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Customer Reviews

Sonnox Oxford SuprEsser DS

Overall Rating

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April 18, 2020

Good Gear

It`s So good for vocal

V. Kotljarow

April 16, 2020

Great !!!

Super design, easy to use, super precise ...!
Great plugin

Super Design, einfach zu bedien, super präzise...!
Klasse Plugin

J. Seo

March 6, 2020

Very good DS

This Plug-in start to 1Khz. So It helps to focus on high noise. I really happy to this version. Great job UAD!

P. Ruiz

February 1, 2020

Not a one button miracle,...but it close

I am just a hobbyist and still can feel the difference with very little tweaking. Wondering if I will manage to do the trick in the most difficult cases with it..

F. zakariya

January 22, 2020

Very nice

It make’s music better

e. Spectrum

January 12, 2020

my new standard DS Plugin

clear simple but very precise and strong,just love it like most of UAD Plugins.

m. peretti

January 12, 2020


It's very precise.

m. peretti

January 12, 2020


It's very precise.

t. taeksu

December 30, 2019

매우 융이한 플르그인중 하나

너무 너무 유용하게 사용중이다 디에서 기능 보다는 다른 소리를 잡아 내는데 탁월한 제품

m. stifter

December 19, 2019

super SuprEsser

The best I worked with... very easy and sensitive but powerfull.

m. stifter

December 19, 2019

super SuprEsser

The best I worked with... very easy and sensitive but powerfull.

T. Martin

December 17, 2019


My god this is the best de-esser I've ever used...plug OR hardware. The presets are so helpful and get you "in the ballpark". It's intuitive as hell and somehow gives an analog sheen to the audio. It's almost a pleasure to de-ess now.

P. Pendlebury

December 10, 2019

New Goto DeEsser

This is my Goto DeEsser from now on. Great all round sound and usability.

P. Montauredes

December 8, 2019

My go to de-esser!

The best I have ever used! It's very precise, and has a great GUI.

J. Janssen

December 5, 2019

My Favorite De-esser bar none.

Currently the de-esser I use. I even use it on materia that I can't fix/tame with other applications.

B. Schumacher

December 4, 2019


Very useful tool. Instabuy

S. Teaca

December 3, 2019

Sonnox Oxford SuprEsser DS

Why I didn't have it before ?Best to cut harsh vocals frequencies

A. Geisler

December 2, 2019

A precise tool for unwanted frequencies

With this tool you can de-ess or duck unwanted frequencies in precise way.
For universal use in every mixdown.

M. Clay

November 23, 2019

A feisty and powerful real time de esser

This is the most obvious and powerful software de esser I have used. It responds very quickly, almost too quickly sometimes and needs a little tempering. I can't imagine the old de essers being able to do what this does to a sound. I am obsessed with the top end because I believe this to be the weakest aspect of digitally produced music. A sweet top end makes or breaks a track. I am still struggling after many years and still not content, but this de esser will help with vocals particularly. I'm determined to stick with software and avoid buying hardware Neve to get the top end smooth. The 3D dynamics and the top end are still the biggest weakness digitally. I believe Uaudio will eventually get to grips with this. If the Apollo can play nice top end mixes and project a 3d image then it can make it too. That is obvious. Keep up the good work, Uaudio.

Sssss! (lol)

41-59 of 59 Results

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