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How to Record Rock Guitar

How to Record Rock Guitar

Learn how to get killer tones from guitar ace Tyler Bryant.

Watch guitarist/producer Tyler Bryant — who has served as the opening act for The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, The Black Crowes, and B.B. King — show you how he creates killer, professional guitar tones.

Learn how he uses OX Amp Top Box, UAFX pedals, and LUNA Recording System for jaw-dropping guitar sounds.

[16:14] Be your Own Engineer

Learn what inspired Bryant to stop hiring someone else to engineer his demos, and how UA hardware and UAD plug-ins helped him develop his own production style.

[22:52] Using UAFX as Outboard Effects
Bryant explains how he incorporates UAFX pedals in his recording setup, not just on his pedalboard.

[26:50] Harness OX Amp Top Box for Live

Learn how Bryant works with his front-of-house engineer to dial in OX's room and close miked sounds using the OX app.

[35:00] Easily Navigate LUNA

Here, Bryant shows you how to leverage LUNA's Focus channel and quickly tweak volume, pan, inserts, tape sends, and more.

[52:05] How to Automate in LUNA

Learn how to pull up volume automation and quickly create points and fades in either Touch or Latch mode.

[1:02:28] Get Better Grooves with Quantize

Here, Bryant explains how he uses LUNA’s quantization function and how it helps him dial in grooves that sit in the pocket.

‑ James Rotondi

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