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Customer Reviews

Teletronix® LA-2A Leveler Collection

Overall Rating

61-80 of 1197 Results

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F. Matias

June 8, 2023

I knew I wanted it 10 seconds into the trial.

I knew UAD's reputation for the hardware accelerated plugins but was a bit skeptical about them being so much better than the competition. When they went native I installed the demo and barely 10 seconds into the trial I had no doubts. These are really special.

R. Musso

June 8, 2023

LA-2A Collection

Very Good!
From my experience these are all very faithful to the original sound and characteristics of the originals compressors that I've used. I'm already using them on mixes.
The original units all always seem to have minor differences, especially in volume. As the components age their sound and the detector reaction will also change. (Sometimes the top unit in racks seem to get more use than units below them!) So in time they sound different, sometimes better!
The LA-2A collection here does a great job emulating sometimes hard to get, great sounding, classic cosspressors!

L. Jung

June 8, 2023

LA2A Magic

Its an LA2A. Or better said a colelction of 3 different Units. Does what an LA2A does but prolly the best emulation out there.

S. Kokeric

June 7, 2023

It all started here

I remember UAD-1 PCI card on my Power mac G4 with about 12 instances of mono LA-2A
Now about 30years latter i can use it without DSP card. Thank you UA

D. Zapata

June 7, 2023

Great plug in

Never tried a UA plug in, and convinced me the fist time I used It, the sound It Is so different AND way mucho better than other simulations, It worth the price for sure.

E. Maxter

June 7, 2023


Estoy SUPER encantado por que si me da lo que necesito es excelente el Teletronix®

G. Udvarhelyi

June 6, 2023

Must have

I use these on every mix, especially for vocals, guitars and bass.

A. Layık

June 6, 2023

uad is another level

It's nice to even see it on my DAW screen.

M. Cruz

June 5, 2023


Simplemente me ayudo a dar ese toque a mis voces, eh probado algunos pero sin duda, recomiendo este grandioso complemento para nuestras producciones.

L. Hongbo

June 4, 2023

Very well!!!

I love it!

m. moncada

June 4, 2023

es la mejor emulación de todas las marcas

su caracter, su sonido sus graficos me encantaa :)

I. Bigel

June 3, 2023


This is the BEST emulation (!!!!)
I love the whole 3 components, anyone just saves me in a different scenarios when I need an Opto compressor.

Really nice ♥️

d. ruiz

June 3, 2023

los mejores complementos de toda la industria

Siempre veía a muchos en YouTube usarlos y decir que eran los mejores, y la verdad que a mi me molestaba un poco y concluía como muchos en que solo trataban de vendernos estos complementos, y que con otras emulaciones inclusive gratuitos era exactamente lo mismo, hasta que use la prueba gratuita y sin dudas los compre luego, son los mejores y le aportan mucho a las fuente en las que se los aplica (siempre que esas fuentes estén bien grabadas) ojala pronto pueda volver a comprar, los 1176 y el Fairchild serán los próximos

g. parenti

June 2, 2023

El mejor

De los mejores compresores qué he usado, es excelente la calidad y claridad qué ofrecen, simplemente excelente

D. Acevedo

June 2, 2023

On my Vocal chain at last

I have a lot of emulations of LA 2A, but this one... is The Best!

N. Doutt

June 2, 2023

Great Compressor, Classic Sound

Perfect recreations of analog pieces, and at this point, sounds you've on tons of your favorite records. Just buy it.


June 2, 2023

LA-2A Leveler

This will be useful forever.

M. Bellucci

May 26, 2023


Plugin stupendo per la voce


May 26, 2023


A classic. I have many plugins, I have compressor. LA2A and 1176 are a must. Definitely these two are different. Especially the UAD versions.

R. Fontolan

May 21, 2023


the plugins are all of excellent quality

61-80 of 1197 Results