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elysia• mpressor

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elysia• mpressor

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M. Biniaz

November 26, 2016

Great Compressor !!

A friend had the real hardware unit of this was amazing bit of kit and the plugin version sounds as good to me very pleased !!

d. godard

November 6, 2016

Very good, but UA is a dinosaur

I'm a big fan of UA, I use a lot and love a lot of your products.
BUT!!!!!!, UA is the only developper that seems not to understand that digital world allows a lot of features that helps engineers and sound designers work faster and better. Why no pop up with value? Why no dry/wet pot? AND THE MOST IMPORTANT: WHY NO EXTRENAL SIDE CHAIN INPUT? This is a very important feature on the Plug in alliance (brainworx) version!!! And UA has NO ext side chain input on none of any plug in! SHAME!!!!
And I could talk about a lot of problems with Apollo Console software (bugs when recalling sessions with virtual inputs, only 2 aux busses, very bad routing possibilities -compared to RME for example- ).
People, this compressor is very good (especially with paralell compression and with an ext side chain to use as a ducker), but please buy it at plug in alliance so UA will perhaps understand that even if UA is very good for audio, they are very bad for handling and manipulating, pricing. Like Apple, they are leaders on this market and they make good money with it,... without trying to give a REAL GOOD service.
Once again, I love UAD (and Mpressor), but I'm upset about UA: DINOSAURS WITH BIG MONEY!
...And please forgive my english if it's not good...
5 stars for this comp
4 stars for this comp by UAD because NO EXT SIDE CHAIN
3 stars for UA . Not for audio but for the features (brainworx, slate and waves are much better about that)

M. Gustafson

June 20, 2016

Changed the way I mix Drums!

This packs a punch. Not only is this compressor extremely flexible, but it has punch and character. When using it on a parallel drum bus ( my main reason for purchasing) I found this to give me everything I need. It can add the snap you need to liven up the drums and it can smooth out harsh transients with out killing the overheads. I was amazed how easy it was to switch from the compressor I have been using for years to this. best buy here I've made in a long time and that is saying something.

G. Postorino

April 10, 2016

Shut up and take my money

One of the smartest compressors ever designed. The mpressor can do just about everything. If you buy this plugin for the auto fast button alone, it is more than worth it. That one button is an absolutely diamond of technology, and has saved me on more than a few mixes. The most slept on plugin in all of UA's roster!

J. Alberson

March 4, 2016

Great Clean Compressor

A Clear and Powerful dynamics controller! I am still learning this Beast but I am glad I got it! Top Flight!

V. Repasi

January 28, 2016

very satisfied

It is one of the best compressor plugins I've ever used. It really add shape and punch to the track were you add it.

J. Alberson

January 13, 2016

Great Peak Control

This is a Fast VCA type compressor with really Clean Sonics. This is no Loss of fidelity when using it on a Bus! Great for Vocal Groups and Synth Groups. I have not used the Hardware unit but I am very glad I Purchased this UA Version

J. Levin

December 28, 2015

Excellent purchase!

Really makes the drums punch through!

UAD User

December 21, 2015

Magical on groups

Using this compressor on groups ( Drums, instruments) especially at a low ratio brings out a magic i can't describe. Makes everything just come alive!!

D. Rahimi

December 11, 2015

It's a sonic-weapon!

Compressor is not just a dynamics tool for me. I often use them to colour the sound. Even though Mpressor is transparent it gives life to the sound in a very unique way, I've never used a compressor like this before. It's transparent but noticeably present. I can't use it as a all-round compressor but in some cases it's unreplaceable...

R. Saunders

December 11, 2015


Why this hasn't been lapped up rapidly by the UAD community yet I don't know! Just check out Joel Hamilton's review of this beautiful compressor on YouTube and you won't be able to resist! This amazing plugin does everything from 'transparent' to total 'destruction' and somehow adds extra sonic excellence without overdoing it in the 'character' department. Stunning.

A. Schiavone

July 25, 2015

Crazy good!

Crazzzzzy good! Why no comments!

R. Garcia

October 18, 2014


Sounds very very good coupled with a the CLA67 waves version of compressor. But besides the coupling.. It sounds musical. And keeps it firm and solid. Sounds really good. I dont normally purchase Plugs. But this MPRESSOR .. MPRESSED ME!


P. Moshay

September 17, 2014

Killer for Drums

This is my new go to for Drums.... this is NOT a one trick pony, I'm way impressed, i'd never used the hardware unit, but now i know why people rave about it.

41-54 of 54 Results

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