Moog Minimoog®

Moog Minimoog®

Exclusively for LUNA Recording System

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Customer Reviews

Moog Minimoog

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D. Marais

October 18, 2020

Good God Almighty this is a stunner!

At last, it feels like I'm playing on a real Moog. This is outstanding and the sound is so warm and creamy. Congratulations, UAD, on nailing this. I thought everyone knew it was only for LUNA, so I'm baffled as to why people are slamming this gorgeously accurate emulation for being linked exclusively to the UAD recording system. LUNA is going to be the next gold standard of recording, anyway - it's that good, and it just keeps getting better, so I have no qualms in investing in it and its extensions now. Five stars all round.

T. Elms

October 15, 2020

Incredible plugin but.......

UA needs to make LUNA compatible with Windows!!

A. User

October 12, 2020


Was getting ready to snap this up. Not a bad price really but not only am I pro tools but Im also PC which makes me Luna incompatable also. Im glad I read the reviews and not just bought it for the sound and fuctionality without checking to see if Im somehow banished/not eligible/no soup for you. Once again UA, stellar job...

I. Alter

October 11, 2020

sound good

But forcing us to buy Luna for it? it's bad! Very bad!

I. Jankovics

September 29, 2020


Sounds great !!! But the price is too priced !!!
Why can it only be used in Luna?
As a Logic Pro X user, I would be happy but many others would be available in Vst format.
Until then, I am not willing to give out money for it until the UAD team allows it !!!

T. Sparks

September 17, 2020

Sounds Great!

This Moog emulation sounds fantastic! Do I wish it would also work in another DAW? Yes, but I'm fine with using it in Luna.

M. Knutsson

August 24, 2020

Why can't MiniMoog be used in other DAW's

Great sound but needs to work with other DAWs to make this a good buy.

O. Min

August 23, 2020

Very unique sound

The unique moog sound is very good

M. Bentel

August 15, 2020

Once it's understood it's FIRE

It took me a while to get to know this one, but once I did it seriously rocks! Its prob not your cup of tea if you want instant gratification as today's world demands, I love it because it not perfect its little untamed, but is really unique and I love the texture it gives, I use it on just about everything!

R. Denk

July 9, 2020

Only for Luna? :-(

Please make it available for other DAW's and I'll definitely buy it!

E. Janson

July 9, 2020

Amazing sound

This is by far the best minimoog plugin I used. Other plugins sound thin or artifical in comparison. I like the Arturia and Native instruments versions, but this is different.

R. Paasche

July 6, 2020

Mini MoogD-plug for Luna-phishing?

Isn't Luna a good enough DAW to stand for its own?
So You think you can tempt us with (another) Mini Moog D plugin to sell Luna?
As an quite happy Nuendo 10 owner I'm not tempted to leave it for Luna cause of another Mini Moog D plug at an ridicolous prise. Synapse The Legend and Arturia Mini V7 also sounds similar to the real deal (compared with my two MMD's from 1973) as does Behringer Mod.D for ca. the same price as Your plug in. (not to mention Moog Musics own Mini Moog D app) So my advise is to give it UAD2/VSTi compatibility and turn down the price to something closer to Arturias Mini V7 and give Your well sounding Mini Moog D plug the justice it deserves!

M. Listopad

July 4, 2020

Seems overpriced

Lovely plugin, and I would definitely buy it, if it is more affordable. However, the price of this product forces me to look at Arturia;s version of Minimoog plugin.

J. Hicks

June 30, 2020

Luna exclusivity kills it

Sounds lovely, but it doesn't work outside of Luna and that makes it virtually useless. Moog's own Minimoog iPad app is more flexible and easy to integrate with a DAW than this, and it sounds quite good as well.

W. Thomas

June 21, 2020

Great Moog Emulation but--

Compared to other Moog emulations, which I have used, this one is a step above in sound. For the price, however, I feel this synth should've been designed for use with other DAWs. Other Synth emulations provide this luxury and much more, at a reasonable price. LUNA is a great system, no doubt and getting better. It's a go to for mixing and getting that polished sound. But it would sure be nice if this Minimoog emulation were interchangeable with DAWs that one has gotten accustomed to when recording.

N. Lavee

June 7, 2020

Sounds like the Real Deal

An amazing Model D !
Marking a New Era of UA Synthesis

A. Clark

June 7, 2020

Close, but no cigar

Sounds close to Synapse Audio's The Legend synth, which is another Moog clone and only $99. Would definitely use this plugin but the fact that it's attached to Luna only to encourage people to work in Luna is silly.

M. Kozlov

June 2, 2020

Can’t use it in my daw

This guy sounds nice but I want to use it in my DAW

G. Cockram

May 28, 2020

Nothing else comes close

Nothing else I've tried comes close to the warmth, grit and analog feel of the UA Minimoog. The sound palette, coupled with the responsive interactive controls, are so inspiring that I think my guitars are starting to feel neglected!

L. Steiner

May 27, 2020

crisp, smooth & juicy

Tried it for a baseline and was very satisfyed with its sound. Midi remote control allows twiddle mayham like with a real one. Nice!

21-40 of 47 Results