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Customer Reviews

Teletronix® LA-2A Leveler Collection

Overall Rating

601-620 of 1209 Results

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J. Jackson

December 12, 2016


I had to choose between this and the 1176, and I went with the LA-2A mainly because I like the way it sounds on vocals and acoustic guitar. I do plan to get the 1176 later, but for now the LA-2A is great.

Y. Sikuade

December 12, 2016



D. Myers

December 11, 2016

My 'go to' compressor for vocals!!

I already own a few compressor plugin emulations but had a try on this one and felt it was a real necessity - it has a richness and authenticity to it which contrasts it to the 1176 plugins - a real weapon to craft top class vocals - buy it!!!

T. van Ginkel

December 10, 2016

Amazing and easy to use plugin! Perfect on Vocals!

I think this bundle of the LA-2A is just amazing. It works perfect, especially on vocals. I use it on every project! And it is a very simple plugin to use but it sounds great! It is one of the best plugins that i know. go try it out!


December 5, 2016

Just has 'that' sound.

After owning the LA2A Legacy version I was putting off getting the updated version but the newer versions knock the legacy version out the water completely. Different league of plugin. The LA2A just has that positive effect that when you stick it on a vocal it just works. Only problem is now I need more DSP power...

N. Payet

December 4, 2016

The Vocals Comp

The la2a is the vocals compressor to have, work great on guitar and more, a must have. Get it now.

B. Johnson

December 2, 2016

Sounds so close to the real thing!

I have worked with hardware LA2A's and I have to say these emulations sound almost identical. I love tracking through them and definitely worth the upgrade!

a. vt

December 2, 2016

the go to leveler

i was a bit sceptical as i already had the legacy version but when ive tried it its was a no brainer, absolutely worth it 100 times!

d. bennett

November 28, 2016

LA2a collection review

Best sounding opto compressor that I have heard. I have a pair of hardware la2a clones and I use the UA to add color to my tracks. Can't wait to buy the Pultec collection. UA, hurry up with a discount offer for them.

m. shim

November 24, 2016

Compressor really good utilization.

It is a compressor that hangs unconditionally on a vocal chain.
It's best.


November 22, 2016


It does something special to vocals the moment you plug into it. Its so simple and easy to find the sweet spot. I highly recommend it!

O. Ramirez

November 18, 2016


I have used the LA2a hardware my entire career (21 years). Every studio I have been to has one and I always make sure to try it out on something. I have always love the LA2a on vocals, bass, acoustic/ electric guitar, I have even used it for brass and string instruments with great results. When I tried the plugin I was thrilled with the sound. Plus when you purchase the collection you get the 3 different versions of the hardware, each giving its own unique character and sound. I have been using the plugin for a few months now and I'm still impressed at how authentic they sound. Thank you to the great minds at UA for completely changing the game of "in the box mixing", what a great time to be alive!

C. Holford

November 16, 2016

The word you're looking for is ... CHARACTER!

The difference that sets this LA-2A collection apart from the legacy model, and also models from other companies, is the very distinct voice of each compressor in the collection. the effect of the compression seems as light-handed as you would want it to be on the LA-2As, but even turning it on imparts a sonic effect on whatever track you choose - each has its own chunk and presence. And the LA-2 is simply a beast! I'm already seeing an effect on my mixes as I replace other LA-2A models with instances from this collection. WOW!

B. Schimmel

November 4, 2016

The go-to units for vocals...

LA-2 is always in my recording chain. I also use LA-2A on guitars and bass a lot.

W. Murray

October 14, 2016

Beast Mode

What is there to say, really? I love the whole collection but I use the LA-2A "gray" the most. It adds its characteristic "warmness" to pretty much everything it touches, especially vocals, and it can brign a bland mix back to life and give it a nice lil' punch. The Legacy version is decent but this collection is next level sh*t.

A. David

October 14, 2016

A wondrous density

Indeed, this one satisfies a tone that I have been searching for for sometime now. More than simply compress, it imparts a density and tone that works wonders on vocals and bass. Thank you UA!

S. Gibbons

October 13, 2016


UAD nailed the tones of this compressor. We have one at the studio I work out of and the A/B comparison is outstanding. Love the warmness they add.

A. Lee

October 13, 2016

Undoubted classic

I don't know how close this is to the hardware, but probably it doesn't matter to me as they sound superb

P. Melichar

October 13, 2016

Amazing !

Absolutely blows my mind how good these LA-2A units sound. Been using them on a couple of dance/electronica tracks for vocals for a client. Very easy to set up and behave like the 'real thing' as near as I can tell - have been making music for over 30 years, never owned but have used the original gear many many moons ago.
At GBP 115 for all three 'versions' it's a total no-brainer - grab this bargain now !!

P. Wallette

October 12, 2016

Is getting better and better

Wow! Many years ago I had the first generation UAD PCi Card using the Legacy version of LA-2A. I used it on almost every possible track. Now, with my new Apollo Twin USB, I thought I will give the new collection a try so I bought it right away. Yes, I know it costs a lot, but what a difference!!! Really love the Grey one, wich brings my voice to a new level. The combination of Unison 610 mic pre and LA-2A gets me the feeling of singing in a $10 million studio.

601-620 of 1209 Results