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Customer Reviews

Little Labs® Voice Of God Bass Resonance

Overall Rating

301-320 of 591 Results

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B. Krueger

July 23, 2017

Great for more than voice

We used this on my last project, and we ended up using it for drums (kick & toms), voice, and bass. Helps shape the low end in a unique way.

N. Faust

July 13, 2017



J. Macedo

July 5, 2017

The Perfect sub!

This thing is the perfect sub for everything. So musical!

B. Bentiba

June 15, 2017

Great product

I don't buy plugin unless I found it useful and this is one of a kind which I found it useful and bought. 14 days of trial will tell you what you need.

J. Brook

May 26, 2017


Simple to use with outstanding results. Simply turning the VOG on increases warmth by 100% but without overbearing your existing mix.

K. Spratt

May 25, 2017

The name of the plugin says it all...

Absolutely incredible.

C. Hazel

April 23, 2017

Get that vocal thickness you need

Man this is a special plugin. Instead of wasting time trying to use an eq to add some body or thickness to vocals I just slap this thing on, turn the knobs a bit and like magic I get the effect that I'm looking for. This plugin makes it to my current vocal chain.

M. L

April 17, 2017

Secret weapon

Used on every song

T. V

April 17, 2017

Voice Of Godliness

So simple, yet pretty complex, as you have to know how to use it correctly. This is becoming the same comment I say about a lot of the UA plug-ins, with the ones that seem to be simple enough to use. Used it separately on drum and bass tracks, to just bring it to a comfortable whoomphing feel, then tried to use it on the whole mix. Had to back it way down on the individual tracks. Seems easy to fine tune its use it on the whole mix, or just individual tracks, and easy to find a find a sweet spot. Just walk away from it after awhile, to avoid ear fatigue, as the aural and sonic overharmonics will change your perception. Depending on your taste, and song style or mix, the bass resonance is pretty addicting. I have also seen the other internet sites bashing UA/Little Labs for packaging a stock EQ setting, which could/seems to be true, however, this works well with not pulling my onboard resources, and let the UA card do its work. This was spoken through the Voice Of God.

E. Shuford

March 9, 2017

Low end goodness!!

Working with low frequencies is always a challenge with the VOG it definitely gets you where you need to be a lot quicker!

J. Simonsen

February 23, 2017

Make it one of your first UA plugin purchase!!

For a small room homestudio, this helps you within seconds the right punch and/or depth to whatever track you need. Ad the OsceanWay reverb and you´re suddenly able to make your drums, bass, guitar, vocal and what more sound like a multi million dollar studio.
Thank you VOG and for the people of UA for once again creating pure magic.

s. azevedo

February 16, 2017

Very cool plugin

Brings out the low end resonances on Vocals.
Adds a creamy rich warm sound on the kick and bass, and simple to use.

G. Moretti

February 10, 2017

bass, covered

really excelent tool to shape the bass range in the mix. can give a lot of personality and character. a very deep processor, it enables the possibility to achieve wide results. specially great on rhytmic sections.

A. Jones

February 9, 2017

The name speaks for itself

I was leery about all the hype I was hearing about this plug-in. However when I opened and started using it, I think I really did hear the voice of God. I love this plug-in and how I can shape my kicks, 808's, and bass to make them perfectly pleasing to the listening ear. Definitely recommend that ANY and EVERY mix engineer to have this in their inventory.

K. Gilroy

February 9, 2017


Yes, it's true! I thought I could use a few EQs......but, you can't get it! You Can't! You can think you can, but that REZZZZZZ will not be there. I actually had the plugin expire in a mix and i was scrambling to find my credit card....I HAD TO HAVE IT! Just go buy it. It's Worth Every Penny. It's reall y great it! - GILROY LA MUSIC PRO

I. Karkkainen

January 16, 2017

Simple and effective

Easy to overdo so be careful!


January 15, 2017


makes vocal wider, stunning, fast learning curve. love it

F. Batiste III

January 6, 2017

Does This Plugin Make Me Look Fat?

When it's too thin to win, Voice Of God is your friend. Literally anything lacking in the low end can be fixed with this plugin. Nuff said.

R. Katuin

December 27, 2016

My god

Amazing little simple plugin. Drop it on a kick or bass and your good to go!

T. Prilesky

December 23, 2016

My Fave Bass Enhancement Tool

This magical plugin always enhances the low end in a pleasing way. Kick, toms, vocal, bass, even on the master bus, all benefit. If they don't, it means you already have enough low end present. Excellent tool, must have!

301-320 of 591 Results