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Customer Reviews

API Complete UAD Plug‑In Bundle

Overall Rating

1801-1820 of 2328 Results

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A. Berkut

November 24, 2016

Compressor which is must have

UAD Thanks! Finally you have done this! Now we have this wonderful compressor.
I am impressed. It works great with any material

D. Turner V

November 21, 2016

Fucking killer on drums

What I said in the title. You need this plugin.

T. kidjemet

November 19, 2016

Better and bigger

I always used the waves one. It's for sale now , enough said :-)
It's THE API plug in I was hoping for!

C. McDonald

November 18, 2016

The API Sound

For those that are familiar with the API console, you will immediately be reminded of the API sound using this Bus Compressor. I have just began to work with the plugin and it is very impressive. UAD has done it again. :-)

R. Jacobi

November 18, 2016

True API Sound

The API 500 Series EQs do exactly as they should. It is the true sound of API. The plugin versions add that iconic low end definition API is known for. The low end feels more solid and compact. As with the analog originals the sound won't suit every source and will not allow for transparent equalization. These little boxes add coloration and vibe. When you need the API Sound, here it is. And it sounds so much more like it compared to existing emulations by a well-known company not to be named, but known not to make much waves any more.

S. Kirkland

November 17, 2016

My New Favorite Buss Compressor!

API is all about the magic of analog and UAD has delivered a character driven masterpiece.... The API 2500 instantly established itself as my new favorite Buss Compressor!

K. de Wit

November 17, 2016

API-2500 finally

I have been waiting for UA to release this plugin for a long time and now that I have it I am not disappointed. This is one of the best bus compressors out there. It adds a character to your mix that no other buss compressor can. Having the API-2500, SSL G Channel and the Neve 33609 gives me all the options I need for character and tone.

R. Dodd

November 17, 2016

More useful to me than the 'Real thing'

I have never been a fan of this Piece of gear, this UAD plug in changes that.
I would like UA to retro fit the HR control to all plug ins please, this is singularly the most useful advance since the 'mix/blend' control.
Thank you,

S. Genewick

November 17, 2016

API 2500 Bus Compressor

I've been using the Waves 2500 for years, so I was excited to see a UAD version. My expectations were far exceeded. This is as close to the hardware than anything else I've heard.


November 16, 2016

That API thing!

I was fortunate to start my studio career working on a DeMedio/API console...the console moved and for some time I was searching aimlessly for ways to get that mid-forward punchiness I assumed could never be replicated. The 560 is now my go-to for carving up tracks or shining a spotlight. Cheers.

H. Way

November 15, 2016

What Can I Say!

Simply the best emulation ever! The Waves API 2500 has taken a back seat! This plugin is a must Have!

M. Meijer

November 14, 2016

I like the compressor!

I haven't had the time to fully test the eq and unison section yet, but at a quick crash test i noticed that the punchy setting on the compressor works really well! i don't have a lot of plug-ins that get the punch sound just right but this one comes pretty close :)

N. Fiumefreddo

November 14, 2016

Holy Smokes

Just when I thought I had my bus chain figured out, UA had to go flip my world upside down again. My jaw hit the floor when I got this thing dialed in for the first time. If you are used to using the Waves 2500, prepare to have your head spun. I will never not use this compressor on my bus, or... anything I can really! Do yourself a favor and buy it.

J. Flynn Dale

November 13, 2016

API 2500

Il this is a true winner in your UAD tool box!

B. Schulz

November 12, 2016

The first real API-2500 Plugin

I used other API-2500 Emulation plugins before,but none of them works that extraordinary well as the new UAD API-2500. Congratution UAD! Excellent Sound, nice shaping, character, excellent glue on the mixbus. On of my top favourite Plugins. I am very happy with the plugins in v9 AND that Console 2.0 is there Finally for Apollo Firewire.

R. Patel

November 11, 2016

API 2500 inside my Mac :)

UA have done it again, and I'm glad to stand by UA as a long time user of UAD plugins. They nailed the API EQ's, and now they've nailed the compressor. Love the familiar grab, punch and VCA / OpAmp tone of the API 2500. Scary close to an actual 2500, and I look forward to using this new beast in my hybrid chain followed by the API 5500 analog EQ. Well done UA!


November 11, 2016

Must Have

Awesome sounding compressor.

C. Holford

November 5, 2016


Before demoing I really assumed I would be getting the Neve 1073 as one of my first unison preamps, however when I tried them all on different sources I discovered to my surprise that I really preferred the feel and sound of the API Vision. It's super versatile and usable on any source, I have been especially appreciating it so far for tracking vocals. A distinct different flavor from my other available preamps, didn't regret the purchase for a second!

M. Heim

November 4, 2016

Fantastic Sound on Vocals

The API Vision channel strip sounds fantastic.
It is my new favourite strip for Vocals, Bass and Drums. And it sounds also nice on acustic guitars.
I am using it in every session. It really helps me to get the sound I am looking for.

J. Neves

November 3, 2016


The API Vision it´s simply amazing! Super easy and intuitive. The sound is warm but with the right amount of aggressiveness and punch. A must have in your mixing arsenal!

1801-1820 of 2328 Results