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Customer Reviews

Sound Machine Wood Works

Overall Rating

21-40 of 137 Results

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A. Paulick-Thiel

January 14, 2022

Great for a specific use

This tool actually works wonders to fix those "plunky" DI acoustic guitar signals. I'm currently using it while remixing some old live recordings – and I'm really pleased! I will surely use it again to make scratch takes and home-demos sound much better, or any time replacing a DI acoustic guitar just doesn't vibe with the live take. I've been trying it on other "abrupt" direct signals, like drum machines or certain percussive synth sounds, to see if it brings in some "wood" or "physicality", though so far it only works impressively for DI acoustic guitars. Would it work well on a DI for a double-bass? I haven't tried yet. Wood Works is a very specific tool, which is amazing for its intended purpose should you need it.

V. Van den Abbeele

January 14, 2022

With silent guitare from Yamaha

It does really add that extra real accoustic body in a natural way. The result is just great. I think by the way, that this is the best use case. I'm glad I did buy it. Good job guys!


November 1, 2021

Great mic'd acoustic sounds without the hassle!

Brilliant! I use this with my silent acoustic guitar and Apollo solo. The sounds is very realistic and quick to set up. Monitoring the sound has no noticable latency, which makes it a lot of fun to monitor while recording.

S. Verlaguet

September 6, 2021

Really efficient

Wonderful plugin espacially if you record an acoustic guitar using a piezo instead of using mics. The sound"palette" is very large, the sound very realistic , it is perfect in the mix. very useful and very efficient in many situation, love it., really nice tool

S. May

August 24, 2021

Taming a Difficult child

This works so well when you have that difficult guitar that has some stubborn issues that need to be calmed and nurtured turning problem child into saint

I. Macaulay

July 15, 2021

Essential for home recording with acoustic

No need to set up mics, plug in and start recording. I absolutely love how easy this makes it to get inspiration recorded without messing about setting things up. Good variety of tonal options, some options sound to me like old mono recordings, real vibey and warm

A. Eisele

July 14, 2021

Great for untreated spaces

Had difficulty recording acoustic guitars in my untreated home studio in NYC. Now I use Wood Works to transform my DI acoustic guitars into usable recordings; and it's all done in real-time. This is exactly the type of scenario for which the UAD platform is valuable to me.

Wish the user interface were more straight-forward (not this gimmicky steampunk thing) and offered more options, such as basic EQ.

If you record acoustic guitars in untreated spaces, noisy environments, and without the best mics like me, then I think Wood Works is a very useful tool.

D. Murphy

July 1, 2021

Put some acoustic into that DI

Amazed this works so well, but it really does make a huge difference. Perfect for my needs.

J. Gómez

June 30, 2021

New sounds from my acoustic electric

Im using it to record various layers of acoustics, very easy to use.

D. Linderoth

June 29, 2021

I was really sceptic....

... and if you are on a budget like me with NO chance of recording your acoustic guitar with microphones, this really sounded too good to be true. After watching some reviews on the interweb but with some "horrid" playing but with some valid points made from time to time it was demo time

I activated the 14-day demo and tried it out for a couple of days with different results but learning it so now I really recommend the Sound Machine Wood Works - it really does work. For me it is too expensive at the usual price but I was lucky to find out about it during the recent sale.

My bad! I wish I'd known about it earlier. I only recorded with a Martin OM-21 with an LR Baggs Anthem pup and that's the only caveat I see for other users since some reviews report different outcomes with different piezo-equipped guitars. Anthem system and it's quite easy to tweak and find a sound that suits the track and your playing style. Some variations are similar but it worked quite well with both fingerpicking/flatpicking and strumming. So 5 stars it is.

C. Brown

June 20, 2021

Easy Way Ao Add Character

This plugin offers a great way to ad unique character to any acoustic recording. Works well with Di and especially well with mic recordings. Thanks folks, keep'em coming.

E. Lewis

June 13, 2021

Gone is the piezoelectric boing and thwacking

Loving this plugin. Now I’ve got 3 inputs 1) Rhodes large diaphragm condenser, SE Ribbon and this plugin on my DI channel. I’ve never had such realistic and clean acoustic. My custom shop Taylor 6 string, 12 strings and Takamine classical all sound honest to their pedigree. Gone is the piezoelectric boing rubberband thwak. Thank you!!!!!
Now my studio is permanently set to record acoustics.

R. Kei

June 12, 2021

not a perfect changes from electric to acoustic but it's useful

It's not a perfect changes from electric to acoustic but, it has so many possibilities
to make some kind of different sound for guitars.
If you expect a perfect change from electric to acoustic, don't take this
But if you find some kind of unique hybrid guitar tones, this will be so useful to you.

J. Santos

May 25, 2021

SMWW com Godin

Até que enfim consegui fazer meu Godin soar como um violão de verdade. Tô amando!!

J. Sugarev

May 16, 2021

Works great for electric violin too.

It's not for everyone but it sure does what few other plugins do. Exactly the sort I thing I'm looking for from UA.

J. Anaka

April 16, 2021

saved my butt on a project

I recorded a nice parlor guitar for a client and no matter what I did I could not make it sound like a good acoustic guitar . I had a pair of 414's on it and a DI . I inserted the sound machine woodworks on the DI and BOOM I now have an acoustic guitar to mix added in the two 414s to the DI plug in track and yahoo. As soon as this happened i bought the plug in . Best thing I have ever purchased

M. Mauro

April 15, 2021


I've been using this for demoing songs with my acoustic DI and it get's me 90% of the way there. It delivers consistent, repeatable, reliable results in a pinch! This is so much easier then moving mic's! Nothing beats a well mic'd acoustic guitar... but if you're on the road, or trying to record in a noisy environment... this knocks it out of the park.

N. Duncan

April 12, 2021

Really helps with DI acoustic guitar

If you're unable to mic your acoustics like I am, this is a godsend. I use it in combination with Ocean Way Studios, on separate sends, with a clean pre and a tape sim, and it sounds fantastic.

g. Errico

February 27, 2021

Great Surprise

I was surprised by this plugin. I'm not friendly by this kind of plugin but this one sound very well with acoustic instrument.

S. Leopold

February 14, 2021

So simple and yet flexible, great sound!

The price for the plugin seems a little too high at first, but the investment was worth it. Guitars with piezo pickups get a sound that comes very close to the recording with a good microphone.

21-40 of 137 Results