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M. Noir

April 10, 2019

Perfect for home studio

I'm using it as a home studio device.
Althought there's only one DSP, it's alright for me because I record with the plugins directly during the take. I use it with a SM7B microphone, and a Gibson es-390, and I get very good sound out of it. Also, no latency, no crash nor bugs - I've used it on iMac and MacBook Pro.

E. Nwosu

April 9, 2019


It’s been an amazing experience . I love the low latency and the autotune
E kelly Beatz

M. jun

April 8, 2019

it's very cool, just like i need it

First of all, I particularly like its compact shape, and its sound quality is surprising. It's really cool to use only one type C to power without extra power. I can take it with me and the Macbook pro to form a mobile audio workstation. The free plug-in is also very good in timbre. It basically meets the needs of ordinary recording. And many plug-ins, which I use logic x to bring with me, have a very good effect.

F. Thomander

April 4, 2019


Sound, size and the value for $.

S. Hoeksma

April 4, 2019

Very impressed with the Arrow

I am very impressed with the UAD Arrow. The workflow is intuitive and the plugins sound great. I have been searching for the classic 70s sound for years now in my homestudio, and this is a big step towards achieving that goal.

N. Wilson

March 30, 2019

Amazing sound & value

Love the UAD Arrow. Still need to work through signal paths with Logic. I wish I could use Logic & 3rd party plugins in the Console to utilise Arrow processing power.

b. golemon

March 29, 2019

Its really good

Been in the industry for years. UA is a solid company with an outstanding product. PC or Mac, it just works and sounds flipping great. Great plug ins latency free. For a guitar guy its perfect. I love it.

K. Perez

March 28, 2019

More than expected

The ARROW is just amazing, I bought it because is the best on the market for the price and because it gives power, but I never thought it was gonna be such a huge impact on me, first of all no lettency, thats a major role on the UAD device, second is that the recorded sound is just perfect like without any plugin added the sound is just simply clear and with full power no cracking sounds or white noise, it’s just a perfect thing, including the size if it!! Its like a mini tablet, and also that it doesn’t need an extra power suply, just connect and play, like damn nobody else have thought of that yet it’s just the best of the best

J. Williams

March 25, 2019

This sucks for use with windows

I guess it's a good piece of gear if you can ever get it to work properly. Customer services isn't very responsive. I wanted this to be a better experience but I truly don't know if this product is worth the headache. I wish I could get some help.

M. Tiken

March 25, 2019

Arrow Impression and Experience

I have had the Arrow for 3 weeks now and I fund it to be average all around. I had to get an USB-C audio interface for my MacBook Pro and this was the only choice.
I am still struggling with a sync issue when playing or recording in cycle mode; the playhead keeps jumping back to the start in a sporadic manner.

I. Harvie

March 23, 2019

Arrow not functioning with Lenovo Thinkpad

Two weeks after purchase I am still in consultation with UAD technical service attempting to get an Arrow interface to work with a recently purchased Lenonvo Thinkpad P52.

R. Canzano

March 19, 2019

Perfect recording channel

I was looking to get the best possible signal chain for recording vocals and almost bought an analog pre amp. The Arrow was an awesome decision because I solved 2 problems at once with a smaller investment. I now have what I believe to be a true Neve record channel and eliminated my latency issues all in one shot. I also am now a member of the UAD plug in fan club.

Z. Bíró

March 19, 2019


Everything you need to record a song.

M. Hurley

March 18, 2019

Arrow is on target

The Arrow has been excellent for use in conjunction with my MacBook Pro and Ableton. The design and performance quality have exceeded my expectations. I was tracking within a few minutes of unboxing it.

I have read a few reviews that say it is noisy and I have not found that to be the case at all. I have used it for guitar, bass, vocals, and miked percussion and it has worked well in every instance.

I also see a common issue is that some users think the processing power is limited, but I think that is really quibbling with such a small unit. If you are using an Arrow as a cheap entry into UAD plugins then you probably should have purchased a more robust unit. As an interface it is absolutely user-friendly and clean.

A huge bonus is the Unison mode which allows you to track through selected plug-ins. I have had great results using the Manley VoxBox plug-in in this way for vocals. Again if you want to load up stacks of plug-ins and never print to audio you are going to need much more processing power. But I guess I would ask any of you who record like that, why do you record like that?

H. Portakalcıoğlu

March 14, 2019

Very Good Product

İam using it on Windows 10 with my extreme Asus motherboard and its amazing working with!!! if any of you guys have problem on windows pls. update your BİOS and Thunderbolt input before using it ! I just want to know if you guys gona make a satellite for arrow soon let me know pls...

H. Portakalcıoğlu

March 14, 2019

Very Good Product

İam using it on Windows 10 with my extreme Asus motherboard and its amazing working with!!! if any of you guys have problem on windows pls. update your BİOS and Thunderbolt input before using it ! I just want to know if you guys gona make a satellite for arrow soon let me know pls...

J. Guitar

March 12, 2019

Running on Windows!

I've chosen the Arrow for the sole reason to have the minimal latency of Thunderbolt. I'm on Windows with a Thunderbolt card and it's running great. 32 samples through 4 IR cabinet mic's, without glitches. Feel is really great and direct when playing guitar now. Worth it!
And the quality of the included Marshall Plexi plugin is the best I've ever used (for a digital plugin amp).
Only 1 funny thing, you'll need to disable Intel VT in the BIOS, otherwise the Arrow will shutdown.

J. Donadio

March 12, 2019

Great little machine!

This thing is awesome!!! The unit is incredibly intuitive. The sound with zero latency running on my MacBook Air is perfect. I’m gonna sell my entire rack of gear because these plugins are that good!

А. Богданов

March 10, 2019


Arrow perfect in every way!!!One love!!!

R. Feldman

March 9, 2019

Direct Record makes up for a LOT!

Arrow single core here. Not the most powerful of the bunch, but the direct record option makes up for a whole lot. Now I can record directly into Cubase and have an amp lined up in the console instead of having to run plugs in Cubase. This has a similar result to freezing a track, since the plugin is only loaded in the console, not as a Cubase insert. This means I don't need all the power at one time and I monitor directly from the console with zero latency, not through Cubase (recommend watching a few YouTube videos to see how it works). I love my Arrow and the Thunderbolt 3 on Win 10 is like, uh, LIGHTNING- foolproof so far. You just need to find the right motherboard that supports T3- (Dell XPS here). You can't go wrong on a budget with the Arrow. And the Engl Amp sim, phew! Beautiful tone that I can only get from a real amp.

21-40 of 175 Results