710 Twin-Finity™ Tone-Blending Mic Preamplifier

710 Twin-Finity Tone-Blending Mic Preamplifier

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710 Twin-Finity™

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January 14, 2016


This preamp has improved EVERYTHING I have put through it sound- wise. My untreated basement studio and solid performances aside, this preamp has brought character to my recordings. Finding that sweet spot on the 'blend' knob for a source still makes me smile.. it's a beautiful thing.

UAD User

December 23, 2015

Great versatility!

Great sound and versatility. I love the tube sound on acoustic guitars, vocals and any acoustic instrument. I also love it when I track the line for an electric guitar to use with amp emulation: it adds that warmth that can't be achieved with the digital saturation/drive of the emulation.

Very simple to use. Great price

C. Stylianides

December 13, 2015

BIG and Warm

Tried it on Vocals, Electric bass and El. Guitar Cabinet and Acoustic Guitar and it sounds awesome! It can go from very clean sound to a bit dirty, from fat and boomy to more bright and sweet. I own this for a very short time but I am sure will help me bring my productions to a whole new level!

C. Altuzarra Cabrera

November 16, 2015

Excelente Preamp

el 710 es un excelente preamp con gran versatilidad, los tonos que se pueden conseguir son infinitos gracias a que podemos hacer mezclas de transistor o tubo. Funciona muy bien como caja directa para grabar bajos y guitarras.


October 15, 2015

Perfect Solution

WOW. As a home recording hobbyist I found this single piece of gear to be an astonishing improvement to my process. The choice of trans vs tube. The price point. The UA 710 along with my UAD Solo card have made my recordings sound spectacular. The highs are as glittery as a stripper!! Put it this way, I now MUST take the plunge and acoustically treat my space since it is limiting the sonic possibilities of the UA710TF. WOW

D. Cornelius

May 15, 2012

I have bougth this one to find out how good it works. Great one, it works with a Neuman u87 AI perfect. So i decide to buy a twin finity 4-710d. Next days it will comes from my dealer.The UAD 2 Solo from this Bundel i have bought is very usefull too. So i believe someone ask himself why me is giving 4 Stars for this and other products of UA ? The whole Videos, Handbooks, Hints are all in English. I miss a German translation :(. German translation will makes thinks better understanding and working for me. Great work UA, thx for that.

S. Muela

June 17, 2011

Este es el previo que mas utilizo en mi estudio(estudio Atica)
El sonido es muy bueno
El único punto negativo es el paso de 4 a 5. Que es muy agresivo

Por lo demás es fantástico.

M. Biki?

May 17, 2014



C. Collins

December 28, 2011

Love this product. Made everything I've applied it to sound great. Did not put right serial number down. 102721

J. Jesús

June 17, 2011

Good Sounds look and good low cut .

I only use this with condenser mic ¡¡¡ But i will use with a guitar or bass ¡¡¡

T. Darnois

June 17, 2011

Ce sont des petits bijoux. Facile d'accés, possibilité ou pas d'utiliser la lampe! Vraiment un rapport /qualité prix très bon.
C'est du bonheur de faire des prise de son dans mon home studio!

G. Braga

November 15, 2017

Great product!

I'm really impress with all tone managements on a simple device like he 710 Twin-Finity. Great product for the budget.

Will be better with a stereo output, but works nicely!

R. Bouma

June 14, 2017

Excellence heavyweight for the long run

It has all you need. They nailed it with this baby. For many years now it just brings what I need from a mic & line pre-amp. hiZ input sounds de-luxe, put a mic true it and it has a clean to warm sound with the blend (Fet mix Tube) function to top it of. It has al the basic functionality an input needs. Even if you set the input on fire and totally destroy it you will like the X-factor. Great dynamics.. End conclusion: a 10+ Its a fact that many hits are recorded today with this tool in combination with the apollo's. Thanks for reading!

S. Kirkegaard

June 3, 2017


Enough said.

S. Kirkegaard

May 20, 2017

Great preamp!

Nothing more to say. Love to be able to blend.


May 2, 2017


All of a sudden my AKG 420 microphone sounds like a $3000 mic! I'm very happy with the sound it produces. Also very clean and warm sound for my jazz guitar that I tried.
Vocals sound awesome with it.

E. Smallwood

April 15, 2017

The Right Tone Going In

Very versatile from grit to gravy this is my go to DI/Pre

I. Anderson

January 28, 2017

That extra boost!

I use a Roland studio capture interface with an AKG C414, which sounded great alone. By adding the 710 Twin-Finity it added that big studio depth to my recordings in my home studio!

E. Polat

December 5, 2016


I've been using 710 Twin-Finity for over 2 years, and it's my favourite pre-amp! Almost in every genre, you can use this toy.

M. Grumeza

November 12, 2016


THe 710 and the Millennia pre's are my fav's.

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