710 Twin-Finity™ Tone-Blending Mic Preamplifier

710 Twin-Finity Tone-Blending Mic Preamplifier

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710 Twin-Finity™

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I. Anderson

January 28, 2017

That extra boost!

I use a Roland studio capture interface with an AKG C414, which sounded great alone. By adding the 710 Twin-Finity it added that big studio depth to my recordings in my home studio!

E. Polat

December 5, 2016


I've been using 710 Twin-Finity for over 2 years, and it's my favourite pre-amp! Almost in every genre, you can use this toy.

M. Grumeza

November 12, 2016


THe 710 and the Millennia pre's are my fav's.

V. Tamminen

November 7, 2016


Had lot of waited warm tube sound. This nailed the coffin. So warm vintage and uniqueness combined. Really worth of every penny. It's now heart of my studio.

C. Laster

November 5, 2016

Overall 8.5 out of 10

Universal Audio nailed it with this one. Its smooth and silky. The only problem I have is I cant figure out how to get a good strong signal into my DAW. I have the gain and level knobs at 12 o'clock and I'm getting a good signal into my compressor and DAW but it always seems the signal is in the background. I adjust the knob based on the meters.So its not really a gain staging issue its more of the presence in the mix. If anyone has any suggestions let me know. Im not sure if its something wrong with the unit or if its me.I have several other preamps and I don't have this problem.

j. hart

November 1, 2016



J. Valentovich

September 22, 2016

Sounds awesome

What can I say. This is a UAD Pre and it does sound very good. It warms up everything and cleans the sound up. Running this through your tracks just sweetens them up. Must buy.

UAD User

September 11, 2016

Vital to any studio

There isn't a single source that doesn't sound better running through this preamp. Dynamics, condensers, ribbons, on vocals, cabs, pianos, guitars and anything else you can think of. I'm so satisfied with it I just ordered a second one for recording in stereo. Excellent, excellent product.


June 1, 2016

I Love

J'aime beaucoup l'UAD 710 sur les voix !!! Testé avec un Blue DragonFly le rendu est magnifique !!!
La palette de couleur sonore est intéressante en Full Transistor pour ma voix, j'ai également essayé en 100% Lampe le résultat est différent, plus brillant on pourrait préférer le Full transistor à la place pour des voix.
Acheté à un ami qui ne voulait pas le garder, je regrette pas mon achat, je pense même en acheter un deuxième.
Mon premier UAD, j'adore !!!
Merci UAD

D. Akindayomi

May 27, 2016

Awesome Analog

This preamp has brought a new sweetness and warmth to anything i track through it ... A great preamp you won't regret and for a great price .. Thumbs up .


j. kim

April 6, 2016

Mr.jung su

Good warm sound tube feels good sound and punch

I love 710

l. lee

October 14, 2015

UA 710 twin finity

Overall, Good warm sound
tube feels good sound(especially Acoustic guitar)
and punch

B. Rangno

September 23, 2015

Great unit with lots of versitility

As a clean gain preamp it does a phenomenal job for the price. Having the added option of a tube drive circuit as well makes it super well versed for a variety of applications.

T. Moons

March 18, 2015

710 ...blending like a dj mix ...

It's a fantastic piece of gear. I couldn't believe the difference is so big compared to the first preamp i had . I'm really happy with this hope i can save for the others from UAD to , it really has its own character ! Love it !!

B. Chiaravalle

March 18, 2015

Really useful!

I noticed a big difference the first session I used it on a lead vocal I was recording. Adds a nice character immediately. I've used on electric and acoustic guitars as well and sounds great. Also works great on my Hofner bass direct.

J. Dunlop

March 8, 2015


Very attractive design. Controls are simple and straightforward. Owner's Guide is especially useful. They have gone to the trouble to assume you know nothing and they lay it out step by step. You don't see this much anymore. It helped me greatly. Now I do more listening and less fiddling. Strongly recommended.

A. Libertucci

March 1, 2015

Finally found what i was looking for

I have been buying and selling preamps for a while and decided to try the UAD 710. All i can say is, i am done searching. Straight to my interface and into my DAW with no EQ it sounds amazing. For xtra clean, dial to the left, add tube color to the right . Simple. Love this thing. Keep it up UAD!

R. Lima

January 30, 2015

To everything you want.

I've bought one 710 Twin and for sure I'll get another to make it Twis. For acoustic guitar, for drums, key and vocal. Everything you need it sounds good.
Ricardo Lima Brazil

L. Fernández

January 22, 2015

Genial el 710 twin

Llevo un tiempo con el y me parece muy versatil, le da al sonido un fuerza que si todas las pistas han pasado por el 710 notaras que todo suena con un color muy distinto al que estamos acostumbrados con los previos de las interfaces, la conparo con los previos d-pre de yamaha y los de la ediro fa 101, y se nota mucho la diferencia, el cambio entre estado solido y valvula es muy sutil, pero lo suficiente, la configuracion que mas me gusta es la intermedia, al igual que dice aguilera la gabancia en mi caso del 3 al 4 es muy brusco el cambio y eso hace que pierdas un poco el rango de posibilidades pero en general es un buen cacharro calidad precio de un buen mivel para estudios de proyecto y hone studio,
Estoy muy satisfecho con la compra.

D. Shand

December 20, 2014

Twinand Twin

I use the Twin finite with my apollo twin and it sounds great best micpre for the price!

21-40 of 81 Results