colors

I use this mainly for group channels
This adds subtle liveliness and low-end to the bus and makes the sound more alive.
It's a favorite plug-in that famous Alan Mayson!

C. Sanchez

January 23, 2020

Simply amazing!!

I just bought it recently and blowed my mind. Clarity, warm, attitude... I can't believe it, this is like a powerful magic button to improve your mixes and mastering sessions. Don't hesitate to buy it. You'll love it!

I. Bellostas

January 23, 2020


Love it!! very clean, great sound

j. toledano

January 21, 2020

Revive el master

Revive el máster y le da el toque pro a todas tus mezclas

P. Darveau

January 18, 2020

Wowww !

Un des eq les plus musical que j’ai en rtas. Il reproduit à 98% l’original. Juste un peu moins de profondeur mais avec la musique de nos jours et les compressions, ca fini qu’on ne voit pas la différence !

D. Yudin

January 13, 2020

Legend equalizer

Legendary equalizer that works perfectly on the master channel!

P. Daly

January 13, 2020

Master Bus

Great filters and I love the way the bands interact, always on Master Bus
And if I have enough dsp, the channel version is nice to use too

C. Torres Carpizo

January 10, 2020

Pure magic

Just insert it on your 2-buss, try the Manson curve preset and play with the knobs depending on what you’re looking for in your mix, and puff! You got a better mix

41-60 of 610 Results