Ampeg® Heritage Bass Amp Bundle

Ampeg® Heritage Bass Amp Bundle

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Ampeg Heritage Bass Amp Bundle

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A. Freeman

August 17, 2016

Love this

I own a real vintage B15 and always track through it. But when I'm mixing songs I didn't track, this totally fits the bill without costing me money to book reamp time in a studio. It has the same liquid low mids and perfect presence that my original has, it's just cheaper and doesn't cost me any money to re-tube!

D. Gufflet

August 16, 2016

Amazing !

first of all, I have never ever liked the simulated amp on anything (software or hardware) except on the company who made the red bean as we know it. And even on this company I ended up not liking every simulations.
As I discovered UAD through Pete Thorn videos, I really was shocked by the quality and sound of the simulations !!!
I watched every video on YouTube concerning the Chandler GAV19T because I was looking for a easy solution to record ideas, to work on songs, and on my instrument without having to plug and wired everything (Amp, Pedalboard, Mic, Interface, etc...) every time !!! I play with a Suhr Badger 35 and I love the sound ! The GAV19T is just awesome, I really enjoy it !!!

K. Barta

August 11, 2016

Top sound & feel

I use the Friedmann Plugins for composing and preproduction with Apollo Twin Duo. That was never easier and faster for me before. The results are very convincing, the feel of the amp sim very good, sound awesome. Also the presets give a good starting point, integrated effects (noise gate, delay) extremely comfortable to work with. One sim for complete guitar sound.

U. Hugosson

August 10, 2016

Bought it after demo it for 10 minutes!!

Great warmth and flexible bass amp! Top of my list now! Great work UA!
Bought it after demo it for 10 minutes!!

A. Shevchenko

August 8, 2016


I spent my weekend testing Ampeg SVT-3 PRO Bass Amp and its emulation by Brainworx. Just incredible! So close to original and even better!

Setting mics in the perfect way takes a lot time + you may not have a good cabinet or right room acoustics conditions. Maybe in good studio, you can get a better sound. But does it worth the time and money if the plugin makes its job very well?

Between recording DI-signal with following reamping and the plugin I choose the plugin. Great job, Brainworx!

E. Sevmont

August 7, 2016

Gorgeous ampeg tone

This is my go to bass amp, I'm using it on my own album, it completely replaced all my other amp sim emulations. This and the SVT-3 really complement each other depending on your needs, one of the best UAD purchases I've done.

E. Sevmont

August 7, 2016

Simply fawesome!

Once I tested this and the SVT-VR I just knew I had to own them, it replaced all the other ampeg sims I've used before which are not bad at all. It's perfect for a rock track I'm currently working on where the bass is the main attraction. Great job!

UAD User

July 27, 2016

Love it

Works perfectly. Coupled with the console and you are done. Simple and effective.

UAD User

July 25, 2016

So close to original and even better!

I spent my weekend testing Ampeg SVT-3 PRO Bass Amp and its emulation by UAD. Just incredible! So close to original and even better!

Setting mics in the perfect way takes a lot time + you may not have a good cabinet or right room acoustics conditions. Maybe in good studio, you can get a better sound. But does it worth the time and money if the UAD plugin makes its job very well?

Between recording DI-signal with following reamping and the UAD plugin I choose the UAD plugin. Great job, Universal Audio!

E. Önbayraktar

July 24, 2016

great plugin for bass

I'm not a bass player but when i arrange my songs i can play bass guitar enough to share my ideas of the groove with a bass player.. With this plug in, i get more inspiration in realtime and can produce better grooves and riffs. It smoothens the sound and rounds the basement floor of the production just as the real amp. A great saver in mixing the base. Thanx to UAD friends.. peace.

R. Greco

July 21, 2016

Versatile and Rewarding

This was my first UAD amp sim, added the remarkable ENGL® E646 VS recently as well.

Bought this first because of it's relative simplicity, yet it's ability to cover a wide range of tone needs. Once you get to understand what each section is doing and has to offer, you can really dial in a sweet range of tones rather easily.

There really isn't a bad sound in this thing. The mic/cab options are a must utilize feature. The EQ section goes a long way to dialing in a great sound for your mix.

