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Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

Customer Reviews

Teletronix® LA-2A Leveler Collection

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D. Range

September 27, 2015


i say this i have had ozone waves just a ton of plug ins I'm new to appollo but there plug ins make me want to buy them all i just feel the more I'm studying and using there stuff the more crystal our stuff is and the less headache I'm having i have fallen in luv with had stuff period

J. Roy

September 7, 2015

Must have!

Great sounding plugin! Sounds great on vocals especially!

M. Mróz

September 2, 2015


After getting this plugin going, I knew I have to buy it. Amazing tool, I recommend it to everyone. Thank you, UA, you are the best!

D. Swanö

August 30, 2015



Never thought "the real one" would be that much better than the Legacy version
I use them on Everything. The silver one is my fave.
Really nice !

UAD User

August 12, 2015

That magic...

Love the grey La2a on vocals...tracking with the UA Neve 1073 into the UA1176 rev E into the UA Teletronix La2a grey.

That combination is nothing short of amazing. 5 stars, guys.

B. Smith

August 12, 2015


I have been using just the LA-2A legacy for the past 5-6 years,. it has always been a "go to" for smooth, warm and full comp/limiting and without eating up too much DSP,.(i have only used a hardware LA-2A twice before). I just purchased the LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection,.which at first i was hesitant as i felt the differences/advantages would be minimal. Wrong. The subtleties obtainable and also the dramatic difference under certain circumstances broaden the palette immensely.
The response and frequency transients are distinct to each model and accordingly suitable for whatever source you are dealing with.
Inspiring and comforting to have so much quality gear on hand, and for such a small investment. Make your day BUY IT !

U. Kim

August 4, 2015

5ive Stars!!!

Teletronix Leveler Collection - close analog of outboard!!!
Someone says - try before u buy..............@#% that......just BUY!
Vocals (Rap, Rock, Female r'n'b - anyway), Drums and Gtrz sounds Great!!! LA2A is colorised my production.
The most Amazing plugin from Universal Audio!!!
Thank You UA Team!!!
p.s. Now Ladys loves me MORE than Before:)

m. cho

July 27, 2015

Best LA-2A plug-in ever!!!

Yes, perhaps!.....sorry Waves you are no match.......

Y. Park

July 23, 2015

Great Plugin!

The most natural plugin I ever used. Great on everything!

A. McCarthy

June 19, 2015

Could anything possibly compare?

The Teletronix LA-2A Grey, might be the most important plugin in any of my mixes. I use it on Bass, Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitars. It is also an important part of my Sub Master Bus (transformer only). For lead vocals it is amazing. Applied at the end of your Lead Vocal compression chain, the LA2A Grey could well spell the end of riding vocals. Its ability to transparently reduce the dynamic range of material without it being noticeable is amazing. A breathtaking plugin at worst. It is without question one of my most prized UAD plugins and an essential tool in any serious engineers arsenal.

S. Goodison

June 16, 2015

An essential.

My first taste of aftermarket compression was the W****s CLA-2A and 76, and I used those bad boys on everything. When I invested in UAD my perceptions changed radically. These weren't just compressors, they were a way of life. My UAD 76 units went on everything in my mixes, and unfortunately my UAD LA2A's felt a little neglected. Until recently when I started making them my go to buss compressors. The grey on drum bus with it's medium speed, or LA-2 on the slower numbers make the whole drum sound for me. The silver's fast timing it great on bass/electric guitars. You can buy now, go an' try - you can pay me next week.

UAD User

June 14, 2015

It´s on!

Very good plugin! I use it on drums, guitars, vocal, bass... I really love to smack my snare with this as parallel compressor! Each time I use it, I like it more. I found myself turning it on and loving the tonal character, even when it isn´t compressing!
The three versions really make sense. You´ll get used to them, the longer you have the plugs in use, but won´t make any mistake in the meantime, as they all sound awesome.
I´m having them almost constantly on my vocals!

D. Hedin

June 9, 2015

The Magic Box!

There's something just so special about this LA-2A collection. Two knobs...tone for DAYS! Usually I just set it when tracking through my Apollo to take off 1-2db of GR, just kissing the needle to catch those peaks. Oh man - absolute butter! Can't live without these plugs!

A. Link

June 8, 2015

So useful for tracking

This is probably the only plugin I really need when tracking vocals. Reverb is nice but not always necessary, but a little LA2A compression with barely any latency is ALWAYS a good thing.

UAD User

June 1, 2015

Amazing collection

I tested a lot of compressor plugins but this collection is absolutely amazing! You can use these compressors for every kind of stuff and it sounds always awesome. I use them for a few months now and in every project. Great job UAD!

N. Dranov

May 26, 2015

Easy use + great results = LA2A collection

Well, I bought it and love it. I think everything has already been said in other reviews, but I'd just like to second that: Easy to use and easy to get great sounding results - I really like the serial 1176+LA comp 'trick' on vocals and the LA's on bass, overheads and synth/strings.

N. Franks

April 18, 2015


Once again as far as others attempts on such classics UAD far surpasses them. Waves doesn't have shit with their versions but with all due respect to audio, everything can have a use. As far as real these are the ones! I am in love with the LA2 on acoustic guitars which I don't care for much compression on them usually but that one is just awesome sauce for it. The classic analog bundle is just pure bliss and daily uses for me and I don't hesitate their use thus cutting my mix times considerably not wondering what flavor I want.

A. Parish

April 15, 2015

LA2A Magic

These plugin are so good they find there way onto most of my tracks.

B. Sheppell

April 10, 2015

Very impressed

One of my new favorites. Very glad that I added to my UA collection of plug ins. UA is making some great stuff.

UAD User

April 8, 2015


Sounds GGreat! honestly tho the LEGACY version sounds better on vocals then all these to me except the LA 2. The LA 2 is the better of them i feel, on vocals. Worth grabbing and judging on your own though!

561-580 of 1037 Results