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Customer Reviews

API Complete UAD Plug‑In Bundle

Overall Rating

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N. Christie

June 21, 2016

Close your eyes and you can tell its API

There isn't much I can say that hasn't already been said but if you haven't tried the demo then do so and your mixes will thank you for it !

N. Christie

June 21, 2016

Simply stunning

This is my go to for drum tracking.
It's always on my console preset I pull it up and get straight to tracking
It's unison and it sounds amazing!

M. Walter

June 21, 2016

Incredible for Tracking! A Must Have Tool!

I have been using this channel strip for tracking drums and vocals over the past few days. However, I do not use it in the mixing phase. It uses a lot of DSP, so it isn't very economical during mixing, but It really shines during tracking. I love that (because of unison technology on the Apollo) I can track right through the API Vision Channel. Its actually been a lot of fun shaping tracks with this channel strip, and not having to do a ton of work in the mixing phase. The API lets me get great sounding tracks in a very portable rig (Apollo Quad) without having to take a ton of outboard gear with me. The API Vision Channel will definitely give you great sounding tracks that you won't hesitate to commit into your DAW.


June 20, 2016

Great and versatile channelstrip

I'm using the API Vision mainly for recording electric and acoustic guitars (with Apollo Twin) and I really love it. Coming from 100% hardware I'm surprised about the quality of the UAD-channelstrips generally. I'm also using Neve 1073 and UA 610 A/B, but the API Vision is the best for me.

G. Francis

June 20, 2016

Game changer!

This set of EQs has undoubtably improved my mixes. Highly recommended!

j. hartmann

June 18, 2016

unfassbar gutes Teil

lange habe ich gezögert, ob ich für ein plug in nochmal geld ausgeben will... aber ich bereue es keineswegs. der preamp macht einen so klaren, direkten, edlen sound – ohne kälte. vlt. norwegen an einem warmen sommertag. das gate ist das beste, dass ich je ausprobiert habe. compressor auch gut. nicht fett, aber gut. ... aber dann der eq. also mit dem es selten viel spass.
ein wirklich ganz, ganz tolles teil. maag und helios braucht man nicht mehr.

J. Le Saint

June 13, 2016

Really nice channetlstrip

Warm, powerful and responsive: fine and effective tool for recording & mixing !

c. dorino

June 2, 2016

Api sound without breaking the bank

The Api channel strip had brought my guitar tracks to life. I always wanted an Api 500 series preamp and Eq but getting into the 500 series cost lots of money and this plugin gives me that preamp and Eq sound that you can get with an Api 500 series for a fraction of the price, and the Eq and high pass filter really make my guitar sound warm and clear... If theres one plugin you need it's this one....

M. Cawthra

May 30, 2016

Fixed my drum buss up a treat.

Has all the right qualities for me when it comes to drums, and whilst the DSP requirements are a little high, on my quad rig I'm finding I can use it happily enough with load lock off. The expander is really useful for kicks and toms too, giving you punch without that synthetic full on eighties rock sound, and the compressor again is perfect for percussion. I'm finding it great on guitars too, it's very musical but again, whilst its effects are pronounced they are so 'right' that is wins the day. Love it With this and 88RS Neve I've all the bases covered. Oh yeah, it's good on bass too.

B. Wiederholt

May 22, 2016

great for tracking

this is my most used plug in for recording sax. I use it as a channel strip.

D. Williams

May 14, 2016


Sounds real good and warm on "synths" I'm happy to add this one to my collection !!


April 24, 2016

Super channel strip

Now I can get very rich and clear sounds. Thanks

J. Parnell

April 22, 2016

Instant Upgrade To My Sound

If you record rock then the API channel is a must have staple. I am still learning all its functions but it works great for tracking. nothing like running a whole drum kit through a system that would cost hundreds of thousands. Love it for tracking vocals to with unison tech. It's awesome!

m. wilson

April 22, 2016

its ok does the job

clear warm nice little plugin presets are pretty good too as a starting point

S. Sepa

April 19, 2016

My Go-To for Bass DI

This preamp is great, and the wealth of features in this strip allow you to do almost anything to shape your sound. I find the EQ very easy to push and pull frequencies, gain some low end add a bit of shine at the top, without getting drastic. The gate has been very useful at smoothly cutting hum on the end of bass lines. I haven't been successful getting great results out of the compressor and will usually rely on an LA2A or 1176 if thats the sound I'm after. All in all a great starting point for almost any source.

G. K.

April 19, 2016

API Vision Channel Strip , great for Bass recordings

I use this one for recording Bass tracks through a Apollo Twin Duo . Great presets are already involved . The Bass sits in the Mix , without sounding boomy or upfront . 5Stars

O. Poulsen

April 16, 2016

That sound...!

The weight and crispness is right on these, and it never was on any of the others that I have and have tried out there.

I miss having a db scale pop up when I adjust the level trim...but that's about it.

I can live with less bells and whistles if I get the sound!

G. Postorino

April 10, 2016

Heavyweight sound

I love tracking through this plugin in Unison on the Apollo. It takes a variety of sources extremely well and provides the coveted API punch. While some find the EQ section to be hit and miss, I personally think it's a big hit. The preamp section alone is worth the price of admission. Possibly the better of the UA channel strips!

R. Comitz

April 6, 2016

yeah, this channel strip rules!

love itlove itlove itlove itlove itlove itlove itlove it

M. Samek

April 4, 2016

My Go-To Channel Strip!

The API Vision plug-in is now my go-to channel strip, especially for drums. Quick results, nice sweet spots to be found on the EQ, straight forward and easy to use. Has most functions needed to make the drums pop nicely in the mix!

1881-1900 of 2354 Results