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Customer Reviews

Chandler Limited GAV19T Amplifier

Overall Rating

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W. Martens

December 6, 2016

Great sound and versatility

This is a great go-to amp simulation due to its flexibility to deliver great tones from clean to high gain settings. If you are only getting one amp simulation, get this one. The sound quality is a lot better than the Softube amp room plugins that ship with the Apollo interface.


November 10, 2016

TRUMP !!!!

so many personalities in one amp...juicy... i bought the full version after running the demo for 1 day... instantly know this was that one amp i had to buy.... the others just didnt cut through n was complicated....
i recommend users to buy this blindly even wthout the demo.... just fantastic.....

D. Gufflet

August 16, 2016

Amazing !

first of all, I have never ever liked the simulated amp on anything (software or hardware) except on the company who made the red bean as we know it. And even on this company I ended up not liking every simulations.
As I discovered UAD through Pete Thorn videos, I really was shocked by the quality and sound of the simulations !!!
I watched every video on YouTube concerning the Chandler GAV19T because I was looking for a easy solution to record ideas, to work on songs, and on my instrument without having to plug and wired everything (Amp, Pedalboard, Mic, Interface, etc...) every time !!! I play with a Suhr Badger 35 and I love the sound ! The GAV19T is just awesome, I really enjoy it !!!

R. Greco

July 21, 2016

Versatile and Rewarding

This was my first UAD amp sim, added the remarkable ENGL® E646 VS recently as well.

Bought this first because of it's relative simplicity, yet it's ability to cover a wide range of tone needs. Once you get to understand what each section is doing and has to offer, you can really dial in a sweet range of tones rather easily.

There really isn't a bad sound in this thing. The mic/cab options are a must utilize feature. The EQ section goes a long way to dialing in a great sound for your mix.

Some might find it difficult at first to find clean tones with headroom. It's a low wattage amp, you're going to hit distortion sooner than later. Turn down your guitar volume, you'll find the cleans. This applies with the ENGL as well.

P. Williams

June 22, 2016

good stuff

I have only demoed this plug-in but I've demoed it a few times and really dug into it, so take what you will from this review....

My favorite amp plug-in for the past while has been the UAD Marshall Plexi. This Chandler offers a very different tone to me. It really has a ton of options, especially once you take into account the various drive flavors (thick, treble boost, etc.), but generally I am looking for an amp's sweet spot, where its innate character shines through, and to me the Chandler offers a kind of garagey-lo fi sound that is very appealing -- a very mid-rangey distortion that is warm and thick and makes you want to play Troggs songs.

M. Niemczyk

May 24, 2016

Best Amp for using after preamp.

I did review all UAD amps including the newest Fender twin from the perspective of someone, how already own a real amp (preamp) and only need the final steps of the power amp and cabinet + mic's simulation.
This one won the shootout. All simulations beside ones from Brainwork, does not provide the functionality to turn of the preamp section at all. But from the Brainworks amps, this one has been the most versatile and great sounding one.
You get what you want and need plus additional distortion thru either power amp or build in Boost + Tone section, which can be applied also without the Preamp. The Rec. Chains are great and you can easily get what ever sound you need out of it.
Clearly 5 STARS

M. Niemczyk

April 13, 2016

Great Thanks for Bypass Preamp Feature

Thank you so much for the most important Feature for real preamp owners which is bypassing the software emulated preamp! I´m sure most guitar players have already a nice sounding real tube preamp or a head with DI out, which they really want to use in every possible situation. I´m a proud owner of a Mesa/Boogie TriAxis and I have all my favorite presets saved there so i can produce each desired sound by just choosing a program - and the sound is real tube blow away analogue sound. But there is one problem when it comes to recording, the power amp section, cabinet and microphones are crucial but impracticable in home recording environment. Thats where amp simulation with bypassed preamp kicks in - a viola

A. Theoret

March 29, 2016

Excellent workhorse amp

The Chandler amp is a really good all around amp. The bias control helps tweak the sim to respond the way a real amp feels and with some time listening through the cab/mic IRs you can probably find exactly the sound you're looking for. I have a number of amp sims and this is one of my favorites for straight forward rock guitar & lead. Also the UAD platform is by far the most convenient for tracking guitars through a sim. Here's a demo I just produced using only this plugin on guitar...

A. Theoret

March 29, 2016

Excellent workhorse amp

The Chandler amp is a really good all around amp. The bias control helps tweak the sim to respond the way a real amp feels and with some time listening through the cab/mic IRs you can probably find exactly the sound you're looking for. I have a number of amp sims and this is one of my favorites for straight forward rock guitar & lead. Also the UAD platform is by far the most convenient for tracking guitars through a sim. Here's a demo I just produced using only this plugin on guitar...


