Chandler Limited® GAV19T Amplifier

Chandler Limited® GAV19T Amplifier

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Chandler Limited GAV19T Amplifier

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M. Smith

April 18, 2014

Really Good!

I'm a mid-gain type player. Roots-Rock, Classic Rock, Country, Blues, etc.... I play a Tele mostly. My initial impression is that this plug in sounds very real and amp like which I haven't gotten from Guitar rig 5 or GTR 3. Probably the best emulation I've heard for the type of stuff I play! I haven't dug into this plug very deep, but I'll likely pick this one up if I can stretch my ASCAP quarterly payment a little further!
The only gripe I have is that the delay sounds a little dark and muddy, as I haven't done anything but run through the presets it may not be an issue if digging deeper!

That said this is a great plug for guys playing rock, blues, country, americana! Not so much for metal or jazz!

S. Kozlowski

May 29, 2014

Takes some experimentation but this plugin is amazing

At first, I agreed with comments that the Chandler GAV19T sounded overly muddy. After reading the manual and tweaking, my opinion did a 180.

Initially, I was using my PRS Custom 24 and even the presets labeled "clean" sounded unpleasantly distorted. My real break through happened when I tried my Strat. Suddenly, everything sounded much sweeter and clean patches did indeed sound clean. Big, fat, twang began to pour out of my monitors to go with the crunch. Everything clicked and I fell in love.

In the manual, you'll find mention of the input gain control in the FX section and how tweaking it for hot guitars can be useful. Once I did this, my PRS also began to sing beautiful tones too. A super-versatile plugin, 5 stars, no question.

K. Versteeg

April 16, 2014

Flexible and inspiring amp

I could not resist an amp with my favorite color red. This amp is flexible and inspiring! reminds me of the Vox AC30 sound from the sixties. Great addition to the ENGL amp!

J. Taylor

April 30, 2014

Holy Smokes C King is right

This is a fun amp to play but Scuffham Amps is REALLY impressive. I think I will keep my UAD plugs to front end plugins for now I've bought enough to keep me happy for awhile

C. King

April 16, 2014

Oh My...

Put it up against Scuffham Amps (less than half the price) and it blew the doors off of this piece of worx. This amp is one dimensional junk…UA should step away from Brainworx and fast…uggg.

S. Daunt

May 2, 2014

No headroom

As much as I like EL84 amps, this amp really misses the chime and clarity that you get from an AC30 etc. found it nearly impossible to get a clean tone. The crunch is ok and I'm sure with a lot of tweaking could be usable but overall this emulation seems pretty underwhelming and CPU intensive.

M. Allums

July 6, 2014

Needs Work

I really want UAD to create a great guitar amp sim. But this ain't it. I create mods for pedals. Been doing it for 10 years. I know great tone. You guys seriously need someone like me to help you. None of your amp sims are useable IMO. You want to hear good amp sims look at Waves GTR.

UAD User

January 5, 2016

Some small issues

I like this amp sim. I got it for a steal with a coupon/christmas deal, however, if I paid full price, I would be disappointed.

Problem 1 - Fizzy top end. I know this is a common complaint about amp sims, but I never really fully understood it until trying to crank this amp. I find it the most obvious when using the power soak in combination with the pre-gain option in the FX window.

Problem 2 - Noise. This is a noisy amp (I get that they are trying to model exactly how the real amp responds, but, that's the beauty of a simulation, you can deliver better than real world results. Why not get rid of all that buzz?

I can get one or two great tones with this amp. But, overall it is not very versatile.

L. Jongsu

July 6, 2014

Chandler Limited GAV19T Amplifier Plug-In Review

Speaking only conclusion,

I have rung the Kemper Profiling Amp & AXE-FX II.

It is software that does not outdone all external effects.


L. Lesage

June 6, 2014

The best emulated amplifier I've ever eared

Boy if u need that rock sound, this is the best emulated amp I ever eared. Get a UA610A into your Preamp slot and then the Chandler Limited GAV19T Amplifier. It is amazing...

T. Liljegren

September 17, 2018

A master volume knob, please!

This one sounds really okay. some parameters are intresting others are just confusing. And when you try to make a clean sound come out of it the output volume gets so low that u have to insert a booster like a Neve 1073 to compansate and have it sound at all in the mix. That's anoying! mostly this one is just gathering dust in my library because of this handicap. I use the fender or the marshall instead. It would be nice if UAD could update a guitar rig like amplitube 4 with all other gear bought through the years available. That would be ver convienient to quick and easy change amps or stomps directly in the rig. Now one have to delete and insert new ones in the plug in section and that's inefficient. They should all be put in a chain with input and master volume at the beginning and end of the chain. Probably people wud be more eager to demo and finally buy amps and stomps in that kinda inviroment, right? Thank you!

R. Jacobi

July 17, 2018

Great Power Amp Distortion

The amp simulations by Softube and recently by UA set the bar really high and Brainworx used to miss that bar, at least for me. The Chandler GAV19T simulation has blown me away though. The tone and feel of the amp is beautiful. The option to bypass the pre-amp and use the power amp distortion only is a brilliant feature, especially when using pedals extensively. The cabinet simulations are good but with the option to disable the cab simulation in the Chandler I would love to run the amp signal through the cabinet simulations of the OX. @UA: please release a plugin version of the OX!

P. Perfetto

July 2, 2018

Intense and dope

All the guitar emulations from UA are the best. Love them all, this one stands on its own and has a super unique sound.

E. Budzynski

January 18, 2018

Fantastic versatile simulation

This plugin takes some time to understand but once you have mastered its functionality a vast array of excellent sounds are available.
I own several small amplifiers of similar type and this saves masses of time in terms of mic placement and speeds up the creative process. Highly recommended.

F. Lambiz

January 14, 2018


Awesome tone and versatility. Highly recommended.

E. Lee

December 7, 2017

Great, would be amazing if was unison

This little amp is amazing, really like it. Already had the plugin alliance version (got it super cheap) and worked just fine however when I’m producing and later I wanted to add some guitars the latency was killing me, so I decided to get the uad version for near zero latency and works amazing, sounds the same as the uad isn’t unison enabled but works perfectly fine for leads, clean guitars and crunchy rhythms, I have lots of amp sims and every single one of them has its own unique vibe but this one is one of my favorites, definitely a good plugin worth checking it out.

P. Taylor

December 6, 2017

sounds awful

I wish I hadn't wasted my money on this plugin. It sounds awful. The amp sims in Logic sound better than this thing. I wanted something to use in UAD Console for monitoring, but this was a mistake. Go with the UAD Fender plugin instead.

P. Mata Rodriguez

September 26, 2017

Versatile and usable amp

I find this amp very versatile and nice sounding, perhaps the only thing is that it's a little bit noisy in some adjustments, but overall, a very good amp simulation

UAD User

September 16, 2017

A piece of gear!

An amp as I always wanted it to Sound,((excuse my english but I'm from Germany)
So as I would call in german:Ein tolles Teil!!!


July 14, 2017



21-40 of 96 Results