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Unison Enabled

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Manley VOXBOX Channel Strip

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M. Blokzijl

April 11, 2022

Smooth Vocals!

I'm not a pro, and just get to learn about mikes through pre amps, but this plugin instantly made my vocals sound professional. I don't know what the real Voxbox sounds like, but I love this one!

N. Tapia

March 30, 2022

My go to vocal strip !

Its amazing, all in one in one box ! really good sound. Thanks UAD !

M. McCoy

March 18, 2022

Always a go to

I mean it’s in the name, a strip that’s all for vox, if that’s all you do, this is all you need

M. McCoy

March 9, 2022

all in one

I wanted a all in one, simple strip to help workflow, and this is it, I have the 9000j for my beats, Amek 9099, and just added Manley strip just for vocal tracking, love it. truly blessed for UA, took my McDonalds production and turned it to Arby's, now I have the Meats...

S. Gommans

February 23, 2022

Full thick and warm

Tryed the demo and i was instatly sold

V. Baranov

February 17, 2022


If you use VOXBOX, you will always get a great result!!! Preamp, compressor, equalizer and deesser - all in one plugin!!! I recommend it!!!!!!


February 16, 2022

Great Sound

I was looking for an upgrade and got what I was looking for! Great sound. All in one plugin!

J. Dinning

February 5, 2022

The VO plug-in

If you’re a voice over artist wondering what plug-in best suits your needs, it’s this one. You don’t really need the eq section of course but bypass it and wonder in amazement as reads recorded in your closet now sound like they were recorded in a studio. UAD has a lot of great plug-ins but, if you bought a UAD interface for voice over, this is what you bought it for

R. McClure

January 24, 2022

All you need for vocals!

Great all in one processing for vocals!

J. Norato

January 23, 2022

A powerful BOX!

This strip allows not only to equalize and improve many voices but also adds color and warmth to guitars, drums and pianos! It would be nice if UAD configured it to consume less DSP.

t. an

January 20, 2022


Great plug.
I don’t know the original gear, but this is a must have.
It is truly versatile and capable of giving songs a much more decisive character.

P. Radivojevic

January 18, 2022

It's Manley. What can you wish more?

Over the years I have worked with vocals and voiceovers recorded with Manley Voxbox. Always wanted the hardware and now I can track and mix with best emulation on the market. Voxbox is just great!

J. Loureiro

January 17, 2022

More then a simple channel strip

I started using it on Vocals and on the end of the mix i was using it a lot in different channels for instruments Bass , keys, Horns...

M. Malík

January 17, 2022

Very nice sound

This is really nice sounding channel strip. My vocals are fat and clean now. Deesser is helpful. I recomend this plugin.

K. Fulford

January 16, 2022

Expected more

After reading all the glowing reviews I took the plunge. Avalon is more versatile in my opinion. Each has a unique sonic signature so it may just be a matter of taste. Still a really great value to get all this control in one plugin.

s. mosquera

January 15, 2022

Suena increíble

En unison es bellisimo su sonido

s. philippe

January 15, 2022


Very nice

M. Johannes

January 15, 2022

VOXBOX for the people fom Iron Curtan

For many, many people from the past Iron Curtain ain't possible to own hardware version of Manley VoxBox but with the UAD plugin can we gain similar result.

T. Gangemi

January 14, 2022

Excellent Piece of Kit

Loving the voxbox so far. Very musical, and hard to mess up with. Can be transparent or driven harder to push the tone out, which I can appreciate. My only gripe is the amount of DSP necessary to run it, but beyond that, I love it.

J. Socia

January 14, 2022

It worked

First night using it and dialed in a great vocal. Looking forward to what's to come.

41-60 of 588 Results