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Customer Reviews

Teletronix® LA-2A Leveler Collection

Overall Rating

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D. Taite

November 16, 2023

Great plugins

I love these plugins, they are so easy to use and have a clear sound. But... the ilok license is the worst thing on planet earth, I hate it

J. Meza

November 16, 2023

The best for my job.

I’m in love with the silver one, really smooth out all the vocals and feels more presents, it’s really my favorite.

G. Berry

November 13, 2023

The Collection

I purchased the collection a little while back.
Love all 3 of them.
Cheers UAD.

P. Toth

November 13, 2023

Classic color!

It's quite amazing, so far the best recreation of this hardware, hands down. Lots of times I just put on any of the track to have that fine coloration and saturation, even without limiting.

p. rabinovich

November 12, 2023

If you are looking for a great voice sound, nothing better than an LA2A

I have been a Teletronix LA2A (hardware) user for many years, and I can assure you that the UAD modeling has impressive realism! Congratulations on this masterpiece!

A. Escribano

November 7, 2023

A must

Very nice bundle. It's really usefull to have these three versions with the attack and release times differences between them

D. Productions

November 7, 2023


I just want to say I´ve had no experience with UAD before a student of mine told me about your Free Offer for the LA.-2A Tube Compressor. I downloaded it, and tried it out on a snare, and the sound was Amazing!!! I then bought the LA-2A Leveler Collection for 29€ or something. Incredible price!!! I then saw that the entire UAD Mixing Edition was on sale as an upgrade from the Free LA-2A for 215€. For that price I had to buy it, and I´m glad I did. So many amazing plugins in that bundle. Especially the 1176, and LA-2A, but the API, and Pultec are great as well. I´m a VERY happy customer!!!

R. Solomon

November 6, 2023

La-2a collection

Great plugins, warm sound and rich. I loved them

e. green

November 4, 2023

Classic compression

It features a decent level amplifier's analog tone. I have never used the real thing, but this LA-2A compressor plugin will get most of your elements/final-mix sitting tightly with a warm punchy edge cutting through the blend.

e. green

November 4, 2023

Classic compression

It features a decent level amplifier's analog tone. I have never used the real thing, but this LA-2A compressor plugin will get most of your elements/final-mix sitting tightly with a warm punchy edge cutting through the blend.

A. Schindler

November 3, 2023

Smooth vocal compression

Using this on any and all vocals bring them to the next level.

S. Kambeitz

November 3, 2023

Sounds just like my hardware

I own a few of the hardware La2a versions and was skeptical how the digital versions would treat the low end and what the color would be like under heavy compression. Much to my delight, an incredible amount of time and detail went in to the digital versions, as they treat the signal the exact same way as my hardware versions!

Great job! These plugins are the real deal!

S. Saied

November 3, 2023

Top Shelf

Every time I listen back to something I recorded, I am blown away by the sonic quality. It’s incredible. How good things sound without adding any plug-ins. Once I throw in a couple of plug-ins, it really does bring everything together and I’m only scratching the surface at this point . This bundle is an awesome addition to my plug and collection. Simple controls easy to use and get fantastic results. I love my Apollo crazy about plug-ins and I want more! Thanks Universal Audio!!!

s. koc

November 2, 2023

The one and only

Majestic magic warm big mellow round and silky sound.
Like the 35mm analog film from the sixties, gives a unparalled picture with magic saturation, these legendary devices (Teletronix® LA-2A Leveler Collection ) gives the same beautiful energy to the sound.

Thank you so much for developing these devices as real and plug ins for us , especially the plug ins for those musician friendly prices.
Big Thanx to the whole universal audio team

J. Swoboda

November 2, 2023

verbessert den Sound

Die LA-2A´s komprimieren nicht nur schön musikalisch wie gewohnt, sondern machen den Klang etwas größer und näher als vorher!

T. Fuxa

November 2, 2023

Best compessor/limiter

Bundle that I wish to must have. Fantastic tool to get your sound in forward for your mix.

b. bareille

November 2, 2023


Très bon produit, un classique mais tellement bien fait en plug un..
J’adore la rondeur et la chaleur de ce Compressor. Vu le prix du hardware c’est cadeaux en version plug in.
Je l’utilise presque sur tout..

R. Mesa

November 1, 2023

So worth it!

Very impressed with all 3. So glad I bought them.

R. Lavender

November 1, 2023

very authentic sound

I have three different version of the LA2A compressor from various creators. The Universal is the one that recreates the sound of the LA-2A perfectly. The others are close, but the UAD nail sit to a T and is now my Go To compressor whenever I need or want an LA2A. So many uses for the collection, and the variations in tonality and function are right on the money.

E. Dj

November 1, 2023


descargue el que regalaron y lo probe ufff me encanto ..en realidad suenan ... pues compre la vercion completa y solo he podido activarla en Ilok Cloud ..pues UA Connect no me deja descargar los complementos que compre solo activarlos ....

21-40 of 1215 Results