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Customer Reviews

Little Labs® Voice Of God Bass Resonance

Overall Rating

361-380 of 591 Results

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L. Bimbi

January 14, 2016

Very useful tool.

The VOG is a very useful tool for your low end.
Very easy to use and sounds great on a variety of sources.
It practically feels and sound like the hardware unit. Pretty cool!

B. Szekelyhidi

January 14, 2016


VOG is a very good stuff! Longer and bigger bass, really need on bass drums!

L. Trucillo

January 14, 2016

That's it!

Super tool for focusing the low end on kick and bass parts!!!
Simple and super effective.

G. Mirson

January 14, 2016

Low end perfect tool

VOG is a great tool for adding this "heavy" low end frequencies and harmonies without making it sound distorted in any way ..!!
amazing and very simple to use little tool for the most critical part of the mix ! must have !
highly reccomend !

b. jordan

January 12, 2016

Carving out space for the Low Frequencies in your mix.

This plug-in is a great tool to define the low end of your mix. This is one element of mixing that i've always struggled at, so using the VOG has been very helpful for carving out space for the kick and the bass guitar in my mixes.

V. Kolosov

January 11, 2016

Little Labs VOG

With this plug-in is expected and received. Use for vocals.

C. Nedzynski

January 1, 2016

Awesome, quick and easy!

I work with a lot of Stoner/Heavy bands and this plug just brings the low end out in about 30 seconds. Tweak it and tune it to each track, but it works on drums, bass and guitar. Amazing results, and in no time. I eq mostly with the Neve 1073 or Neve 88RS, but then add this little beauty to make the pillars of heaven shake! I know you can achieve similar results using other eq's but it takes way more time, and time is money. This achieves amazing results in literally seconds. A must have for Stoner/Grunge/Heavy music.

D. Sharrad

December 28, 2015

Beautiful craftsmanship!

I really like how the VOG gives kicks and other low end sounds extra presence without cluttering the mix by making them too "loud" or overbearing. Nice, smooth, warm tones all round!

W. Buonanno

December 22, 2015

Make a real bass comparable to a synth bass

I love the real bass, but sometimes I need the "sub frequencies" typical of a Synth bass. The VOG plugin can fix this lack, being able to add some special additional subharmonics to a real bass. Simply one of my favourites.


December 17, 2015

Praise the VOG!

love this plug..... does wonders to my bass tracks.

D. Nakonechny

November 21, 2015

Voice of God is a understatement….

When I first purchased this Plug-In I was a little disappointed at its subtleness on specific tracks…until I really got into playing with it on various kicks, bass and bus mixes and wow…I'm not sure how I ever mixed with out this little demon. Don't kid yourself this thing is NOT a EQ….The Little Labs VOG brought out amazing clarity & focus on the low end of my mixes. It can take your mix from a thud to a bold earthquake (If you care to go that aggressive). Regardless this is a must-have plug in and I'm happy that I took a plunge and got it. I will definitely continuously use it on everyone of my mixes.

A. Liedtke

November 20, 2015

Nice and Easy

As far as I know this plugin is just a lowcut + a low Hz peak EQ in two buttons combined. Theoretically you can achieve the same results with just like that - so dont expect magic.

Still I find this plugin very usefull and it was my first purchase. Because the EQ inside is specially designed for a narrow case which is BASS and KICKDRUMS. If you do electronic music like me, this is of special importance.

The sound of this plugins is nice and its so ease and fast to setup a satisfying correction on your sub-frequency mixing. Therefore I still consider this a very good investment.


October 31, 2015


For EDM this plugin is a beast! Get your Synth Basses or Kicks, Compress with an LA2A, EQ to clean it up then bring it to life with the Voice of God! It brings my whole bottom end to life without adding any mud! I can't get enough of it! Run it through any saturation after that, Precision maximiser for example and you have some Super Fat Low End that I can't match against anything else!


October 15, 2015

I'm Disgusted.

I normally love UA products. I have more than a few plugs and I absolutely refuse to work without my favorites. This however; is disgraceful. For a company that prides itself on integrity and quality products, you guys bungled on this occasion. This piece of trash is a resonant pass filter. Seriously. It's right out of Cubase. Process the same signal with the same settings. They will Phase Cancel. You guys got me this time. Well played. It's my own fault for not Null testing for once... But I thought better of UA. Clearly I thought wrong.

m. aissa

October 6, 2015

Little labs voice of god

c'est un tres bon pluguin comme toujour chez universal audio il vous change la vie pour gérer tous se qui est des basse et sub


September 1, 2015

Awesome plugin!

This plugin is excellent. I was looking for something to make my EDM kick punchy and meaty. Using this plugin has definitely made that possible. I'm looking forward to using it more.

C. Fruehstueck

July 2, 2015

A Killer!!!!

A great plugin for Bass and Voices!!!!

V. Koenig

June 30, 2015

cool stuff

I start the demo for 30 minutes then i bought it!!! This plug in brings fresh live in your sound basement. I compare the VOG with some Eq`s and Bass Enhancers, and i must say the precision is awesome. This tool is very useful to smash bass signals into the Ground.
Love it !

R. Ivanov

May 3, 2015

Great plugin

I really happy with this plugin, other can't do this job,
use it on drums, bass, synths and vocals - its great!

J. Pierre

March 9, 2015

great for drums!

I do hip hop so I need that knock .this is one of the tools I like to use .great for bass too.

361-380 of 591 Results