Little Labs® Voice Of God Bass Resonance  Tool

Little Labs® Voice Of God
Bass Resonance Tool

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Customer Reviews

Little Labs® Voice Of God Bass Resonance

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M. Watts

November 5, 2012

Little Labs Voice Of God

I just finished producing and mixing and new record at Vu Du Studios for the EqualVision Records artist, The Dear Hunter. This is my third experience with the band. I was determined to make the bass and bottom end on this beautiful and lush record big and focussed. The Little Labs Voice Of God enabled me to shape the low end in a way I have never been able to achieve with just EQ and compression. While submitting my 1st and 2nd passes to the artist his reply was, "what did you do do the bottom end of these mixes??" He then said, " not that your mixes ever suffered with low end but this is a whole different level"
Thank you UAD and Little Labs for creating the perfect low end shaper!!!
Mike Watts
Producer/mixer/studio owner

S. Overland

November 4, 2012


As a bassplayer this is a godsend
A Must-have
Brings amazing deapth to bass, vocals and other tracks

D. Mazurek

November 4, 2012

I swear I can hear the components!

This plug is very unique. Sure, digital eqs can sort of do these types of filters but not with such an analog feel. I also appreciate the fact that I HAVE to use my ears. There's also something this plug does just inserting it, as I have noted in the title. This isn't always good of course, I haven't like it on whole mixes for example, but for fattening a snare drum? There's nothing like it!!!

J. Osborne

October 29, 2012


Simply the best tool there is for manipulating the low end of anything. Add subtle weight to vocal and guitar. Make kicks and bass massive but controlled in the low end. It is just an EQ curve, but an excellent one that is much faster to use than tuning a regular EQ.

S. Hlavsa

October 27, 2012

Little Labs VOG

Voice of God is an unbelievable tool, very easy to use, quick results and sounds great.
Highly recommend it

S. Brown

October 21, 2012

Just the right amount of bottom end resonance

This is great addition tot my audio toolbox. VoG is pretty straightforward and the presets cover most of the bases (though I've tweaked things a bit just to hear the differences). Unlike some plug-ins that boast some bottom end boost and presence, the VoG doesn't go overboard. In fact find it to be rather subtle and relatively transparent as it doesn't color the sound. Nor does it result in a "boombox-in-your-face" effect which seems a common artifact of other plug-ins.

The frequency and amplitude controls allow you (especially on bass) to dial in the presence relative to where on the neck the bass is being played

With kick it can bring out the resonance without becoming boomy

Why only 4 stars?

64 bit please and thank you!

J. Jones

October 12, 2012

Exactly what I needed for a powerfull, tight bassline

I am always a little bit scarred when hearing about these types of plugins and mostly they have given a lot of bass but also come with a lot of side effects and over all 'muddiness'.

Not this bad boy, it can go pretty hard but if you pull it back it gives a great overall mix of power to the bass whilst still keeping the clarity of the individual sounds.

This is on EDM so I can only imagine what it does to a bass guitar or some acoustic kicks in the mix.

J. Obreschkow

October 12, 2012

Great warm sound

We love this plugin, because we need warm sounds. Its easy to handle but don't go over the top ;-)

Try it!

Greetings from

T. Panin

October 12, 2012

Little Labs® Voice Of God

Little Labs® Voice Of God

I love this Little Labs® Voice Of God / easy to use for vocals , bass , drums , guitar and other instrument
perfect tool AAA +++

A. Wong-moon

October 11, 2012

"BIg Walking Robot Video game" SFX and Music

I am using this plug-in on every single SFX and Music track for a "major" publishers MMO video game.

My producer wanted the BIGGEST sounding Machine Guns, Rocket Salvos, Laser blasts, WarDrum beats. He said he wants to feel the machines, and Drums.

I am blowing him and the whole company away with the amount of useable low-end my SFX and music is producing. Turning up the Amplitude knob makes my Studio walls shake allowing me to simulate the amount of low-end a 200 foot "Mechanical" warriors footsteps or Cannon impacts would actually perceivably make the ground shake.

Thanks for a great tool UAD.

S. Beckham

October 11, 2012

VOG gives you Hand Of God...

Easy to use, Gets results ..what more do you want when your in the zone?
Simply kicks you in your lower regions where it counts!
Double your drum track, add a Low-pass Mono the track and add VOG to control your kick, High-pass the original drum track if you please, I prefer the Moog filter with some added drive and slow modulation DO IT!
Seven Beckham; A Moth Aglow

M. Mangen

October 11, 2012

Great little Tool

For me as bass player it's a great little tool! I can't say nothing more.

Z. Ou

September 29, 2012

My God!

Someone say it just a auto eq, so i overlooked this little monster...after demo it and buy it, i can say you never get this sound by useing any EQ!

deep, tight, smooth, life! turning dead sub to live, a sub you always dreaming but never get! demo it you will understand what i say. god of bass, god of voice!

F. Sterzing

September 26, 2012

very nice on bassdrums

When I started testing the VOG demo, I loaded up some of my tracks (house, electro, e.g.) and put it (because of its name) on the bass and II was not very excited about what it did and thought, "well, you don´t have to spend money for this".
After a few days I gave it a second try, but this time, after reading more about the VOG, on bassdrums and now: WOW. This is great. This is what my bassdrums needed all the time. I love to give much attack to my bassdrums, using the 1176, but while doing this, often "this deep body" went away and now with the VOG I can get it back without loosing the punchy attack of the 1176.
Probably I have to give it a try on more basses and other instruments, but on bds I use it almost every time now. Great plugin!

P. Beltman

September 20, 2012


Voice Of God. What's in a name. Awesome tool for drums and bass, I really like it. Fattens up the low frequencies without the additional rumble you usually get when using an EQ for this purpose. Simple and effective.

O. Duran

September 18, 2012

is true

yes is true, that sound like GOD!!!


J. Osborne

September 18, 2012

One of the most useful plugs ever.

I am recent convert to UAD with an Apollo and I am convinced the UA plugs does things that no others do. The VOG is one of them. It is a very simple tool and can most likely be replicated by any EQ with the right curve, but the VOG makes controlling the lows of anything very fast and very easy. Guitar with no bottom - VOG will completely fill it. Need more body to a vocal - VOG. Want to make the kick and bass sit together just right - VOG does it. It can also add a lot of resonant bass frequencies if cranking, for a massive effect of lows on bass or kick. I couldn't live without it.

S. Joo

September 16, 2012

good piece!

Doesn't enter some dregs even on the master of section, in difference from an equalizer.

D. Worrell

August 3, 2012

This little jewel is simply amazing. I love it. For Bass, Kick an Toms, I have never used anything nearly as good. Simple to operate and sounds great. One of the best plug-ins that I own. I use it on every project.

A. Anestis

July 22, 2012

For Psychedelic & Progressive trance artists...
Excellent tool for making your bassline sound more '' like a bass ''.
4 stars because for double base music you need to put eq after, to combine it with your kick and make it groove! For offbeat music fits great without anything!! A Must Tool !

321-340 of 370 Results