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Customer Reviews

Teletronix® LA-2A Leveler Collection

Overall Rating

881-900 of 1210 Results

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K. &

August 31, 2014

TELETRONIX - Bar None Vintage Modelling

I bought this collection immediately after hearing the included emulation of the original LA-2 model (the oldest version, pictured at the bottom of the stack). I have every other LA2A-inspired plugin emulation out there, and I've never heard anything like this. This is one of those rare plugins that really tap into that analog magic/voodoo. I never buy a plugin until I've used it for the full demo period, trying it on everything. I'm not impulsive that way. And I'm very picky with compressors in particular. Most compressors, once you properly gain match the before and after clips, don't make the cut. This plugin was just so on the mark that I bought it without thinking about it. This is a phenomenal accomplishment from UAD. Bravo!

C. Edmonds

August 22, 2014

Sounds Great

I can't say I own or have extensive experience with any of the hardware UA modeled here, but I can say (and I am about to use a cliche that has ventured beyond mere overuse) that aside from the compression itself, these emulations add warmth to whatever sound flows through the algorithm. Really like how it sounds on my vocal tracks, not to mention the straight forward controls. But mainly, in a comparison with the legacy LA-2A that came with my UA interface, it seems to sound much more like the sound source is actually passing through hardware adding that certain...whatever it is. Call it color, call it warmth, subtle harmonics, placebo. I like it. Can my mom hear a difference in her car on an Mp3 vs. simple leveling via automation? no

A. Kolpakov

August 13, 2014

Excellent limiter/compressor

Gorgeous warm compressor/limiter. I use "silver" version for acoustic guitar (nylon) and bass. It gives me deep and fat analog character of sound. It don't mask guitar fingertip articulations as other compressors. With gain more than 50 sound became very punchy, so you must balance accuracy.
Great job for math simulation of device. Excellent that we have possibility easy to use this rare device plugin. Thanks!

A. Lee

August 11, 2014

Another satisfied customer here

I've been tracking vocals through UAD 1073 to La2a Grey and I've been getting fantastic results. I use the hardware Neve 1073 with the Apogee Symphony at my main studio but I don't think I'm missing out on any aspect for using Apollo w/ plugins for tracking. If i'm building an another studio, I'd definitely go with Apollos w/ UAD Plugs. (I'm a Pop/Urban Producer/Mixer)

S. Wright

August 9, 2014

Very close

Closest thing I've heard yet to a real la2a. Has the same low end bump and pocket as the real thing.

I. Valdes

July 21, 2014

Great on vocals!!!

I don´t have hardware versions of these (I´d love to) but UA LA-2A bundle sounds terrific on vocals and bass.

I recently recorded a Harry Connick Jr. cover called "Just like me", just to try the new UA plugins I bought with my new Octocore card. It is a very simple song and I wanted to capture the airy, clean, punchy, sound of the record with that modern vintage vibe. Here´s the link in case you wanna take a listen.

Initially I chose 1176 bundle, but I had to buy LA-2A bundle after hearing how the demo version sounded on vocals. It´s so easy to get the correct sound. A sound I just couldn´t get with 1176 (which is terrific on drums and guitars).

C. Cerland

July 20, 2014

Du très bon

Excellents pluggins. Apporte vraiment sans la contrainte financier ni le poids d'un Hardware. Beaucoup plus interressant que le Legacy.
Très très satisfait de mon investissement

G. Gordon

July 17, 2014

LA2A Classic Collection

Over the years I've used both U.A. and Summit hardware compression and limiting along with McDSP's LA2A emulation. The Teletronix plug-ins do a fantastic job. Very close to great rack mount units which I use daily. I do high end acoustic music, along with traditional blues. country and classic rock. Also known for beautifll sounding strings, bass, cello and violin. I'm prefering the LA2 origional on vocals and standup bass. Puts some meat on the bone! All three are very nice. Best LA2A plug ins on the market. Gary Gordon, owner Inside-Out Studio

M. Kellen

July 9, 2014

LA-2AmkII - amazing software

This is for the NEW mkII LA-2A (I really wish UA would separate the reviews as it really clouds people's opinions)


amazing plugin. I A/B'd my hardware (old) LA-2A and tried to get the new plugins to cancel out with the hardware. just using the amplifier stages (no peak reduction) there was some cancellation but nowhere near 100%... not surprising though, different tubes, components, etc. there was a LOT of reduction though showing that the circuits are definitely similar and in the same family. Things got really interesting when I added compression. The emulations and my hardware track almost 99% the same, even up to 10db of reduction, the attack, release, etc. were nearly identical. Pretty impressive.

D. Legendre

July 8, 2014

Well done UA!

I always loved the LA-2a, now I have tons of them and in different flavors!
Thanks UA!

B. Kim

July 5, 2014

the best opto compressor

legendary la2a
uad la2a is the best la2a
vocal flute violin violoncello viola
beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest sound

D. Zavala

July 5, 2014

Analog sound

Saying that a digital plug-in will recreate any piece of analog hardware will always cause a debate between audio purists and the new era digital producers, now saying that a digital plug-in will recreate a piece so loved, so famous and so powerfull like the Teletronix la-2a will undoubtedly make many people go crazy, and thats what happens with the UAD La-2a collection you go crazy. I had the chance to make an A/B comparison between a fisical Universal Audio la-2a and this plug-ins and even when some little diferences can be heard for the fifth or sixth time you make the comparison i will say that this recreation is the most accurate of them all, the hardware is lovely but i prefer the versatibility of the plug-in and its amazing sound.

P. Gharapetian

June 29, 2014

a studio must.

along with the pultec and the 1176 the la2a is a studio must have. these plugin emulations come as close as possible to the real thing. beating out other emulations hands down.

N. Young

June 27, 2014

Awesome sound

I've never owned an actual hardware unit, but these compressors have an extremely musical, "big" sound to them, and I feel like the enhance the source rather than degrading it in any way or making things sound smaller, as some digital compressors and emulations seem to do at times. I like to use them for effective but subtle compression on lead vocals, acoustic guitar, guitar groups, backing vocals... A great set of compressor plugins, and if you get them while on sale the value is outstanding

D. Schadt

June 26, 2014


This set works great and really makes things sit nicely. The LA-2 is especially great for getting a kind of aggression other compressors just won't do.

P. Gill

June 25, 2014


You can push these plugs hard and they retain that effortless character the LA2A is renowned for. For $50 a no brainer... 'must haves' for any UAD user.

P. Sandrini

June 23, 2014


brilliant and powerful, with natural response, really amazing!

L. Viviers

June 22, 2014

leveler collection

Fantastic! Finally the word nuance makes sense even to my ears.
They work great on all instruments, especially on the voice are just gorgeous.
A purchase that I highly recommend to everyone. Especially for their value for moneyThanks Uad ;-)

S. Seiver

June 20, 2014

just like the others - amazing!

this, like all of the other ua plugs, is proving to be completely indispensable in my workflow. it is a mainstay on vocals and awesome on bass. crazy great!

T. Spratt

June 20, 2014

Another awesome plugin collection

I have been doing a lot of playing around since I purchased my octo card and this LA-2A collection has blown me away. The different tones and characters of each unit are quite amazing. I really like the silver on bass right now, but that will probable shift with each project. I can see myself using these on a lot of different things.

881-900 of 1210 Results