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Ocean Way Studios

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J. Cohn

May 19, 2016

Problematic but amazing utility

I would rate this a 5 if it weren't for its downsides, which unfortunately means at this point its a 3 star rating.

This is a superb sounding utility plugin, does amazing things to dull sounds, makes them feel alive and warm and can be many things to many people depending on how its used. Really, an excellent concept and end result.

But it has technical problems that greatly diminish me using it in my workflow - yes, as others have said it is a resource hog, but that is something at least in my situation with an Octo card I can work with - but its unfortunately the CRASHES I've experienced with this plugin that make me shiver in fear of using it. Too many sessions crashing due to activating multiple instances, with plenty DSP to spare :/

S. Dickie

May 16, 2016

Space is a commodity I can now afford

Not having the space or the mic collection to get a bigger sound using room mic's is no longer a priority issue for me. This really is so much more than just a reverb. I like to throw UA's eqp1 before and 660 after to hear it really shine.

I. Konakawa

May 15, 2016

The most impressed plug-in in my life

ReMic function is so impressive. You can control the transient as you wish.

C. Nicolaidis

May 13, 2016

The go to plugin for space!!

You need space in your mix? There is no other plug in ....period.
Great value for money .. without doubt. Gives you air, ambience and character in your mixes.
I'm using it all the time and I'm getting fantastic results.
Great stuff from UA ... and keep it coming!!

J. Lawrence

May 12, 2016

Totally Impressed

I have been playing music for a long time now, I decided to do my own recording and mixes, so as a beginner in the sound engineering perspective, this is one plugin worth buying, it makes life so much easier, My mixes have improved so much and am able to make the instruments sound more natural, despite I do not have a pro standard recording room !! ... Would definitely recommend to buy this plugin

J. Raper

May 10, 2016

Didn't think it could be true.

This plugin is almost magic. I didn't think something like this could be done with such brilliance. Has the greatest vibe about it and really makes those dull drum recordings come alive! Also fantastic for guitars that you want to add just some more feeling to. Fantastic work again UAD!


May 3, 2016

ocean way studios perfect set up in your own home

this ocean way studios is the most perfect set up available, easy to use fantastic sounds ,mic placements ,room selection,total sensitive adjustments for any genre
do yourself a huge favor - buy ocean way studios

S. Robertson

April 29, 2016

Just absolutely awesome!

I love this Plug in. I have an amazing rack on analog hardware, but am in a small room which is reasonably dead acoustically. This Plug in allows me to emulate such a beautiful sound accurately. Can't wait to visit the studio it's designed to replicate. I recommend using analog returns on it!!!!

m. wilson

April 22, 2016

ocean way

my go to reverb love this plugin so versatile

C. Biddle

April 15, 2016

Does exactly what it should

I've had this plug for several months now and I use it a lot. I have most of the other UAD reverbs, but I usually favor this one for room sounds because it sounds so natural. Once you spend time with it, you'll find that it's very flexible and has a great user interface. Sounds fantastic on everything. If you like/need a good room sound, you may find yourself using this 90 percent of the time.

B. McLean

April 10, 2016

Like magic!

This brought my drum sounds to a whole new level. Highly recommend Ocean Way Studios.

R. Parkes

April 5, 2016

I can now work in a large pro studio!

I've wanted to work in a large pro studio for many years, and now I can! OWS sounds big but without being washed out. I can put mics wherever I want them and at any volume level and get the best sounding mix without leaving my chair. What's not to like? There's currently no other plug-in out there to touch it.

M. G.

April 4, 2016


Realmente puede corregir grabaciones de micro erróneas. También se puede usar como rever. MUY RECOMENDADO!!!!

S. Swanson

April 4, 2016

Mixed feelings about this one

It sounds pretty good for drums and guitar but a CPU hog and pretty expensive
Can get pretty similar room sounds with many other plugins
Mic swapping pretty neat
It's ok

B. Tochilin

March 30, 2016

Works Great for Small Drum Rooms

I bought this plugin a year or so ago. I purchased another UAD card and got 3 free plugins I only had two I wanted to I picked this as the 3rd. The first time I tried it I though well I will probably never use this one. I just moved my studio and the drum room is very small. So, I cannot get a good room mic sound in it. I tried everything positioning the mic in different locations around the studio against the wall etc. Then I stuck this plugin on in reverb mode and it just worked. Re-mic mode works well also but I prefer the reverb mode better. Works much better than heavy compressing with added other plugins. If you have a small drum room and want to use a room mic this is a must have.

S. Toon

March 28, 2016

Best Room Plugin

Just working on some drums and something wasn't right. I kept things dry then sent it all to the Ocean Way Studios plugin for a Re-Mic. Wow. Absolutely magic. Still sounded like my little kit, but just the right roomy-life. Not too much, not too little. Nice work UA.

S. Markichev

March 28, 2016

Excellent results!

Ocean Way Studios gives excellent results! The plug-in great effectiveness for Drums machines!!!. I mainly use it in context of reverb of a room. Very realistically and dynamically. Drums, Digital pianos, Organ, Vocals.... - microphones and then record in that atmosphere... Awesome!

A. Mann

March 20, 2016


Great for drums, but also for vox or guitar. One of the best sounding reverb plugin.

j. fox

March 19, 2016

Great Room

Definitely my go-to for room ambience. Being able to commit it down during tracking with the apollo is also a plus.

L. Rollins

March 7, 2016

By living in the future, we get to inhabit the past...

This. This is the sort of technological marvel I was promised back when the Jetsons defined the future. The ability to re-mic things is astonishing to me. I've had hours of fun exploring the various room and mic set ups. This plugin will get a lot of work from me.

321-340 of 644 Results