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Customer Reviews

Hitsville EQ Collection

Overall Rating

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A. Pashka

July 10, 2024

Master Bus Magic

I was looking for a master bus EQ for a while, thank you UA!!!

J. Pena

June 28, 2024

Very Nice

I bought this because I felt I needed a better eq for the master bus, and this really is better than what I was using. It sounds amazing to me, and I really like the m/s capability on the master, or any other bus that needs it. The other eq that came with it is also good, I used it on a drum bus and it sounded great. I have not tried it on vocals yet but I'm betting that it's gonna sound good to.
I'm not a big fan of stepped eq's and set frequency eq's, but that is starting to change.

T. James

June 15, 2024

Musical favourite!

One among the most musical EQs that I’ve used. The mastering EQ especially lives on my master channel.

a. atheer

June 14, 2024


Wonderful products, characterized by precision and giving a very beautiful color and flavor.

M. Lovakovic

April 1, 2024

Warm Beast

Lovin it!!! Works exactly like i want

A. Niculescu

March 11, 2024

Great on everything!

I use this on almost all my buses (drums, bass, guitars, vox) and master bus to get the final touch!
Killer sound!

B. Spence

February 15, 2024


Growing up in Detroit during this era was so great. I use this EQ when plugging my Jazzmaster right into the board then into the interface with this Plug-in and sounds wonderful.

V. Lekic

February 13, 2024

The Best Mastering EQ Plugin

Easily the best mastering EQ plugin. intuitive and versatile.

D. Benjamin

February 8, 2024

Exactly the sound I need

For a 60's funk project I have in the works this plugin more than does the job

P. Mues

February 3, 2024

Best EQ

Sweet mother of God! This thing sounds sooo good. No wonder those motown albums all sounded so darn good :) Almost voodoo like... Blown away!

N. Crouch

January 31, 2024

My new fav EQ

I love this thing.
A great tool paired w/ your fav preamp to get a great sound into your DAW-also fantastic at shaping and moving already recorded sounds.
Great frequencies for all sources

D. Vazquez

January 31, 2024

Great Eq

Work phenomenal for mastering!! Lots of presets to work with!

J. Mendel

January 18, 2024

Really Pleasing!

I didn't have experience with this EQ prior to buying this plugin, but the sound is really nice on program material and mix busses. Enjoying it greatly!

B. Young

January 15, 2024

Powerful tone shaping

Gives great tone shaping and lift to your mixes. MS function on the mix bus sounds amazing. Added the perfect snap to my snare. It’s basically going on all my mixes from here on out!

g. le bescond

January 15, 2024

top !

very musical : shines on tracks, shines on busses.

D. Figueiredo

January 14, 2024

Very good flavour

The juice is sweet and exotic no problem to be in the kitchen of the best restaurants and served to the most demanding of the customers.I recommend
This plugin to anyone serious in the music industry plus are much more to taste from UA plugins. Thankyou UA.

N. Schlewing

January 13, 2024


Another Great Plugin

P. lam

January 11, 2024



E. Esper

January 5, 2024

HitsVille EQ

Definitely has that Motown Sound to it Great Plug-in Easy to use Friendly on My CPU lots of Good Presets a Must for Me Great Company …. Another Great Plugin

R. Hoffman

January 2, 2024

Absolutely Killer

Kicking myself for not trying this out sooner - tried out a demo just to see what was up.....within like 2 days this became one of my GO-TO EQs for individual tracks, busses, as well as mastering. Went back and remixed essentially an entire album with this. This doesn't just feel like a standard semi-parametric EQ, this thing is MUSICAL. Sexually stimulating, even.

1-20 of 113 Results

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
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