Cambridge EQ

Cambridge EQ

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Cambridge EQ

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O. Kolbice

December 25, 2018

Cambrige is best EQ - I love this plugin!

I used this plugin with the UAD-1 device and was always happy with the results. There are never glitches in DAW Cubase / Logic. This is very simple but Effect is good. A Fantastic EQ, the filters are amazing. The most complete tool EQ I've ever used. This is a good solid EQ to turn to when other eq's can't do what you need to do. UAD-1 upgraded by Uad-2. Highly recommended ! I want to buy an additional Tonelux® Tilt EQ Plugin soon.

E. Nefedow

December 18, 2018

Awesome EQ, Awesome Service

Overall great experience. I love this EQ, I demo'd it and needed an extension until I could afford it. They extended and I bought it 2 days later. I really like the warm mids in this EQ.

A. Bruschini

December 17, 2018

A little less please!

I must admit I love the Apollo range, It works, It's simple to setup, the sound is purrrfect. Cambridge EQ I use for negative eq to get rid of bad recording technique that sometimes comes through my door, great for the job and virtually no DSP used...!

S. Netsman

November 13, 2018

I love it

Low on DSP, sounds great. GUI as a modern eq (having to turn ”knobs” using the mouse drives me crazy)

H. Kim

November 4, 2018

Great Pure Classic

Great Pure Classic Powerful EQ Plug-in

M. Czyz

November 2, 2018

Cambridge EQ - Great value for money.

I really like the simplicity of this EQ, great filters and many types of them. Spectrum analyzer of processed audio would be a great advantage. Great value for money what this plugin is offering and I am glad I have this EQ under my army!

E. Polat

October 25, 2018

Just Great!

I use Cambridge EQ on almost every track. It has variety of filters and does what you exactly looking for. Also, shelfs are very handy and clean any noise out of recordings. DSP usage is very low, that's great for such a great plug-in. If you need a useful transparent EQ, Cambridge is the right choice!

H. Zwarts

August 30, 2018

old but still awesome

Still a awesome eq !!! It was one of the first UAD plug ins and still I'm using it very often. It has its own sound..

J. Clarfield

August 16, 2018

More than a fancy school in England...

This EQ gets way too little appreciation. It definitely has mastering in mind but is great on anything that needs a transparent yet somehow still 'warm' EQ. The filtering and q options alone have made me feel perpetually disappointed by more recent plug-in EQ releases. Adding HF "air" feels inspiring and dare i say FUN again!

J. Stuart

August 4, 2018

The EQ you need

Great EQ, can't go wrong with it. We all need a decent parametric EQ and this is it. Very musical and precise. Good stuff, highly recommended!

C. Lafrenière

July 20, 2018


Absolument fabuleux! J'ai chercher longtemps et je l'utilise dans toutes mes sessions, Cambridge EQ c'est le top! Un vrai couteau Suisse comme EQ.


July 14, 2018

Excellent EQ chirurgicale

Cet EQ est vraiment le plus précis que j'ai essayé. Pour nettoyer et dégraisser c'est parfait, j'aurai gagner du temps si je l'avais connu avant...
Je trouve qu'il est meilleur que brainworx digital ou sonnox pour le nettoyage.

T. Ellis

June 25, 2018

Love this EQ

I got this EQ after watching an online tutorial and I must say the more I use it, the more I like it! My only complaint is the GUI could use an update. Seems needlessly lo-rez. Great sound though, and low DSP usage.

M. Sandoval

June 23, 2018

One Of My Fav!

So many possibilities and tones with this eq, very low DSP hungry, I love it I wish I would have bought it long before.

Thank you UAD!

R. Quek

June 19, 2018

Secret weapon for Guitar or Bass

Personally, every Gtr amp sim I have come across sounds brighter than needs be, and this EQ or the Oxford has the LPF and HPF that are basically crossover network profiles; much better than LPF/HPF on channel strips or other EQs; these function like a crossover or bandpass filter nd the results are much better. I can take the sibilance and extreme low end of the amp models and they now sound much more realistic. You can of course add hump, bite or bark with the other controls. The Cambridge is cheaper than the Oxford and seems to have more info when using the filters.

F. Biagetti

June 16, 2018

Great surgical EQ

For cleaning up tracks before more colored EQ (or not!) with a low dsp footprint

i. breslau

June 14, 2018


Very powerful flexible eq. Reminds me a lot of the stock eq that comes with protools but of course better. Not quite my go to but I really find it useful

L. Holzapfel (Woodapple)

June 13, 2018

The Suisse Knife

The Swiss Army knife at EQ´s for precise intervention in the frequency response.
Always musical and never hard and pushy


June 11, 2018

Great and well priced

Definitely combined with UAD dsp and simplicity of operation one of the best on market. I picked this up with discount and voucher,compared to others on market for inflated prices.
This great for small adjustments before or after compression. Glad of this purchase.

K. Takeuchi

June 4, 2018

Cambride EQ

Intuitive yet very visually logical.
Definitely my go-to-EQ.

81-100 of 489 Results