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Volume 2, Number 1, February 2004
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Digi-Talk: More UA Plug-Ins on the Way

To honor the return of the Universal Audio UAD-1, the Digi-Talk column will now cover all things DSP, including Pro Tools and the UAD-1

UAD-1 DSP Card
UAD-1 Studio PAK
As you know, the big news this edition of the webzine is the UAD-1 Studio Pak. But there is still another world out there, specifically, the TDM world. We are still working on new TDM plug-ins, and on ways to improve the plug-ins already on the TDM platform.

In Q1of this year, we will be releasing the Cambridge EQ for the TDM platform. The Cambridge EQ is not an emulation of any particular EQ; rather, it was designed to be the most flexible and best sounding digital EQ on the market. UAD-1 users already know how easy this EQ is to use, and how truly sweet it sounds. The same talent behind all of our vintage emulations created the Cambridge, and the filters were designed to emulate the behavior of hardware analog EQs. And if this wasn’t tempting enough, you can pick up this incredible plugin for only $395 retail (look for a bundle with the Cambridge and our other TDM plugins, for even greater savings). To read more about the Cambridge EQ and why it is such a great tool in your plug-in collection, please see the Cambridge webpage.

Following the Cambridge EQ, the next plug-in arriving for the TDM platform is DreamVerb. DreamVerb should hit the streets in Q2 of this year, and will be $495. This next-generation reverb plug-in from Universal audio picks up where the award-winning RealVerb Pro left off. A new algorithm, an active 5-band EQ, more shape choices, and amplitude ramping are among the new features. RealVerb Pro owners can upgrade to DreamVerb for only $149 (TDM only). And of course, UA will likely provide a bundle with DreamVerb and other plug-ins to extend the savings.

To read more about DreamVerb, please see the DreamVerb webpage.

For those of you running Digidesign Accel cards, we plan on porting our plugins to the Accel platform. Right now we do not have a firm date for Accel support for our 1176, LA-2A, and Pultec EQ, but Cambridge and DreamVerb should be Accel ready upon release.

--Dave Crane

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