Some might find it difficult at first to find clean tones with headroom. It's a low wattage amp, you're going to hit distortion sooner than later. Turn down your guitar volume, you'll find the cleans. This applies with the ENGL as well.

g. monaghan

July 17, 2016


I tracked two guitars live together today, one was a tele through a limited edition Vox AC30. Mic'd with a Beyer 160 and a Neumann U87, the other was a Gretsch through the Friedman Amp sim direct into my apollo via an Avalon DI
Everybody preferred the Friedman so we re-tracked the Vox part through it.

R. Aveillan

July 14, 2016

Great Amp easy to use sounds real!

This plugin does a great job, I tried also the Ampeg SVT-3 PRO Bass, and here is my opinion, if you are looking for a great multi use rock, hard rock amp pick the Ampeg SVT-VR which has a wonderful color and sound, if you are looking for an amp for big metal with a clean and powerful sound without a single breath, pick the SVT-3. It's spirit versus chirurgical :) But both will enhance your mix, I have replaced all my bass lines an reamp them with this plugin. I love it!

R. Greco

July 9, 2016

Are You Kidding Me

This thing is outrageous.

I'm not new to amp modelers. Was a POD Pro 1.0 guy. Tried it all as it matured. Most modelers have a high end, lo-mid problem my ears can never resolve as musical past a few playbacks. Never used them as a replacement for an amp. I play an old Budda Dual Stage 30, it's sound is my guitar at the end of the cord, it's wonderful, why?

Then I got the Apollo 16 and eventually the amp modelers. Holy cow. This ENGL is off the hook. I can't stop playing this thing.

The mic/cab set-ups are key in getting your final tone. Try to get familiar with them, they each have an approach to what they capture, that goes across amp settings. Those mic/cab set-ups are the ears, of your amp/tone set-ups, so-to-speak.

G. Porro

June 29, 2016

Friedman Amps

I have a Bogner Shiva and many times I end up using my UA amps...
Love the sound and control of it

Y. Roth

June 22, 2016

Oh Mama !

By far, the best amp emulation I've ever heard, for both bass and guitar.
And also ridiculously easy to use.

First time I felt an urge to write a review.

Definitely a must-have.

E. Dormanen

June 22, 2016

Great plug in for Friedman fans

Having the real life BE100 to compare, I can say without a doubt that I am quite satisfied with this plug-in. Makes the set up of getting great recording tones a breeze and the tonal variety and touch is quite impressive, too. I bought it for the BE100 sounds and the Dirty Shirley is a bonus for more clean and classic rock sounds. If you are a fan of Dave Friedman's work, you will love this plug-in.

P. Williams

June 22, 2016

good stuff

I have only demoed this plug-in but I've demoed it a few times and really dug into it, so take what you will from this review....

My favorite amp plug-in for the past while has been the UAD Marshall Plexi. This Chandler offers a very different tone to me. It really has a ton of options, especially once you take into account the various drive flavors (thick, treble boost, etc.), but generally I am looking for an amp's sweet spot, where its innate character shines through, and to me the Chandler offers a kind of garagey-lo fi sound that is very appealing -- a very mid-rangey distortion that is warm and thick and makes you want to play Troggs songs.

I. Papagiannidis

June 21, 2016

killer plugin!

one of the greatest emulations.
Great low end. great tone .
it's like removing the mids, adding the very low and high frequences that make the bass roar.

great for rock and metal music

John Jeff Touch

V. Waltinger

June 20, 2016

Another great amp sim from UA

Basically it´s made by Brainworx but this is another great amp sim from UA. Again one of the most naturally feeling and most responsive amp sims I have used. You can get wonderful clean and crunchy sounds (rythm and lead) from these, really good heavy distorted sounds may be a bit of a work to dial in, may be possible as well though. If you are looking for really cool, realistic, fine-to-play clean and crunchy rythm sounds this will be your collection. Very useful addition to the amps is the Brainworx Guitar Tuner which is really nice to have right in the Console slot while recording (no fiddling about with hardware tuners or other software tuners in your DAW...all you need for your work will be in your Console indeed). Thx

921-940 of 1053 Results