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Unison Enabled

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Manley VOXBOX Channel Strip

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g. konstantakis

December 3, 2016

Analog sound

warm analog sound.!!!amazing plugin ..

B. Troxler

December 2, 2016

Among the Top 5 UA Plugins

Over the years I have bought a lot of UA plugins. The VoxBox ranks in the top five most useful and effective for me. During the last two weeks I've applied it to vocal, string and wind instruments. There is a learning curve to achieve finesse with this plugin, but once you've sorted out how best to use it, this plugin achieves astonishing results. I highly recommend the plugin AND taking the time to explore its comprehensive range of useful enhancements to audio. Give it time and the VoxBox will reward you handsomely.

r. seifeldin

December 1, 2016

Mastering Polish

I had this plug for few weeks now and i used it to go over all my old mastering tracks to add a polish to them.I never had any Manley products or heard them before.So after an hour of fiddling with it i was abel to clean up those masters and add a diffrent pleasent diminsion to them with a better head room and Noticible quality in all the tracks.The plug displays great quality in many areas.The only dislike is the time it takes to render,but i dont mind to get this kind of quality afterwards.Its a great addition to any plugin library at the current price.

j. osorno

November 30, 2016



R. Webb

November 28, 2016

UAD Has Done It Again!!!

This Channel Strip is just an absolute pleasure to use. The UAD team has proved it again. Once you figure out how to use plugin you'll never be disappointed. This is just an Amazing Channel Strip.

Keep up the excellent work guys!!!

UAD User

November 27, 2016

This plugin really grows on me

Still have not had a chance to use this with unison to record with, but I've already thrown it on the lead vocal on most of my mixes and I love what it does. Especially if you drive up the gain to the point where you get a touch of saturation.

M. Davis

November 24, 2016


The preamp sounds incredible. So smooth and creamy, really adds character. Great presets as well - I'm never a huge fan of presets because I end up tweaking them a ton anyone. But the presets the VoxBox comes with are usable, and are great if im looking for a quick solution. Great job UA.

T. Camp

November 23, 2016

Sounds Amazing

No matter what I do, this makes my vocal sound very forward and present. I was not a fan of the compressor section as much so I turned that off and just touched my CL1B. Paired with my Blue Dragonfly microphone in a dead room I got fantastic results.

UAD User

November 22, 2016

Great ~!!

Everything I thought it would be!

D. Giraud

November 21, 2016

Un chanel strip complet

C'est avec une grande simplicité qu'on peut dessiner les caractéristiques d'une voix, d'une guitare, d'une basse, ...Ceci avec les caractéristiques Manley. Ce plug me sert de base au studio ( pour définir une orientation esthétique, pour sélectionner une couleur, pour aplliquer un traitement de channel-strip avec la douceur et le caractère Manley.

L. Chard-Maple

November 21, 2016

Great Plug

This plugin is very versatile and not just suited to vocals at all. I absolutely love smashing drums rooms with the limiter section on here. The EQ is very natural sounding and the frequencies are very carefully selected. The compressor is fantastic and useful in a variety of situations. The fact that this plugin is unison enabled too is a fantastic bonus but even used as an insert it has a lot of scope.

A. Kamel

November 20, 2016

Voxbox, un bon complément au 1073

J'ai acheter le Manley Voxbox car ayant acquis le preamp Neve 1073, je souhaitais avoir une autre couleur pour mes prise voix.
Le Voxbox est assez neutre avec des réglages raisonnables, passer les 50 dB, la couleur du preamp devient plus marquer mais toujours plus subtile que le 1073, disons avec plus de douceur et un caractère moins nerveux.
Je trouve que c'est un bon complément au Neve 1073, offrant un caractère complémentaire, qui plus est avec une partie compresseur, DeEsser et EQ qui permet d'affiné les réglages sans l'utilisation d'autres Plugs in.

D. Holden

November 19, 2016


this is all you need for vocals ..

E. Kocol

November 18, 2016

A Vox Box For All Seasons

I love how this is bith subtle but in your face at the same time.

R. Jacobi

November 18, 2016

Swiss Knife and Coloration Tool

The Manley VOXBOX really shines on vocal sources. With subtle settings the plugin adds a beautiful finishing touch and a certain analog vibe. The preamp is beautiful and adds an interesting character and tone. The plugin offers some nice options for coloration. The quality of the harmonic distortion might not suit any source, but where it does, it adds a unique set of sonic qualities. As with the hardware version, the VOXBOX is a character box. You either like what it does and it suits your recording and mixing style or not. I love the grit it can add to sources and I really like what it does in terms of coloration on the master buss. This thing suits my style and I like that!

J. Fanus

November 15, 2016

Let your recordings land on the strip

This just works, it brings quality to recordings and when cranked can really make your sounds edgy and alive.

M. Jago

November 14, 2016


Best way I've found for getting vocals & bass into DAW through Apollo. De-esser is great on vocals.


November 10, 2016

One choice

i made the right choice... one purchase - one preamp - Manley VOXBOX... its an eq , comp desser.... n sounds fantastic.....

A. Adedwuon

November 7, 2016

Did not work sound good to my ears

I tried this plug in several different setting on vocals (both tracking and in post) and I just could not get it to behave or sound right. At descent settings, it was muddying/smearing the input vocals in a way that I can not call good. I do not know what the original hardware sounds or behaves like but, if it's the same way this plug is behaving, then this is not a tool I can use for any real work. The Legacy Compressors lilke the 1176 is arguably the most realistic comp from UAD. It seems others have something about them that makes you wonder if these myriad of emulations really make any sense.

I. Papagiannidis

October 28, 2016


I ve tested with all my vocal mics and it sounds fantastic in every one of them. the best thing is that you can shape the sound as you wish and all these features together makes it more than a swiss knife!
perfect for all just can't sound bad... :) totally different from Api and Neve . sound more neutral when you firstly add it, but when you start tweaking the knobs... the magic happens...
Perfect tool for everything!
Thanks UAD!

561-580 of 614 Results