Precision Mastering Bundle

Precision Mastering Bundle


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Precision Mastering Bundle

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m. wan

June 15, 2016

This is an essential plugin

Choose a very long time, or to buy the plug-in, in the mother with the treatment of a small number of compression can not be used, in addition to say that the UA service is very good

W. Brierre

June 14, 2016

Precision EQ

I love this as a mastering eq option on my stereo bus. It has a nice tight bottom end and a nice airy top. Love this eq.

M. Simmons

June 1, 2016

Great purchase!

Quality plugin for the price.

K. Nielsen

May 5, 2016

Gets the job done

Great sounding and easy to use - having this one on all of my busses. Only wish, was a functation that automatically sets the limit to the inverted amount of gain.

M. G.

April 4, 2016


Perfecto limitador que si se usa razonablemente, funciona perfecto. Siempre con la ventaja del uso DSP UAD, que deja la cpu del ordenador libre para otras acciones. RECOMENDADO!

M. G.

April 4, 2016


Lo tengo siempre en el Master. Alucinante el controle se puede tener del sonido. Mucho mejor que el L3. RECOMENDADO!!!

M. G.

April 4, 2016


Muy limpio y muy buen sonido. Siempre lo tengo en la cadena de procesadores del Master. RECOMENDADO!!

UAD User

March 21, 2016

Extra kick

I am using the limiter and EQ in all my mixes. With these tools I get better and clearer sound in logic. Thanks.

A. Mann

March 20, 2016

Very easy to use

Absolutely transparent, faithfull and easy to use. I use it with the k 14 scale and love it.

A. Mann

March 20, 2016

Powerful multiband

You habe to try a little for the best Sound, but its very intuitive and des its Job very well.

S. Connor

March 19, 2016

My Favourite Limiter

I have used a lot of Limiters in my time and this is now my go to Limiter- faces a lot of stiff competition these days but a Limiter is a Limiter, clean and transparent is what it does well with minimum distortion- I use this after the Manley Vari Mu- great stuff, got it in the Mastering Sale too, happy days!!

G. Jennings

March 15, 2016

Digging it.

I first read the reviews and thought i needed to try it. I used it in demo mode for a day then made the purchase. I'm thrilled with it. It seems to add a dimension I was missing. And I'm able to put more bottom end in a mix with less worry. I usually find a preset that seems closest to what I'm looking for and work from there.

H. Terstiege

March 14, 2016

Great sounding BUT: NO TPL -> not ready for the future!

Great sound, very little distortion, open, rich sound if you don't push it too hard. Useless for True-Peak Limiting which is getting more and more important. I never liked True Peaks on CD but it's even worse in streaming and mp3 and with normalized volumes (iTunes and others).Superloud doesn't make sense anymore, so clipping-free is the way to go. UAD please add TPL feature so I don't need my NUGEN limiter after the precision anymore!!

d. Arthur

March 14, 2016

Eq precision parfait pour attenter bas medium

J'ai une pièce qui sonne très bas médium, et quand j'applique le preset qui corrige précisément ces fréquences, c'est magique!
J'enregistre beaucoup de guitares chants, et il y a une transparence immédiate une clarté, c'est bon!

B. Ayazbayev

March 10, 2016

Good EQ for mastering

Always wanted to get this eq after trying demo. Finally got it. It does make a good difference to the mastering. Tweak it a little and then compare it with bypassed signal and you will hear what it does. It eq's in very subtle manner without affecting the material.

A. Mann

March 9, 2016

Great little helper

Easy to use and good sounding tool. Usefull and faithfull.

F. Becker

March 9, 2016

nicht nur zum Mastern

Ich benutze diesen Multibandkompressor eher selten zum Mastern. In einzelnen Spuren zum entschärfen von Peaks in bestimmten Frequenzen arbeitet das Ding super.

M. Clay

March 6, 2016

High Class Mastering Suite from UAD

This for me is the best mastering method for my digital dub reggae. It allows so much scope for originalityy and creativity, too. I am producing ten times better masters than I was previously. UAD have the edge. They are bringing us tools that allow for some very professional mixing indeed. If this is yourt bag on your digital music journey I can only say you made the best choice, people, in terms of the opportunity you have given yourselves to do some quality mixing. Yes, I am in love with you (well my ears are) dear UAD. Will you marry me, please?

UAD User

February 29, 2016

Super accurate plugin

It is the ideal tool for fine tuning for tracking and for mastering where you don't wanna eq something and cut off too frequencies but just tone something down only when they go more out of control. Very happy with it.

A. Maxwell

February 28, 2016

Another one bites the dust.. how to get Transparent limiting

I've used Waves L3 dating all the way back to the L1. It was a given. However I kept reading great Producer reviews about the UAD Precision limiter. When I heard Shadowchild used it in his personal track mastering I figured I better check it out, as I am working in the same Electronic music genre. Tried a demo on a current track and was shocked at how "invisible" it sounds. A/B ed with the Waves L3 and immediately bought it!

221-240 of 648 Results