SSL® 4000 Series Console Bundle

SSL® 4000 Series Console Bundle

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SSL 4000 Series Console Bundle

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J. Davies

December 11, 2020


I use the SSL G-Buss on every master fader. Usually classic center compression. MSTR buss in order: Precision Limiter, Manley Massive Passive eq, SSL G-Buss, and an Ampex 102.

A. Kolomvatsos

December 11, 2020

The best comp!

Is this the best compressor to have? Yes it is.

J. Napolitano

December 11, 2020

SSL 4000 G Bus

Great sounding from UAD once again sounds nice on a drum & bass bus glues everything together nicely very happy

D. Mahardika

December 11, 2020

My Swiss knife army

Really love with this channel strip. Its my go to plugin to do many things. Really love especially for drum. Thank UAD for making this great plugins

K. Cantrell

December 8, 2020

Pretty Glue-y

Obviously with compressors you need to know what you’re doing otherwise you’ll end up with an unintentionally spicy mix. The SSL is a strong bus compressor and definitely has this midrange push and presence you get at 4-1 when you mix into the compressor, leave the gain knob at unity and keep the needle hovering between -3 and -6. That’s the ol’ Andy Wallace trick and it sure gets you that rock mix tightness with the drums up front and the guitars pushing the speakers. Otherwise the actual color and vibe is unmistakable. This bus compressor is clean and has this metallic sheen to it that is really fantastic. I was going to pick one bus compressor and live with it. Definitely not sad I finally bought it. I must have trialed it 3 times.

J. O'Connell

December 6, 2020

My new favourite plug-in .......

.........this provides the “glue” that I’ve heard mentioned so often in the past.

H. Andersen

December 5, 2020


The best om the market

o. ortiz

December 3, 2020


love the sound that comes out this
vocals, instruments u name it ,my favorite channel strip ,i love it


December 1, 2020

Perfect product

I use it every day on my mix for glue my bus and the final mix thabks UA.


November 30, 2020

Smooth as a baby's a$$

Really cool comp. highly recommended, especially on a sale like for the last one. Thumbs up UAD

o. ortiz

November 30, 2020

real deal

best bus compressor
it just glue every thing together, gives u that musical sound with out pushing it to hard,a must have , I love my bus compressor

K. Køningsberg

November 23, 2020

Waving goodbye... other versions of this legendary compressor. Many have nailed the look of it, but few have nailed the sound. UA flexing muscles with this one. It will never leave my mixbus. psst..try it on your drums as well..

K. Kouchian

November 15, 2020

ok but not like the real deal

It is far better than the waves emulation so I gave it two stars but it is hungry as hog and doesn't bring the 4000e shine. I also bought the Plugin Alliance version and it smokes the Uaudio version, it has a 72 channel variation algorithm that makes the thing sound even more like the real deal and some harmonic distortion. Don't waste your money on this version, save it for the Neve pre or some reverb.

B. Wisda

November 14, 2020

Versus a 500 Series SSL G Series Compressor, UAD wins

I cannot tell the difference sonically between an 500 series SSL G Series Bus Compressor and the UAD plugin version. Price wise there is a big difference, UAD Wins. The flexibility of the UAD version can't be beat.

J. Dolan

November 13, 2020

Best of 4000

Best channel strip and bus compressor bundle, highly recommended.

J. Moody

November 10, 2020

Like lighting up a dim room...

UA and SSL’s products are legendary. Combine them and, well, the result is stunning. The sound of the SSL 4000e channel strip adds a brilliance to the track that is like lighting up a dimly lit room. You may not notice that the room needs a bit more light until you add it. That is the best analogy I can come up with. UAD NAILED it with their model! I love it so much I bought a DSP accelerator so I could use it on as many tracks as possible.

M. Kerlin

November 7, 2020

My new favorite

Use on all preamp and channel strips

P. Hoier

November 5, 2020

The best emulation out there.

Comparing this to other versions from other renowned vendors, this is the best sounding of them all. Not much more to say. The SSL Bus Compressor goes on the drum bus almost every time, and now with improved punch and clarity. The SSL EQ is so precise and surgical. Using it as Unison opens up a dynamic mic like nothing else, even without enabling the EQ, Comp or the Mic Transformer for that sake. Just the gain stage and the switch of impedance does magic by it self.

C. Foster

November 3, 2020


I had the Waves version of this channel strip but the UAD version is far and away superior. No comparison. This plugin is where all my vocal tracks start.

R. Mahjoub

November 2, 2020

Hate it

Don't but it!

101-120 of 1001 Results