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Unison Enabled

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Customer Reviews

Avalon VT-737 Tube Channel Strip

Overall Rating

381-400 of 585 Results

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D. Hest

May 31, 2020


I have Vt-737’s in 3 rooms and have been using them consistently for years. ( mainly on hip hop and r&b vocals ) The only major difference here is that the knobs and buttons are on a computer screen instead of hardware. Other than the Huge price difference , a plus to owning this plug-in is that you don’t have to warm up or change blown tubes...

K. Cardona Pellot

May 30, 2020

Works like the Real Avalon PreAmp

I was working in a studio with an Avalon Preamp for about 9 months. Now that I am in quarantine and I don't have access to the studio, I bought this Avalon Pluggin to continue my work from home. Wow I am impressed, its like working with the real one!

Thanks UA

V. Martin

May 26, 2020


I swear this twin makes me feel like I’m carrying a A Room in my bookbag and with the 737 my vocals on the road have become next level.

J. Coelho

May 26, 2020


If u nee dto make your vocals sounds like pro Avalon is the goat !

G. Rios

May 25, 2020

Singer and producer

One of the best pieces for any instrument, vocals, Percusion etc. Sweet and present. I like.
Thank you UA
Good plug-in.

D. Jackson

May 22, 2020

Finally I have an Avalon 737

I love that universal audio as finally made a software version of the Avalon . I wanted this gear for years but didn’t want to pay the price . So I jumped on the price of 149.00 A no brainier my vocals sounds great with my apollo twin with unison pre amp job well done

D. Rivera

May 21, 2020


This is Some how better working than the original unit I had at my studio last year, I know it´s not fully analog sounding but its offering operational extras that the original one and hadn´t? because of the stereo, I had only one channel at my studio, now I can do a lot of very useful stereo tasks in a stereo channel with this plugin. Thanks UAD

S. Watson

May 20, 2020

Love it!!

I own the Avalon hardware preamp, but this emulation is amazing! Now I rarely use the hardware unit. Love it for vocals and acoustic instruments. Pushing the 20 or 32 k band eq a little after de-essing provides nice air to a vocal without the digital artifacts that often come with boosting other eqs. Has a musical sounding compressor that can add a nice warm texture if that's what you're seeking

E. Espinosa

May 19, 2020

The most impressive channel strip Plug-in

This has got to be the most impressive channel strip Plug-in ever created, it just sounds great in most sounds with a slow attack like (vocals, strings, brass) it’s a beautiful simulation!!!

D. Louisin

May 16, 2020

A legend remains a legend

Used for voices, bass and acoustic instruments, nice to produce in any musical style !!!! a legend!!! thanks guys!!! Donat Louisin for (produce in the box-fr)

m. cordero

May 16, 2020

The real thing

Its an awsome tool 100% like the hardware
.you must get this

l. batterbury

May 16, 2020

Gorgeous Tone....

One of my favourites, absolutely spot on the hardware. This is a very special plugin, some time has definitely been spent here. One of the best compressors in a plug in available. I find myself pulling up this software for pop production constantly, and if you're on the hunt for some LA vocal sheen, this is it folks. Transparent, open, punchy... all the key factors that we all look for on a pop production....My word..what a hit.

R. Star

May 15, 2020

Vocal Perfection!!!

Anyone who is serious about a SMASH HIT
knows the vocal quality has to glisten in the mix.
The Avalon VT-737 is the vintage industry classic known to make vocals sizzle and come to life!
- Ric⭐️ (Dru Hill, Freeway, Kevin Michael, CrenSHAW, Makeda Marley)

G. Westwood

May 14, 2020

A vocal tracking dream!!

Clear, balanced vocals in an instant.

R. McDonald

May 12, 2020

I am not disappointed

This one exceeded my expectations. It is spot on with the hardware.

V. Kujala

May 12, 2020


Avalon VT-737 makes my Schoeps MK2H stereo pair, which I have found to be a bit "too neutral and harsh", sound really great! It gives the sound certain warmth and focus, which I never could reach with any EQs.

v. Dawk

May 10, 2020

Just what the MIX doctor Ordered

All I can say is wow .. what I difference it makes on the mix and vocals! If you don't have it try the 14 day demo first and buy before the sale is gone!

N. Jensen Stilborg

May 10, 2020

Sounds Great

This is a great channel strip for vocals. I dig it. It has a very recognizable sound. And it's quick to dial in.

J. Pena

May 8, 2020


I have worked with producers who love it and when I used it with the Apollo I was blown away how good it works !!!!!!

O. Hatcher

May 8, 2020


Couldn’t really afford outboard this was my opportunity so thank you UAD

381-400 of 585 Results