Chandler Limited® GAV19T Amplifier

Chandler Limited® GAV19T Amplifier

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Chandler Limited GAV19T Amplifier

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T. Hegefors

January 15, 2016


Really nice sounding amp. And a great delay too.

M. Brown

January 12, 2016

Chandler GAV19T

Delighted, I have not owned one. Amazed though I have never set foot in a Real Studio. I do not have room in my 16' x 11.5' x 8.5' studio to own all the great guitar amps of our time. A simulation is all I have room for. The Amp sims On the Uaudio system cards give the sound of the sim something I do not hear in a Mac/ PC +plugin alone.

But I give Brainworx a great deal of credit for their effort in bringing the this sim to the UAD platform.

When A/Bing my live tracked guitar to Brainworx live tracked guitar in the sim the differences are clear. Gain staging, mic/phase alignment, Matching Mic to preamp sweet-spot. This recording chain is just as important as the amp sim sounding like the real Chandler guitar amp.

S. Aubry

December 29, 2015

Another excellent amp modeler from UA

After a few weeks of jamming and tweaking, I'm getting some excellent clean and blues drive tones out of this plug. And the tone of my guitars is true not all colored up like others I've tried. I find myself going to the Boogie rack and powering it up less in the studio these days. Thanks UA!! Again!

UAD User

December 26, 2015

does the job and then some

this amp sim really benefits the the person who understands how the controls work, once you start to tweak settings this amp can produce a range of sounds, if you experiment you will see the results

P. Hird

December 21, 2015

Superb Amp Emulator

I have a bunch of these amp emulators but just like AMPS you only ever go to a couple. The Chandler is the one Amp I use in the UA console and is use on every mix as well. Fantastic job as usual UA!

C. Santos

December 14, 2015


Yeah!!!! I'm doing many guitar solos using vintage atmosphere with no effort to configure this amp. GREAT!!!!

Y. Tamura

December 13, 2015

Very Nice !

Good sounds for recording engineer ...!!!

p. varney

December 12, 2015

Awesome Amp Plugin

Tried lots of amp sim plugins & never found anything as good sounding or responsive as a mic'd Ac30.....until now, sounds and responds like the real thing, an excellent buy, highly recommended

S. Pappinen Hillert

December 12, 2015

Great tone

Great tone, does what I expected and hoped for. A nice addition to the studio.

M. Vila Nova

December 10, 2015


This amp is a revelation! It sounds amazing and it is very flexible!
Goodby GuitarRig...

F. Martinsen

December 10, 2015

Chandler Amp

This amp is the best amp sim i ever used. I dont use my tube amp in the studio anymore only plugins. I have the Engl and Friedmans too, they also sounds great. But i love the Chandler for the Top Boost. I Crisp and that chime tone i so sweet with some tape delay, i cant stop playing my guitar. Great work and keep this good sounding amp coming i will bye them. :)

S. Pappinen Hillert

December 7, 2015

Love it

Nice tone, and cool color. Does what I want it to do, and in a nice way.

A. Theoret

November 28, 2015

Excellent Plugin

The bias control is such a useful feature on this amp. One of the "fake" feeling aspects of soft amps is the way it responds to your playing, even if it sounds ok to the rest of the world. I find that I can adjust the bias on the amp to get the response I like which differs from bridge to neck pickup.

This is a great sounding amp with enough features to tweak your rock (or clean) tone, and as usual from brainworks, a solid collection of speaker/ mic IRs.

D. DiPietro

October 14, 2015

Very usable

A little tweaking goes a long way. I pretty much stick to the cleaner side with a 1x12 and ignore the preset. For me it's got a nice focused grit tone and that suites 75% of my productions.
I've picked up just about all the amp plug ins from UA, more and more I find my healthy amp collection getting less and less use.

E. Moore

September 23, 2015

Tone Machine

I have to disagree with some others. I found this amp wonderful to use in a wide variety of musical context and styles. Perhaps because I lean to a 60s psychedelic/rock type of sound. I was looking for an amp simulator that would provide these kind of tones with my Strat and telecaster and they nailed it for me. The distortion breaks for me perfectly and the clean tones come across strong. Highly recommended unless your a purist. Can't say enough good things about this. Glad I picked this up for my studio.

A. Marshall

July 1, 2015

Another Killer Amp Sim

Had to get this, I love the Friedman collection and this one is killer too.

Awesome tones, lots of variety and some cool control options too, I love the built in boost and the bias control. I find I can get a great clean tone with the input gain control, by backing it off I can create some additional clean headroom.

Awesome plug in!

I. Papagiannidis

May 24, 2015

fantastic emulation!

i m using kemper for recording guitars, but when i listened to this sound i felt like i HAVE to get this one!


M. Fudge

April 3, 2015

The only amp I need

One of the downfalls of amp modelling is that we often get a buffet of tones and features which limit us from discovering the potential and flexibility of a well thought out design. This is just the opposite. When I plug into this amp with my apollo it literally feels like I have an amp mic'd up in the other room. A great tool for performance and "keeper tracks" not just demos and writing.

UAD User

March 21, 2015

No Joke -(Learn the Amp)

Bought the Chandler 4 months ago, initially was unimpressed. I using with a Jazzmaster for Alt-Rock and Electronica type stuff. My mistake was relying on the presets to grasp what the amp sounds like. For whatever reason the presets were not at a all a fit for my style/instrument. I also have a newer Vox amp that I'd been using so I know how my guitar can sound.

Once I abandoned looking to the presets I recognized that this amp sim is more versatile than it might seem.
I would say to really play with the functions to get a grasp of how to tailor the sound.

A-ha moment was to listen to and voice settings starting with the attack then pay attention to sustain Game changer.

Bests the Friedmans which I waited for excitedly for months.

C. Kohl

February 25, 2015

Does a few things well.

While not the most versatile, this amp does its job for what I need it for.

61-80 of 96 Results