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Customer Reviews

PolyMAX Synth

Overall Rating

21-40 of 89 Results

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K. Dobracki

November 13, 2023

It is phatt!

I have got many hardware synths but Polymax soft is just phatt and sounds very clear. Easy to operate guy :)

l. luk

November 13, 2023


Bought the signature bundle and actually didn't really feel like i wanted this plugin, after buying the bundle and using it it was a shocker! Probably the most interesting sounding modulation effects i have on any VST synth.

P. Nowak

November 4, 2023

I would like to love this plugin but ...

I would like to love this plugin but the authentication system is a joke. I have tried most of the troubleshooting solutions about the UA Connect problem with the iLok USB dongle but I still have the error message "plug-in not licensed" even though it is activated in my iLok USB dongle 3. The PolyMAX Synth cannot be used since several months.

R. Watson

November 1, 2023

Authentication Keep Failings

This would be a much better plugin if I could actually use it. I've tried multiple trouble shooting techniques and the plugins always say "Plug-in not licensed"

V. Ronda

October 28, 2023

Small Synth but this is Great

Great sound, vintage and most popular for EDM, it's very simple tu use and nice preset . I love It !! Thank to UAD

R. Macara

October 25, 2023


gets to the sounds I want easily and quickly. so many inspiring presets

b. aroua

October 13, 2023

Love it

so good synth with analog vibe

a. jarreau

October 6, 2023


Great synth with clear analog vibe in it

T. Reed

October 1, 2023


Great Presets. Easy to use. Much better than I thought it would be.

K. Kirkevold

September 29, 2023


Quite honestly, the thought of using presets on anything gives me a rash - but on this synthesizer they are so good.. I use 'em. Universal Audio did something very special here. Highly recommended. Thank you.

E. Koch

September 17, 2023

A New Level Of Bread And Butter.

i have my Moogs, Oberheims, and all manner of otherly analog soft synths, but this set me on my ear... that the oscillator wave forms morph, makes it like tweaking a 2-Osc, but sounding like More Than That, need be... i like that it's all there, and that everything makes sense, when i go in for the hone... an extremely well thought interface and "circuit", makes it a 90% synth that can reach your nooks and crannies of sonic aspiration without busting a sweat , and still sound as visceral as any old school analog while it's at it.

J. Tofte

September 11, 2023


Simple to use, great sound. Your own creativity is the only limit.

E. Kruse

September 7, 2023

Ein Wahnsinns Synth

Einer der am besten klingenden Synths in meinem Arsenal . Klare bis kräftige Sounds , aufgeräumte Optik -einfach genial .

G. Costa

September 2, 2023

PolyMAX Synth

Good Synth! I recommend ;)

P. Lewis

August 28, 2023

In Love

Really awesome Pads and leads straight away. So much fun tweaking

P. Lewis

August 28, 2023

In Love

Really awesome Pads and leads straight away. So much fun tweaking

M. Fontaine

August 25, 2023

Pure Vintage Love With PolyMax!

You can make 100s of songs just by using the présents. A mix of the classic Jupiter 8 and the old Ob .. Love IT!

T. Ferreira

August 21, 2023

Love it!

Definitely a great synth.

h. Shin

August 21, 2023


It's mix NEW & OLD

B. Petryczkowycz

August 21, 2023

Amazing sounds!

Such a simple but beautiful interface and really intuitive to use. It’s so easy to get great sounding leads and basses - my new favourite synth!

21-40 of 89 Results