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Brainworx® bx_masterdesk

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Brainworx bx_masterdesk

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J. Shuck

September 5, 2019

So, so fantastic.

I love the premise that mastering has become overcomplicated. This wonderful plugin simplifies the entire process. I spend a lot less time overthinking it, and a lot more time listening. Great results, quickly. Highly, highly recommended. The only thing I'm not entirely sure of is whether it is worth buying the UAD version now that Plugin Alliance is selling the entire bx suite for $13 a month! But however you do buy it, buy it.

R. Ryda

June 27, 2019

DEMO ***** !

Before running the updated licence file that resets the demos, I've tried this plugin and to my amazement, I've really liked it! I think it's gonna be my next purchase! Five stars!

B. Chiaravalle

June 19, 2019

One of my favorites!

I’ve normally used Ozone on my stereo master out which I like a lot. But since I started using this plugin it’s my first choice. The vibe that it adds to my mixes is undeniable. Really adds an analog thing that I crave. The compression is so musical. And the simple eq knobs really are effective. Very easy to use and get a great result with!

V. German

June 16, 2019

Wonderful device!

Dense, clear sound !!! Well "pumps up" and makes a "wide" sound. Recommend!

M. Gold

June 11, 2019

Fast and good

I demo’d this along with the ‘classic’ version against my current mastering solution (Ozone). The stereo widener is awesome and the compressor is very good. I could get pretty damn close to my Ozone master, but in a couple of minutes, instead of getting buried for half an hour tweaking hundreds of options. The cheaper classic version suffered from the lack of EQ and resonance filters compared to this full version of Masterdesk.

S. Parikh

June 9, 2019

Brainworks bx_masterdesk

Thisbtain plugin became my go-to end of masterbus chain, for a polishede sound.

L. Vogle

June 7, 2019



N. Matagrin

May 3, 2019

Easy & versatile

his plugin became my go-to end of masterbus chain, for a polishede sound.
I like the way I can very quickly adjust the global tonal balance, the limiter is quite transparent. It certainly increased my workflow speed. I love its deesser on the masterbus. I mix thru it and bounce it for my clients, and send an unlimited version to the mastering engineer, with the limited one as a reference.
Only 4 stars because of the parallel compression. Why does this knob starts at 84% ??

R. Matias

April 29, 2019

Exactly what I needed

I simply have not time to tweak master bus, all my time goes to composing and mixing. I leave the mastering job to the professionals anyways..

N. Zabic

April 12, 2019

Studio Backdoor

Excellent !! Best plugin for mastering !! Fine respondings, best feedback for every need !!

J. Kult

April 8, 2019


I really can't understand all this hype on this plug in. Find it pretty boring, specially for the price. I really regret buying it.

T. Gartmann

April 6, 2019

The Pre Mix "Hero"

During the production process, there are a many pre listen mixes for custumers to fix.
For this kind of application you get the max result in quick time.

B. Gfeller

April 2, 2019

its a must!

Best master tool i ever heart

C. Santana

April 1, 2019

The best sounding limiter for mastering

This plugin is the best for mastering. No one sounds better

A. Heinzelmann

March 31, 2019

Massive Tool for fast results

This Plugin is a very helpfill Tool for fast Mastering. If i complete the Mix and my Customer won´t get a professional Mastering Engineer, i can do it for them in a short time with impressive results. It helps to minimize the costs for my customer a they will com back for further recordings. That´s good for my business.

A. Deherder

March 16, 2019

Big Difference

Quick, easy way to master your mix. The EQ is lacking, but just us another EQ along with it.

l. diaz

March 14, 2019

Bad plugin


D. Torres

March 12, 2019

Choose other stuff

I regret choosing this plugin as the third one in the 3-bundle. It offers limited (better said no whatsoever) controls, arbitrary filters (6666 seriously? (: ) more-than-useless metering, oh, and did I mention LIMITED controls? Bass EQ? On what freq, how many dbs, what q number? Yeah you can find it buried in the manual, but it is useless. For a pro user it is a joke for a serious mixdown on the master bus, for a novice it might be wow at first glance, but will find out soon that it is well overpriced for what it offers.
I know, it is my bad, I should have tried it as a trial version, and I really regret it not doing so. For that price, choose a Fairchild, a good EQ, or, well, anything else but this one.

D. Torres

March 12, 2019

Choose other stuff

I have chosen this to be the third plugin in the 3-bundle, and I regret it. I know, my bad I haven't tried it the trial version, but the videos on it seemed convincing. If you are a pro mixer, producer, this plugin, with limited controls, arbitrary filters (6666, seriously? (: ) and, oh did I mention LIMITED controls? Or better say, none, whatsoever. For a novice user on the mixbus it might be wow at first glace, but unusable for a serious mixdown. I'd suggest for that amount of money choose a Fairchild bundle, a better EQ, or, better said, anything else, but not this plugin. Would love to return it and choose something else instead.


March 5, 2019


This can really bring life to a mix. Glad I bought it!

61-80 of 133 Results