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Customer Reviews

bx_subsynth Subharmonic Synth

Overall Rating

101-120 of 156 Results

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J. Sillanpää

January 13, 2018

Big punchy lows

Loving this on bass and drums!


January 13, 2018

Great addition to the UAD platform!

You can write in any key now without losing the low end in your bass parts!




January 13, 2018

Great addition to the UAD platform!

You can write in any key now without losing your low end on your bass parts!

H. Toapanta

January 13, 2018

Excelente BX Sub

Realmente si funciona jejejeje

M. Monn

January 8, 2018

Easy to use, a great tool

Perfect for any bass instrument, drums, mixes or mastering. I use it all the time. A favorite!

D. Silantyev

December 7, 2017

Amazing Colors of Sound

I've been looking for a plug-in that saturates harmonics in drums and synths. This was especially true for the lower middle and low frequencies of the spectrum range. This plugin creates incredible power for any instrument. I like it.

A. Müller

December 6, 2017

Really fine Plugin

This subsynth-plugin works really fine for me. Nice tool next to my Cambridge EQ.

R. Arafat

November 20, 2017

one of the best in its kind

do exactly what i expected it to do :)

G. Watson

November 19, 2017


just what any producer/engineer hopes for in a pluggin

G. Watson

November 19, 2017


just what any producer/engineer hopes for in a pluggin

R. Beld

November 16, 2017

Amazing depth that wasn't there

Quickly amazed after demo-ing. Handy tool for tight low end sound design as well for kicks and bass and synths.

J. Shin

October 19, 2017


Subsynth is the Fantastic low end harmonic additive plugin

R. Parkes

October 9, 2017

Sub way

bx_subsynth will fatten up your low end perfectly, especially on a final master and it doesn't seem to leave any bass notes 'sticking out' in the mix. It's a real smoothie and is definitely the way to go!!

J. Kervinen

September 20, 2017

Giving the final touch

This is what i’ve been looking for ages. Simple and yet very effective way to add that missing low energy (dark energy) to your mixes. Controls are easy to use and the result pleases.

D. Baumann

September 18, 2017

Easy to Use, Sounds and Feels Great

This plugin is fantastic for many mixes to fatten up drums, bass and synth and to add low end subharmonic frequencies that will get people moving their feet and swaying to the beats. It's also a great tool to use when recording synths, making many patches sound more dramatic, which will inspire you to play your best and get better control over your dynamics. There's even lots of great uses for guitars, especially when using lowered pitch effects, slaps, percussive taps and dropped tunings. I typically use an API preamp for fattening up my bass when recording, but it's probably the next best thing.
Presets are great for getting in the right zone for a wide range of applications that can then be easily tweaked to taste. If you work or play with rock or other electronic genre it may be just the secret sauce your looking for to spice up your sound and inspire you to play your best.

G. Hampton

September 7, 2017

Polish your Low End!

What can I say that others have not said before. This is the polish you need to tighten and smooth out your low end. It helps give you that magic wall of sound!

G. Hampton

September 7, 2017

Life in the Low End!

This makes filling in the spaces in the low end easy. I would have never thought that it could be so easy to create a wall of sound. Better yet defined low end. It is so useful, whether on individual tracks or the master bus you will not be disappointed!


August 17, 2017


It does the job if you want a big and controlled bass. Using this on low end is amazing. Good for single tracks, busses and master.

A. Georgiev

August 16, 2017

Unique tool

Even with moderate use, it transforms perception of low end into a whole new experience.

M. Pratt

July 30, 2017

Subtle Thickening to Big Boom

I almost didn't buy this plugin as I was thinking of it as an occasional use novelty effect. Glad I changed my mind! I use it all the time, on kick drum, bass guitar, synth bass, keys, sax and the mix buss in all styles of music. Yes it can be over the top and showy but I find it really useful as a almost-not-there enhancer which you quickly notice if you switch it off. The interface gives you lots of control in this respect to make sure you get the right balance. The Low Cut knob stops things getting too silly and prevents you adding too much bottom end that isn't obvious until you get onto monitoring with subs. With the Edge and Filter controls, It's surprising how different the three bands can sound - subby, punchy, gritty. The response is snappy too, the attack doesn't seem delayed in any way.

101-120 of 156 Results