elysia• mpressor

elysia• mpressor

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elysia• mpressor

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L. Herve

January 13, 2017

Cheap and polyvalent

At 24$ (voucher + end year sale),
It's a polyvalent comp with a variable threshold (that's what I needed) and lot of options.
Perfect !!

I. Duarte

January 13, 2017

Very good.

Used my coupon and bought this great plugin.

I. Moreno

January 13, 2017

what a difference

just inserting this on a channel you notice a difference. Once you start to tweak…. Man it makes the drums come alive.

K. Gilroy

January 6, 2017


Even though, most of the time the 1176's and the LA-2A's really do the best job, I always try the elysia MPRESSOR. It does amazing things that no other compressor can do AND it came perform as well as 80 percent of all the rest in normal applications. - GILROY

L. Alin Gabriel

January 1, 2017


Predictible, stable, punchy sound.

S. Roefs

December 30, 2016

Seems cool

Demoed it, got it for free with vouchers. Seems useful but I haven't used it ever. I'll just stick with the classics until those won't do the trick. Guess I don't really need another compressor.

UAD User

December 28, 2016


so nice plug in! buy this one guys

UAD User

December 25, 2016



E. Bellerose

December 23, 2016


Empressive compressor.

UAD User

December 23, 2016

Versatile compressor

A modern compressor that suits well for any purpose

K. Babic

December 22, 2016

Punchy Beast

Nearly every compressor can give a nice punch to your drum, but mpressor is that cream top on your coffee.

s. fridburg

December 19, 2016

elysia mpressor

I did not think that this plugin is so good, used it for groups and a master channel, the result is simply fabulous!

J. See

December 18, 2016

Mr. Punch...

Even on the speaker of a smartphone the Mpressor puts punch into music... I´m using Genelec 1034a and you won´t believe the difference...

J. Ka

December 16, 2016


So nice

D. Hensel

December 16, 2016


Recently tried this plug in! great one! works great with muy drum track an P Comp.
Thanks UA!

j. murawski

December 15, 2016

punch & snap

a cheap little guy with big BALLS. my #1 go too comp. Don't think just try demo or buy it and see for yourself,.. UAD again 10 years ahead of the competition

D. King

December 14, 2016


I love this compressor so much. It's so versatile and the GR limit feature is incredible.

UAD User

December 12, 2016

Dynamic Multitool

This is a very adaptable tool. You can get some superpuncy drums with some heavy compression in parallel, and it can treat stuff gently when you want. When it sounds this good it have to score some stars :)

R. Riska

December 12, 2016

elysia• mpressor

This is my new go to for Drums.
It can add the snap you need and smooth out harsh transients with out killing the overheads.

A. Lee

December 12, 2016

Very nice suprize

I thought I'd found all the compressors I needed - until I tried this amazing thing out. Great on so many things with my favorite place for it being the mixbus.

21-40 of 61 Results