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Customer Reviews

PolyMAX Synth

Overall Rating

41-60 of 90 Results

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B. Petryczkowycz

August 21, 2023

Amazing sounds!

Such a simple but beautiful interface and really intuitive to use. It’s so easy to get great sounding leads and basses - my new favourite synth!

R. Patriarca

August 21, 2023

Amazing sound quality and ease of use. Inspiration ready!

PolyMAX was a great surprise. It has a unique sound quality, is effortless to use, and does not get in the way of the creativity flow. It is slowly becoming my go-to synth for all the pads, leads, and synth basses.


August 21, 2023

User interface is not fully visible

The user interface is not fully visible, which unfortunately means that some parameters cannot be adjusted. Until this problem is corrected, the synth is unusable.

T. Boa

August 16, 2023

Awsome Synth!

This little thing can much. Sounds not analog but for some genre is it great..
Please more LFO options in future ^^

M. Washington

August 8, 2023

Mildly Visually Impaired? Not for you!

The synth sounds amazing.

However, I have to reduce the accessibility text scaling on my entire machine down to 100% in order for the full user interface to show. Otherwise only part of the interface is visible with no way to expand it. The "resize plugin" feature does nothing, it only makes the 3/4ths of the interface that is visible larger. The fix was easy enough to find (another plus, I guess), but UAD... did it ever occur to you that people had the text scaling set above 100 for a reason? I have far too many plugins and this is literally the only one that requires me to change an accessibility setting making the text smaller across the entire machine just to show the full interface. As it is, I can only select presets and tweak 3/4ths of the settings. Sad.

I really do wish I could use this plugin, but I'm not making my entire machine harder to use just to do it. I'm glad I got it for free.

M. Diaz Velez

August 7, 2023

Love it!

Sound impressive and I really getting amazed about the combination of great gear of UA and this instrument.

A. Suazo

July 14, 2023

Not bad analog emulation

Sound good compared with other developers' analog emulations, but need some adjust in the engine to get the powerful imperfect, warm, fast, and power sound from real classic analog synths.

A. Warrick

July 12, 2023

Multiple Outputs

I don't see a way to add multiple outputs using different sounds within the same instance of PolyMax but it is easy to use

J. Caldwell

July 11, 2023

Sits well in a mix but no midi learn can be an issue..

This VST sits well in a mix. It does have a familiar sound quality comparable to a hardware synth. The UI is simple and modern. The lack of a midi learn function is a minor drawback. Why this is omitted on all UA synth plugins is beyond me. There are work arounds obviously but if your controller doesn't have an option to change CC numbers on the fly then you are stuck. UA likes to keep with the intrinsic nuances of their hardware emulations which is appreciated but at some point the novelty wears off. This synth sounds good and is simple to use. Simple being the operative word.

A. Thierry

July 10, 2023

Analog on the way

Like an analog oscillator the sound is so sweat and warm my favorite but behind opal thanks …

O. Cuellar

July 8, 2023

great synth

it adds more dynamics to mixes. great from UAD once again

A. Dun

July 7, 2023

Mesmerising Simplicity

Absolutely love this, Opal was a winner and PolyMax goes all the way down a different road, I'm getting hypnotic analogue goodness out of this plug.


July 2, 2023

Proche d'un vrai synth analogique

C'est avec plaisir que j'ai découvert ce vst.
Vraiment proche d'un synth analogique , un son bien chaud et riche .
J'aimerais avoir un version hardware ....pourquoi pas?! ;)

T. Kouassi

June 29, 2023



A. Moreton

June 26, 2023

No Custom Installation Impossible to get it wortking

I bought it today and downloaded it from the UA set up device you need to get first.
VST is supposed to be installed, but I cant know where (have to find false answer on internet first). When i find "uaudioPolymax.dll" and I move it in my VST folder like I do for EVERY other vst, Ableton doesnt recognize it either. I just spend 65 euros and I cant play synths I was promised to get spending this money. I'm disappointed and I feel robbed.

D. Hogan

June 17, 2023

Not too bad at all.

A worthwhile purchase.

J. Steiner

June 14, 2023

GUI not working

Not sure what’s going on but unfortunately PolyMAX has been a disappointment so far. Every time I’m trying to load it in Ableton I get a “GUI error”. Still waiting for a reply from UAD support… Not for enough.

V. Cardinale

June 13, 2023

Ooooohh.... If would you like to feel a little bit of analog Gear...

I love analog Gear... I love Moog, Prophet etc..
If you would like to feel the taste of a unstable oscillator and his charm , you must try this!

V. Cardinale

June 13, 2023

Ooooohh.... If would you like to feel a little bit of analog Gear...

I love analog Gear... I love Moog, Prophet etc..
If you would like to feel the taste of a unstable oscillator and his charm , you must try this!

A. Lois

June 13, 2023

as long as i like

I haven't worked much with this synthesizer, but so far it's interesting.

41-60 of 90 Results