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Teletronix® LA-2A Leveler Collection

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S. Tib

April 15, 2014

Add some warmth, Live and gentle punch to a bass guitar

I used the LA2-A Grey recently on bass, it adds some depth, warmth, punch, air, a subtle pumping.
I wasn't really impressed by the the LA2A Legacy but when I tried theLA2-A Grey, I understood why so many studio are using it. It just works so nicely I can only recommend you to test it and forget the Legacy version.
On bass I combine it to the 1176 AE + pulteq EQ-1A + Bx Saturator
I used it also on some vocal recorded for a documentary, it added a nice punch and energy.

S. Roefs

April 14, 2014

Attack times!

Great to have these different units, mostly because of the differences in attack times. The emphasis feature is truly great! What a major difference with the legacy version. This sounds like the real thing, which I happen to own. Well done UAD!

S. Taylor

April 12, 2014

Very Pleased!

Terrific set of Vintage Compressors. Simple controls but very detailed response.

M. Selby

April 10, 2014

If you only buy one plug-in. . .

. . . get this one. (Or these three, actually). Between these LA-2A variations and the UAD 1176 collection, I can go from working in the big Nashville rooms to my home project studio and not feel like I've stepped out of a Porsche and onto a moped. These guys really capture the feel and grease of the original hardware versions, are easy to use and just make so many things sound bigger and better and more. . . analog and fat. Great gear for anyone at any level, and a great place to start in building a home studio plug-in collection to make things sound real and right. Essential.

C. Tunnessen

April 10, 2014

3 flavors of LA2A

These plugin sounds so incredible. I rarely used the legacy LA2A but this plugin is essential. And the ability to access three different flavors of LA2A is quite unique. UAD keeps raising the bar with every new plugin.

E. Robinson

April 7, 2014

there are so real

sound so close to the real thing i hardly notice the difference real wicked

R. Rajaram

April 6, 2014

Possibly the best ITB compressors

I demoed these a few weeks back and I pretty much bought them within an hour of demoing. Even when there's no compression happening, they just add body and clarity like I've never heard from another plugin. Beautiful, smooth compression and 3 options of attack and release make this collection a no brainer for anyone looking for opto style compression ITB. The only negative I could find is the level boost on initiating these plugs, but thats an easy fix, just make your own default preset!

P. Brown

April 4, 2014

Different flavors of musical mojo

I am having great fun playing with these and deciding which flavor goes with which track. I'm still not familiar enough to know which one to pick first because they all have so much character and they are definitely different from one another in both coloration and response curves. Despite the obvious coloration they still sound natural and not just stapled-on to a track like some comps tend toward. Nice to have choices, especially with compressors. And they are super-easy to set up, yet quite versatile. I appreciate the addition of the emphasis feature to put a little air back in when needed. Another great job UA!

N. Raymond

March 31, 2014

Amazing sound

The LA 2A is just fantastic it reveal all the subtlety and details of any instruments.
Works great on vocals and drums and acoustic guitars !!

S. Casamento

March 29, 2014

Teletronix LA 2A Classic indeed

Just last week I had a chance to hear the hardware version of these plugs. I am in awe of how UAD captured the subtleties of these classic limiting amplifiers. When used in conjunction with a Unison technologies 610 series the end result is simply astounding.

It is a very exciting time town UAD products!

G. Lovett

March 29, 2014

Teletronix is just AMAZiNG

These plugins are just so great and add to my mix down in a way that few if any other vendor I have used can match. The Teletronix LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection is a must have to any real producer that knows what theses can do to a mix.

G. Noteris

March 28, 2014

3 flavours of the masterpiece

If you're already on the UAD ship then you've surely fell in love with the Legacy LA2A.

This new collection brings new colors and timing subtilities to it.

But what really makes the difference for me is the emphasis knob.
Now you can really get the plug to respond as you wish frequency-wise.

Downside is that you'll have to try them all at first until you can hear and learn on what materials the differences of the 3 shines best.

But hey, those are just 3 knobs units !

I have to admit that it took some time for me to spend the cash on this collection as opposit to the 1176 who was an insta-buy... all i can say is : 5 stars ! (again)

D. Nowacki

March 24, 2014


Sound like real la-2a, really worth update from original standard la2a

Uad plugins the best

C. Byrne

March 23, 2014

What compression was meant to be!

These really sound fantastic. Grey face is a little slow on release for some things but the sliver more than makes up for it. These comps just have a thick sound to them. The legacy version is great but these actually are worth the upgrade. Super easy to dial in-set and forget. The emphasis control makes compressing the "right" part of the signal possible. Love owning these!!

P. Goodey

March 22, 2014

Hardware vs Software

I used these hardware beauties, at Islands Basing St studio, London, back in the 70's.
Wonderful equipment.
And to my ears, and tactility, they've been cracked in the software world ( this also includes the 1176 collection)
Never thought I'd actually own a batch of them one day!
Well done UA!

M. Gustafson

March 20, 2014

Another plugin I didn't think I needed but love.

You'd think I would have learned my lesson with the Fairchild, the 1176, and the Pultec update, but no I waited to get this. I didn't think UA could do better that the Legacy LA2A. Just like the 1176 pack I was kicking myself for not having this for mixes I just finessed. I have used may versions of the LA2A hardware and they all have their place but you don't always have the one you need at the studio you in that day. Until now. A very useful update indeed. Thank you.

B. Grotto

March 19, 2014

LA2A collection

I'm probably one of the only recordists/mixers on the planet who doesn't think the LA2A is amongst the greatest compressors ever. I've just never been taken with them. This collection does a very fine job of capturing the various units' characters (although, I've never used an original LA2 so I can't speak with authority on that particular box), and makes short work of bass and vocal compression. Fun tip: a buddy of mine suggested I try it out on drum buss, and I was very pleasantly surprised. Give it a shot some time.

C. Tuke

March 18, 2014

Level up with these

Used one of these in practically ever session I've done. A great asset and they sound great

J. Robert

March 18, 2014


These plugs make anything sound sweeter. I use them on drum buss, vocals, bass and whole mixes. It will be hard not to overuse these. Simple to use. I wish with these and other UA plugins the window or plug in size can be adjusted to fit more on the screen at once. There's a whole lot of real estate that does nothing. Its about the sound, not the look. I understand the whole classic marketing angle; the wear marks, label tape, scratches and rack mounting holes are novel enough, but I would gladly forsake the true to scale graphics for a compressed(pun intended) GUI with just the space I need. It would be really cool if GUIs could be customized. And midi control would be great too, so I can use a real knob instead mouse.

J. H

March 18, 2014

Love em

I used the Legacy LA2A for a good while and loved it. I got these three when UA had em on for 99 bucks and its been great. All three have their own unique vibe. I'm using these a little bit more than the 1176 collection, so if you only buy one go for the LA2As first. They have a very analog feel. They are rather DSP hungry compared to the legacy version.

941-960 of 1246 Results