Neve® Dynamics Collection

Neve® Dynamics Collection


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Neve Dynamics Collection

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J. Dockerty

December 11, 2020

Above & Beyond

Legendary capture of Vintage Units. Props to Will Shanks & the team.

F. Lockwood

December 9, 2020


Des outils indispensables !

F. Camufingo

December 9, 2020

That Little Extra On The Bus

Absolutely love how the 33609 C gives my master or drum bus that little bit of extra punch and color.

m. sabagh

December 8, 2020


Lo uso mucho en el bus de batería y en los overs. Son increíbles, aportan armonicos muy ricos y no resignan el ataque! Son perfectos!

R. Horvath

December 7, 2020

So easy to find the right creamy Tones and give it Amazing color of Neve !!

Its like Magic on Guitars and Drums
Sound so good thx UAD !!!

S. Morrisson

December 3, 2020


Just awesome. The weight this thing added when I threw it on a snare track put a smile on my face. That along with the ease of use and subtle magic it adds to to your track makes it a winner.

M. Truzman

December 3, 2020

Thickens everything

This thing is the real deal...on drum busses it’s magic...highly recommended if you want big thumpy sound

J. Orr

December 2, 2020


I like the clarity and punch it brings to my virtual instruments.

J. Neves

December 2, 2020


Absolutely fantastic...

G. Lovett

November 30, 2020

NEVE Collection

Just sounds like the real deal and worth having in your kit for polishing tracks. Highly recommend

H. Bendall

November 27, 2020


As always - absolutely wonderful. I truly would be lost without UAD now! Thanks so very much, Haydn.

H. Bendall

November 27, 2020


As always - absolutely wonderful. I truly would be lost without UAD now! Thanks so very much, Haydn.

K. Weigert

November 26, 2020

Sledge Hammer!

Sledge Hammer! Best old Dynamics Collection!

b. goodkin

November 24, 2020

Um... sounds as good as my outboard

It’s really that great

T. Platt

November 24, 2020

Dynamic Dynamics

Once again UAD have captured the tone and character of iconic hardware. The punch that the 2254 introduces to the smoothness and transparency of the 33609 is immediately recognisable with these plug-ins.


November 22, 2020

Chaux et élégant...

Un son chaleureux à souhait !!!
Un vrai bonheur !

B. Bilstrup

November 19, 2020

Another Mighty Compressor

Always loved the 33609, but the extra additions just takes it to another level. The 2254 added to this series is just a beast of a tone machine. Just using it without any compression sounds fat and “warm” and can really bring your tracks forward. On the master bus it does wonders and is a very welcome contrast to 33609.

E. McGuire

November 17, 2020

Vive creator!

Loving the 2254. The weight and vibe this thing creates, especially on instrument busses is incredible. Just has so much life! Big thumbs up on drums especially.

B. Busch

November 11, 2020

About Dang Time Guys! ...BTW, they're great!

Man, I've been waiting and waiting and waaaaiiiiiting for the 33609 to get a refresh so it's actually usable on a digital mix buss, with the necessary controls to adjust the headroom properly. I couldn't do an A-B with the old one on the sonics, but I can say this edition sounds fantastic, and FEELS way more like the hardware. The SE misses a bit of clarity and ferry dust in the tone, but does OK considering the lighter CPU hit, (the full version isn't too bad either) or could be good if I want to reach for a more subtle, less assertive tone.

The 2254 is just a bonus, and is different and great in its own right. I have some other models of this, but the UA version is of course top shelf for the sound. Thicker, chunkier vibe than the 33609. Great for more density / heft, and probably better on tracks & instrument busses, (drums!) while the 33609 I'm sure will be my new love on the mix buss for a while.

Thanks for finally getting around to this one guys. Nicely done!


November 11, 2020


Transients/attack, harmonics and weight. A tighter and open low end. Sublime :)

61-80 of 81 Results