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Unison Enabled

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Customer Reviews

Manley VOXBOX Channel Strip

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C. Moore

March 21, 2020

Vocals are amazing!

This plugin is amazing! It has drastically improved the sound of my vocal recordings! Thank u UaD!

K. Schmuck

March 14, 2020

A great plugin, an addition to the real one

The best plugin for my taste. A must have.

J. Doherty

March 12, 2020

Preferred by my vocalists

I've recorded two singers in the past week with this new Apollo x4 and the unison enabled Manley Voxbox, and this is a massive improvement over my previous tracking setup (a basic 2 channel DAC with plugins on low-latency mode). The vocalists preferred singing into the Voxbox over singing into other pre-amps, so this plugin was a great purchase with my Apollo x4 so far. I'm so happy I upgraded my setup.

M. Sergunin

March 12, 2020

very cool

very cool always use it on my voice
he adds life to the voice

y. lee

March 10, 2020

universal audio did it

uad did perfect stuff. best vox mic-preamp for software ever!


March 9, 2020



J. Manness

March 9, 2020

Awesome EQ

This is my goto channel strip if I want a warmer, fuller sounding track. I got great results with the EQ on the master by boosting at 20Hz, dipping at 200Hz, and adding air at 12kHz. To me, it sounds better than the Pultec and takes less time to dial-in (the XFMR IN also adds nice color). The compressor adds a tiny bit of tone as well and sounds great when it's barely working. If you're choosing between the Avalon and Manley for a tube channel strip, I'd definitely pick the Manley VOXBOX.


March 7, 2020

love it!

This is a pro sounding pre amp package. I use this with my focusrite two as well, using the eq and compressor.

Nice unit.

UA should do like PLUGIN ALLIANCE, a yearly subscribtion to use all plugins.This would be popular!

F. DeAngelis

March 1, 2020

Great! I am reunited with an old friend. my life is now complete

I worked in a studio that had the hardware version from 2001-2006 and I have missed having the voxbox in my arsenal ever since. This Plugin sounds and works exactly like I remember it. I feel like I have gone back in time. Bravo UAD!

P. Fardel

February 28, 2020

Emulation de très haute qualité

Pour avoir utiliser la machine originelle je confirme la musicalité de ce plug in et la bele qualité de l'emulation. Imparable sur le traitement des voix, le traitement des transitoire est extrêmement musicale.
Mon setup pour les voix de post production (Voix off, voice over , doublage :
Le plug in Townsend Labs Sphere avec le micro L22 de chez Townsend,
le voxbox Manley
et un limiteur de chez FLUX.
That's all... C'est là ou tu sens la qualité : Pas besoin de mettre 100 plug pour que ça sonne.

G. Radelmacher

February 18, 2020


Wirklich sehr guter Sound, sehr fein einstellbar und nicht nur für Stimmen zu verwenden.
Ein kleines Minus. Den letzten Punch für Stimmen ist aus VoxBox nicht zu holen. Klingt immer hervorragend, weich, seidig und stimmig. Für den nötigen Druck im Mix ist noch ein weiteres Plug notwendig. Trotzdem, absolute Kaufempfehlung.

A. Dunaev

February 16, 2020

Amasing sound!

It's really amazing sound. With this plug-in, your vocal's sound every time will on the top! My recommendation for all!

S. Kovalenko

February 12, 2020

Manley VOXBOX Channel Strip very nice!

excellent quality! I am very pleased with the purchase!

V. Kotljarow

February 11, 2020

Bin begeistert von MANLEY VOXBOX Channel Strip !!!

Very nice !

Bin Begeistert von dem Manley Voxbox !

Я в восторге от технических возможностей и прекрасного звучания этого
замечательного плагина !!!

Respect: Universal Audio !!!

D. Lee

February 10, 2020

very nice for vocal!

say no more its just nice preamp for vocal and other stuff, comp eq and desser sound great in this plugin

E. Efimov

January 21, 2020


Awesome sound! The ingenious device! Thanks UA for this plugin!

A. Pogossian

January 20, 2020

Just Perfect...

Ideal for vocals and synth vocoders.. MUST HAVE!!!

P. McLaughlin

January 18, 2020

Was the solution on my Martin 00

Have a spruce 00 that has been hell with different microphones because of a weird lower mid that keeps popping up.

I just got through auditioning the v76(thinking bass), the API(almost settled on this, maybe I could get the same outcome with more time on it.), the 610(not enough subtractive eqing), and ran it through the neve last night.

The Manley came together rather quick on my sdc, I copied it to my ldc channel and twerked a bit for a full sound.

Kind of excited to throw the bass at it tomorrow and see how that fairs. I'm also thinking that v76 will go nice too though!

A. Jensen

January 15, 2020

Go to for great vocals

pretty much a standard for cue mix to inspire when recording talents

J. Reinholdt

January 15, 2020

Makes it easy to sound good

I am not an expert on the different elements in this plugin (compressor, preamp, eq) and i usually do not stray far from the presets. I find it very easy to get a nice sound on acoustic bass, vintage keyboards and even on my voice.

281-300 of 622 Results