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Summit Audio TLA-100A Compressor

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a. witkowski

December 11, 2016



M. Fruet

July 11, 2016

Beautiful Different Compression and Precise Control

The TLA 100 sounds different from most of other analog compressors existing emulations. It can do from an almost subtle and un-flavored compression to a harder and kind-of-distorted one. The thing I love most is the ability to have plenty of control over each parameter. TLA 100 has some interesting parameters that not all (or a very few) analog emulated digital compressors have. It worth demoing to understand what it can do for you. Is it a must-have? In general, NO. But It can be very helpful when you understand the type of audio source that simply works better with it than would with a classic LA-2A or similar emulations. I'm in love with the plugin, but I don't really know the analog piece, so I'm not comparing it, but using it as it is.

R. Schulze

June 18, 2016

Easy to use compressor

I used the plugin to record a acoustic guitar with the Apollo Twin. Easy to set up and it gives a smooth compression keeping the tone of the guitar. Really good :-)

E. Oooka

March 28, 2016

Summit Audio is a pleasant sound to appear.

Summit Audio was the longing of the Comp to hear that you are using is DavidSylvian. Lock system, feels good when used in male vocal low-temperature, such as ballad system is emphasized! I'm sorry that so much review is small, but I have used in the Softtube. Once, I want to try to vocal-recording. Good for vocal style and wrap system of vocal style that I want to tell the hot passion! In particular whether overtones get out, sound in the chest, but not a silky, why pleasant sound to appear. Favorite equipment much genuine also want. Enough it is also a plug-in, feel and use.

P. Moshay

February 15, 2016

amazing on bass and much more

i was so shocked at how amazing this was for bass! It was not really what i had chosen at the time but my mouse picked it instead of what i had my mind on, and wow was i amazed at how great it was. Then i proceeded to try on Electric guitars too and was equally impressed.
Its a new go to for me.

M. Russo

January 9, 2016

Amazing! Warmth and Stereo sound!!!

Really Analog Sound, and the Saturation Knob is Amazing!
I like it, it adds a special analog-feeling to the Drums, warmth and stereo sounding!

Thanks UAD this Perfect!

B. Ioan

December 14, 2015

Great Job UAD

I like it. It gives that warm sound on the vocals .. but makes them in the same time more present in the mix.

A. Momsyakov

October 2, 2015

addicting & transparent

addicting & transparent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A. Momsyakov

October 2, 2015

addicting & transparent

addicting & transparent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A. Momsyakov

October 2, 2015

addicting & transparent

addicting & transparent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

l. laing

June 5, 2015

very nice

i wasn't familiar with this compressor but man, it is so useful. very easy to use and it just works great on most sources. glad i demoed it, its replaced my go to 1176. its not colorful or hyped, very smooth, even slightly dark, well, warm sound to it. Sounds so good on vocals and bass, guitars too. Its made my every day chain...

M. Mahler

May 17, 2015

Great for vocals

I demoed this compressor for one of my productions where the vocals couldn't compete with the music. I loved the result as the vocals are now cutting through the mix. I can hear the lyrics clearly thanks to which I don't need to apply volume automation. And the compressor adds a special flavour to the vocals that I couldn't re-create with other plugins.

P. Williams

May 11, 2015

like the real thing

I have used a real TLA-100 quite a lot (rented it for many sessions).

This plug-in isn't quite as colored as the real one I have used, but it serves the same effect, which is that it is *slightly* dark and warm sounding, in a way that takes the harshness off of modern condenser microphones.

Speaking of the actual Summit hardware, I've heard people complain that it distorts the high frequencies subtly, but to me that is its charm. It is a great alternative to an LA2A for vocal tracks. The LA2A is more hi-fi sounding, while the TLA-100 gives more of a tubey vibe.

I think for the price this plug-in is kind of a must-have if you are doing a lot of vocal recordings with a variety of microphones.

S. McNulty

April 13, 2015

Great Opto

This plugin version of the TLA100 is pretty spot on, from what I remember of the hardware.
In any case, it offers clean, artifact-free optical compression.
Good work.

k. bergeron

March 17, 2015

Hidden gem

I overlooked this compressor at first but after giving it a chance (and trust me it doesn't take long at all to dial in the perfect setting with this thing) I have to have it. Sounds very smooth and punchy on drums with the parallel and HP side chain options and the attack/release settings are perfect.

L. Wolfe

March 13, 2015

Smooth and invisible - Perfect for Voiceovers, too!

I'm not sure why I took so long to demo this compressor. If you want a ton of character or affected sound, look elsewhere. But if you want to control dynamic range and smooth out transients on a vocal so it can sit more forward in a mix - without adding aggression or artificiality, this is a perfect choice.
I've also been using it for voiceover - fast attack, med release - with great success. It takes away harshness and levels things out without getting boxy like most compressors - even when pushed well past 6 dB of GR.
The HP filter is a great addition, especially the option to use it on the whole signal (without the phase issues I find many create when used on the whole signal).
My only gripe is the 3D effect on the GUI knobs is awkward.

M. Conner

March 3, 2015


I use this live as a supplement to my Two TLA100 pieces of hardware. This Plug-In is absolutely perfect and when switching back and forth between the hardware and the plug in not one of the highly respected people I work with could tell the difference. This test was done on a pair of Genelec 1031A Monitors in rehearsals and not on a large PA. If you like the hardware you'll love this plug-in!

D. Rosario

February 26, 2015

My new go-to compressor

This plugin is an incredible time-saver and sounds unbelievable. I used to spend time experimenting with different compressors to attain the sound I desired, but the Summit TLA-100A plugin changed that. I initially thought that having only slow/fast settings would be limiting (no pun intended), but it takes out all the guesswork and magically achieves great results. I love that I don't need to use aux busses for parallel compression since the "mix" control is right there, and the saturation knob is the icing on the cake.

R. Österlund

February 1, 2015

Great allround...

I can't speek for how true it is to the original but Along with LA2A and one "modern compressor" the TLA100 cover all my needs. I use the LA2A för soft song (adds a bit treble), a more modern compressor when I need to fine adjust and the TLA100, witch would be my favourite, to cover the rest.

N. Hemple

January 6, 2015

A Very Handy Compressor!

This comp seems to be overlooked, i love how handy it comes in. Its one of the smoothest for vocals & Bass or Even a lead GTR line. It also tends to help Keyboards/Pianos. This is one of those comps that translates well to the digital domain vs. the LA2A for Example. In Comparison the LA2A lacks the weight and vibe of the Hardware and seems like it wont ever really happen in the digital world with the current technology (Maybe Not To far Away) But this TLA 100 Really doesnt need much vibe to be Extremely Useful on items that there seems to be nothing that really does it as well for a clean opto type digital compressor. Not to mention being able to Parallel or saturate or change the attack and release times without having to go left brain

41-60 of 69 Results