Precision Limiter

Precision Limiter

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Precision Limiter

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D. Shaffer

June 17, 2011

Makes mastering a breeze. Silky smooth even when pushed hard. Personally, I don't like the overloud sound; but this tool will allow nice variations in how 'loud' you track is perceived.

I use this with the multi-band. Workflow is quick and accurate.

B. Marolla

June 17, 2011

Aaaah, the reason I bought my UAD-2 in the first place. Mastering plugs like this one allows me to get a professional sounding result every time without artificial artifacts. As a final plug in my mastering chain, it never fails in keeping my mixes under control and sounding great.

H. Kikuta

June 17, 2011

This Limiter is very smooth & nice!
I'm always using Precision Limiter for Mix Buss.

P. Göltl

June 17, 2011

******* set and forget******* my master bus can't play without it.....!

G. Porro

June 17, 2011

All my mixes are bounce with the precision limiter plugin.
It's gives you volume, pressence and no distorsion.
Really easy to used and very powerful plugin

D. Sredensek

June 17, 2011

I use it as the last (second) master compressor, before this, i put multiband compressor. I would like to use something else between these two, but they uses pretty much cpu and memory so i have to use these two very racionally. Anyway, all things, what multiband not do, this precision limiter does and it do very good its job. So with this two couple there is no problem to het average -11 Db final RMS and with still not too much "final pumping" on the final sound.

F. Bonfiglio

June 17, 2011

Excellent meter. Actually, the best meter I have on my whole DAW ! Very useful to monitor very precisely the dynamic range of your final master output. Oh, and I almost forgot : very good limiter compressor too !

P. Vandewaeter

June 17, 2011

Good product.
I would like to have the possibility of enlarging window of the plugin, which is too small on my screen resolution.
I would want to know the difference of treatment enters the position has and b ?
Thanks !
Studio Lakanal Mastering France

B. De

June 16, 2011

I use it in all my projects. Easy to use and it does what it supposed to do.

C. Soulos

May 29, 2011

This is my favorite Limiter I've ever used in my life.
I use it on 100% of my mixes.
Is there more I can say?
Would it make a difference?
Not to me.

T. Liljegren

May 6, 2008

Yeah people. I suggest you definately better go for the precision maximizer or even better: the Neve 33609 compressor limiter. (WHOHAAA!!!!!) This precision limiter eats up the drums and almost exterminate your kick drum totally. I used this one for more than 2 years and it really confused me and made my mixing time expand a lot.

S. Hofman

April 9, 2008

I used the Precision Limiter for two days now and already on every project. In about 12 days the demo trial end so i'll start buying right away!!

R. Saxby

April 3, 2008

This LIMITER is as transperant as they come. The meter on is nothing short of outstanding. K-12, K-14 and K-20 love that Bob Katz read his book. When you push the gain/input on the precission limiter it creates coloration (even says that in the documention, I mean you can't create gain without some coloration come on) but if you use something like the neve 33609 to push the gain (which has really cool coloration) and feed that into the precision limiter it's radio quality mastering! (If you already have a radio quality mix) :)

A. Vax

October 26, 2007

not like it. i made dance music and need monstrous RMS. vote for precision maximizer!
this plug is for soft rock music for jus tcut some peaks.

C. Hogommat

October 2, 2007

Mixed feeling on this one too, the main problem on the precision limiter is that on a main bus for (pre)mastering it does really take off the attack and power on your drums, the attack must be too fast and it does really change your mix's sound.
Waiting for the mrecision maximizer demo to see if it fixes this problem, i wouldn't be surprised.

J. Philippart

September 20, 2007

With the current trend of over the top mastered pre destroyed dynamic range,here is the ability to do it right or loud as chafe, this is a well engineered and very musical plug ,it oozes with transparency,even at what i consider to be wrong levels dynamicaly ,eg just plain loud,its actually quite impressive though i personally steer away from that sort of mastering,its ironic here we are in an age of digital where we no longer battle with the likes of hiss etc ,yet we appear to be to lazy to simply turn that volume knob up,remeber the old days when when you did that and well recorded album would sound fantasticaly dynamic,not so whith most modern albums turn them up and fatigue, horrid lack of musical involvement with listener,distortion of the undesired kind,LOW and behold if used right this plug is outstanding and the magic of the living pulsing loud soft all those attributes of music we crave are right there. later P.

D. Ralph

August 23, 2007

M, i have mixed feelings on this.
Sometimes i find this works very well, but in all honesty i think it holds nothing over logics bog standard limiter.

Don't get me wrong i think its a good plugin, but for mastering? No, it's not there yet.

M. Trujillo

June 2, 2007

I'm always skeptical of any reviewer that calls a mastering limiter 'amazing'. They simply make things louder which is certainly not an amazing feat given that there mastering limiters come a dime a dozen these days. I use to use Sonic Timeworks mastering compressor because it was the most transparent when compared with Waves. Then iZotope came out with Ozone and I started to use that because it wouldn't distort when too much low freq energy was out through it. After demoing the Precision Limiter I found it to be comparable to Waves and Ozone but certainly not amazing. I could hear it on my mixes more than I like to hear a mastering limiter. I love most UAD plug-in's and so I have the highest expectations when they release something new. They are, for the most part, the best out there. This one however is not the best our there, but perhaps just as good, and so somewhat disappointing for me since I already have several limiters that perform just as well. In my opinion its only worth it if you don't already have a plug in for this job that you're happy with. It's certainly not 'amazing' as others have claimed it to be (but I don't think any mastering limiter is). But as always, try it out for yourself and compare it to some others before shelling out your $199.

J. Hohmann

June 1, 2007

The precision limiter is beside the Sony Oxford limiter one of the best digital limiters I know. But let me tell you I've bought a Manley Slam. I know it is a bit unfair to compare a 200 $ Sofware with a 6000 $ hardware, but the difference is huge!! If you compare both units, the Slam is much louder an more spatial, very round at top and low end. Don't think you could do anything with the precision limiter.

C. Ruther

December 6, 2006

PLimiter... What can I say about it..... THE BEST software based Peak Limiter on the planet!!! Amazing punch without messing up the upper harmonics and the soundstage!! The PL is a KILLER!!!!

261-280 of 315 Results