February 6, 2016

hard to say, seems don't fit my needs.

Hey, first thank you to offer me this plugin within christmas coupons. That's a great offer. Before writing this post, I tried to get the sound I want. Unfortunately I didn't. I explain, I just want a pure clean sound, without any crunchy or overdrive background sound as the sound I can get into any real amp like a Vox AC 30 or a Fender Deluxe reverb or even my Laney Lionheart. Trying it with the "clean" presets given inside, I didn't get a real clean sound. I only get a lightly crunchy sound, but still crunchy. As I want to play fifties-sixties like music... I need a real clean sound with reverb and delay. So, what to do ? How should be the knobs position to get it ? Is it possible or not ?

D. Holmes

January 17, 2016

Everything I hoped for and more

Les Paul or Strat, even with effects board between guitar and UA Twin, the Chandler handles it all with ease and great tone. I rarely use a wah, but had an order for slide/wah fills for a group of songwriters. Was going to use traditional set up, but thought of running LP through wah, then to UA Twin, Chandler; very nice result. From clean chicken pickin' to wall of sound overdrive, I think this will become my go-to solution.

P. Matthews

January 16, 2016

So Good it's Causing Problems!

Been using this plug for a while now, setting up sounds for a new album project I'm working on. The trouble is, that now when I go to my live rig which uses a Line 6 Pod 500HD plugged into stereo powered cabinets I am no longer happy with the sound I'm getting. While the pod does an admirable job of emulating sounds you get when you roll off the volume, this plugin just DOES what happens when you roll off the volume when plugged into t tube amp. When you compare the two, the emulation on the pod becomes shockingly obvious. I LOVE the analog delay and reverb sounds. I can get anything from funky rhythm sounds thru Blues overdrive right to modern rock chunk with this plug. I can't say enough good about this plugin..

P. Jacobsson

January 15, 2016

It is good!

This plug-in is very nice but you need to look into it and spend some time doing your own presets depending on what guitars you are using.

T. Hegefors

January 15, 2016


Really nice sounding amp. And a great delay too.

M. Brown

January 12, 2016

Chandler GAV19T

Delighted, I have not owned one. Amazed though I have never set foot in a Real Studio. I do not have room in my 16' x 11.5' x 8.5' studio to own all the great guitar amps of our time. A simulation is all I have room for. The Amp sims On the Uaudio system cards give the sound of the sim something I do not hear in a Mac/ PC +plugin alone.

But I give Brainworx a great deal of credit for their effort in bringing the this sim to the UAD platform.

When A/Bing my live tracked guitar to Brainworx live tracked guitar in the sim the differences are clear. Gain staging, mic/phase alignment, Matching Mic to preamp sweet-spot. This recording chain is just as important as the amp sim sounding like the real Chandler guitar amp.


January 5, 2016

Some small issues

I like this amp sim. I got it for a steal with a coupon/christmas deal, however, if I paid full price, I would be disappointed.

Problem 1 - Fizzy top end. I know this is a common complaint about amp sims, but I never really fully understood it until trying to crank this amp. I find it the most obvious when using the power soak in combination with the pre-gain option in the FX window.

Problem 2 - Noise. This is a noisy amp (I get that they are trying to model exactly how the real amp responds, but, that's the beauty of a simulation, you can deliver better than real world results. Why not get rid of all that buzz?

I can get one or two great tones with this amp. But, overall it is not very versatile.

S. Aubry

December 29, 2015

Another excellent amp modeler from UA

After a few weeks of jamming and tweaking, I'm getting some excellent clean and blues drive tones out of this plug. And the tone of my guitars is true not all colored up like others I've tried. I find myself going to the Boogie rack and powering it up less in the studio these days. Thanks UA!! Again!


December 26, 2015

does the job and then some

this amp sim really benefits the the person who understands how the controls work, once you start to tweak settings this amp can produce a range of sounds, if you experiment you will see the results

P. Hird

December 21, 2015

Superb Amp Emulator

I have a bunch of these amp emulators but just like AMPS you only ever go to a couple. The Chandler is the one Amp I use in the UA console and is use on every mix as well. Fantastic job as usual UA!

J. Jung

December 16, 2015

Like a good album

Like a good album, this amp emulation took a little while to get used to and to find that sweetness from. You really have to tweak around to get what you want from it. All in all, a fine sounding amp from an emulation. You want the real thing, record it. You want something in the ballpark to get some cool sounds quick, this is the answer. I really dig this emulation of the coveted Chandler amp. You do need to play around with the input and levels to get that particular sound, but after that it is a really fun thing to play with.

41-60 of 117 Results