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S. NAscimento

May 15, 2018

Did not worked in TB3 on Windows 10 - Returned.

Brand new UA Arrow out of the box.
No DAW in use. Only Microphone and Thunderbolt Cable connected.
There is a Crackling Noise in CH1 Preamp.
Same in CH2 Preamp. Did HW reset. Problem remains.

Customer Support unable to solve the problem.

Returned - Will get a focustite clarett.

V. Brunello

May 12, 2018

I'm loving' it!

Great sounding, well built Thunderbolt 3 interface. Works flawlessly without latency on last MacBook Pro. I have to say that headphone output is very capable too, it drives my DT-880 Pro loud and clear. Good job UA!

G. Daddio

May 7, 2018

Does what it’s suppose to do.

It’s very nice and it’s neato.

UAD User

May 4, 2018

I was lied to for years....

Using a much lower quality interface for years I recently changed for the Arrow. My conclusion is this : I was lied to by the previous gadget...

The sound coming out or going in the Arrow in simply superb. Don't be worried about the cost of entry, this interface is great and worth every penny.

Mixing has become much easier and bottom line the Arrow revealed the truth about them; they were just bad.

Thank you Universal Audio for this gift, it just basically changed my workflow and more than that : the way I listen and mixe music.

Truly a gift.

C. Bickel

April 29, 2018


Let’s not over complicate things: The Arrow is a phenomenal audio interface for any DAW you’re using. Easy to set up and use, as well as very portable - this comes with me everywhere I go all over the world and always allows me to achieve phenomenal sounds. The plugins are worth the money: in particular I can recommend the Neve 1073, and the Friedman amp sims. The DSP power is not an issue for me whatsoever for what I’m doing: I never use more than 3 plug-ins. This blows my Apogee out of the water. If you’re on the fence about which interface to buy, and you’re on a budget, looking for portability, or you do most of your own recording: this IS the interface you’re looking for.

E. Ekici

April 17, 2018

Amazing Quality

Dope! AD/DA, clock, preamps, console interface, plugins... So good!

J. Dictos

April 14, 2018

Didn't work on windows very well

So I got the focusrite thunderbolt 2 one, worked fine ;p.

A. Horka

April 11, 2018

Micro Powerhouse

Have a 2015 MacBook Pro (TB 2) but with a Caldigit T3 powered hub all is grand. Just did a gig with my jazz duo and had a 610 pre, Neve eq and LA2A per channel. Also had Proverb send and a Pulltec on a bus. Never had a small combo gig sound this good live. Zero latency issues!!! Über-Køøl.

T. Harring

April 7, 2018

Very nice piece of equipment but be aware of the DSP power.

Very cool. However, it is a anoying that there is no Thunderbolt in the package it is quite expensive cable to buy. But a cool interface, especially if you want to use plugins directly on input. One must be aware that even if one's Mac / PC has enough "muscles" to play, Arrow runs quickly fast for DSP power and plugins are disabled fast. So unless you buy a larger UAD interface with more DSP power, you have to use plugins from competing companies there uses your Mac/PC's cpu power instead. Several of UADs very nice plugins can virtually devour the entire DSP on one plugin. But all in all a nice piece of equipment. I Highly recommend Neve 1073 for recording of guitar and SSL 4000E for everything else as basic plugins beside those very nice plugins the unit comes with. The two plugins cost a little bit but are worth it.
In short: Yes, I can personally recommend Universal Audio Arrow and there plugins.

M. Hentschel

April 6, 2018

The Last Interface I May Ever Need

It's like Universal Audio made this just for me. I have used the 1st gen Apollo Twin Solo and Duo. I have also had the 2nd gen ApolloTwin Solo and Duo. As a singer/songwriter, the Arrow is EVERYTHING that I NEED. I LOVE that it's powered by my MacBook Pro. It has MORE than enough firepower for any project that I'm going to do. I LOVE it! Thank you UA! Here's a YouTube link to a video I just made this morning!

D. Gray

April 3, 2018


It's very convenience and portable audio interface whatever I saw. Complete music studio in my pocket. It's great!

a. giuliana

April 2, 2018

Macbook pro companion

If you own a MacBook Pro for music production, you must own. Simple and powerfull

C. Lhomme

April 1, 2018


J'ai vraiment besoin d'explications en français

B. Nicic

April 1, 2018

Works 110% Very happy

Amazing sound quality - Easy to use....

J. Eastmond

March 31, 2018

Amazing! Glad I switched from Apogee

I am new to Universal Audio and the Arrow was the best fit for me based on my 2017 Apple MacBook Pro purchased. It keeps me portable with its small form factor.

J. Ivarsson Björklund

March 25, 2018

Very happy

As a previous user of the Apollo 8 and the Apollo Twin I sm very happy with the Arrow. Fits perfectly with the Macbook Pro.

M. Zappile

March 23, 2018

Works great

Really easy to set up. It it has changed how I record.


March 21, 2018


Simple connect and install for Mac.
Amazing sound quality & plugins.
but I wanna more DSP power.


March 19, 2018


Setup was easy and design is very good!

W. Blackburn

March 17, 2018

Game changer

This is one of the best designed audio interfaces you are use and I love it because its bus powered and usb C

161-180 of 207 Results