Precision Mastering Bundle

Precision Mastering Bundle


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Precision Mastering Bundle

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B. Hastings

February 27, 2020

Learning Curve, but Worth It!

This is not some plug and play mastering software. You gotta use your ears! This is a super transparent limiter, detailed EQ and wonderful bundle!

m. tun

February 10, 2020

Latency Issue to be Solved

Horrible latency, but acceptable for mastering only

l. Langdon

February 8, 2020

Great Plug...

Found this while I was mastering, the sound is fantastic.

l. Langdon

February 8, 2020

Great Plug...

Found this while I was mastering, the sound is fantastic.

P. Sviyazov

January 14, 2020


Excellent limiter at the end of the work

H. King

January 5, 2020

Precision Limiter

I must say it adds volume/level to you mix without adding things that's not wanted in your track. It's super transparent and clean. This is why Universal Audio is leaps and bounds above the rest. Great Job!

V. Volchenko

December 3, 2019

Мастеринг набор плагинов

Многополосный компрессор работает предсказуемо и аккуратно. Лимитёр хорошо сжимает сигнал без слышимых искажений и не повреждает атаки. Эквалайзер работает прозрачно и точно, позволяет редактировать фонограмму с хирургической точностью.

G. Erna

November 19, 2019

transparent sound

the sound is warm... I love it ...

d. morgan

October 4, 2019

the missing piece

i already had most of the bundle for there clarity in mastering but the multiband compressor is the missing piece. most people have a bad experience initially and that puts them of mutilband. but persivere and youll find that it does the things that eq cant and gives another dimension to sound sculpting

M. Dekytspotter

September 11, 2019

Presion Limiter...

Very Good Quality ...
In Master i make Input at +12db and Out at 0db for Make a Reduct at -12db....very Hight Volume...

B. Singh

September 3, 2019

Unsurpassable Limiter

Used ever plugin Limiter.....Surpasses every plugin Limiter...Amazing job Universal

G. Herrera

August 21, 2019

Clean machine

This is a clear and powerful Limiter, never got my mixes this clean and loud before, no coloration, I love it!!

R. Gagl

July 11, 2019

No limits!

I was a bit sceptical when I ordered this limiter. No True Peak switch?? (I don´t know what´s under the hood of course) But I definitely needed another one, because my macbook pro seems to have a cpu leak...O.K. I didn´t try out - but I never tried out UA before, without ever regretting it. So I finally ordered it, and I must say: This was the deal of my life! This limiter is just fantastic! I tortured it with with hottest (but not unusual) levels - and it stayed cool like a fridge, while maintaining natural sounding results! This limiter seems to have no limits. Chapeau to Universal Audio!

T. Davine

June 30, 2019

UAD Precision Limiter

The Precision Limiter has brought my chain for mastering together so I can push the output of my Neve summing mixer and create perfectly levelled masters, without loosing any of the tone that I work so hard to record and mix.

P. Kelly

June 25, 2019

amazing and I would have given six stars if posible

very powerful limiter, I am very pleased to have purchased this item

A. Tomashenko

June 16, 2019

Use it in every project

I apply this plugin when I need more control in the low end register. It's one of the best multiband solutions on the market.

E. Sambugaro

June 14, 2019

Very transparent but..

I know that this tools was without sidechain, but i have bought anyway for their transparent action on the master channel,
If it is possible update with sidechain

R. Gun

May 13, 2019


Could not make it sound good.
Horrible latency, but acceptable for mastering only.
What is it goog for?
The Masterdesk works much better.

R. Gun

May 13, 2019

always on

Does the job. The mode settings seems to change nothing.
Hard do let it distort.
Excellent Metering, like RTW.
Yes ther´s no inter peak limiting, so what. It is not the go to for high end mastering but best for security limiting before A/D in studio. Quite low DSP.

T. Urbanya

April 30, 2019

Simple and transparent but very powerful!

I just love this Limiter!

81-100 of 633 Results