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Customer Reviews

Little Labs® Voice Of God Bass Resonance

Overall Rating

461-480 of 591 Results

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D. Saada

November 25, 2013

Voice madness...

Great plug-in for bringing chest on voiceover . Nice on Kick Drum...

S. Tanner

October 23, 2013

Great Tool

Very nice sound for Bass-drums and speaking Voices.

But you must be careful for what media to use the plug-in. For very small PC speaker this device appears to be not suitable. But for this I would also not use the VOG in real. More the MaxxBass and so.

The operation at the beginning is a bit fiddly. With this plug-in I would have liked a balloon help function. And the numbers on the buttons are a bit too small in my case. In the evening my eyes are sometimes very tired when I have to adjust things so small on the screen.

A. Edgar

October 19, 2013

Voice Of God

A dead simple plugin for controlling your bass frequencies. From vocals, drums, guitars, honestly pretty much anything you can very easily dial in some of the vibe you're looking for. Pair this with the SPL Transient Designer plugin and you've got a wonderful set of tools for snare or bass drums.

V. Lehmann

October 18, 2013

Love it!!!!!!!

Tried this and just had to buy it.......... I love using this VOG on Bass Guitar and Kick Drum. Even if you think there's enough bottom end the VOG will provide more without the mud. Easy to use, just turn up the volume full, dial in the frequency that you want to enhance and then back the volume back down. I've tried the Precision Enhancer Hz Plug-In and never really found to much joy in it. The VOG is everything the Precision Enhancer Hz Plug-In is not.

K. Thompson

October 3, 2013

Perfect For Low End

great on bass, kicks even vocals. was suprised at the accuracy u cld get with the two controls. just fiddle a bit and dial in exactly what u need

M. Olivier

September 29, 2013

From The Ground!!!

Absolutly great and magic on low frequency, every instrument or master can become round and steady on the low side.

G. Gassert

September 27, 2013

Incredible Plugin

Just try the Demo . On kicks , snares ,Toms ,Bass ,Guitars, Vocals . Eqs and Pultecs are way different from what this is doing. Tuning drums like this is a life saver . After hearing a lot of mixed feedback on the net ,,,I'm really glad I gave it a listen .

S. Hwang

September 26, 2013

Been reported to neighbors even if the sound is good.

Jumyeo understand my short English please see.

Little Labs Voice Of God ... Plug-In, which is expressed as the title.
Especially since I'm writing this bass resonance was hard to describe the sound of the bottom.
  While using such a thought. Fluctuating God was heard on the floor.
But neighbors came directly from the report contains. Vibration is too large
I am pleased to report deserved.

D. Gilkinson

September 24, 2013

A little bass will do ya

EXCELLENT! So far, I have used the VOG to 'round out' a couple of bass guitar tracks, which it does very well. I have also used the VOG to add a little body/heft to a few vocal tracks. As the title indicates, I have only needed small amount of VOG to make a positive difference in the tracks I've worked with. For me, it's one of the many small differences that make a pretty good final mix sound VERY GOOD.

J. Nash

September 10, 2013

Little Labs VOG

The magic bullet for big bottom. The default setting alone is amazing on most kick and bass tracks. I haven't tried it on other sources but I have a feeling the results on guitars and vocals will also be superb. This thing really takes my mixes to the next level.

G. Ventin

September 9, 2013


A little piece of low end magic when used on kick drums and any other lows that could use a sonic punch. What is really cool about this plug-in is that it doesn't seem to distort the monitors even when pushed pretty hard. I don't know how I lived without it or completely understand all that it is doing other then... IT'S MAGIC!

A. Edgar

August 22, 2013

Voice Of God (Little Labs V.O.G.)

When I first demoed this plugin I tried it on bass drum, toms and voice. In every instance it was a simple click and a knob turn to an improved bass resonant frequency. You can really blend your instruments with whatever your session needs!

C. Sheppard

August 12, 2013


it is just a low pass filter with a boost around 100hz. This can easily be replicated with a stock parametric eq in your daw! this just a rip off entirely and really makes me question uad and their honesty.

G. Piazza

August 9, 2013

Excellent bass focus plug-in

This little guy is more than an EQ. It has a 'pushed inductor' sound,. like the Manley; the resonance seems to be affected by the low freq. energy - in a good way.
Very handy for those who mix drums, bass, vox and urban styles. I especially love the abilty to focus low energy and roll off sub garbage at the same time.

A. Ryabchenkov

July 13, 2013

Nice Plug-in

I like how it adds natural tone to the vocals after treating with correction EQ

R. Macmullen

July 13, 2013

bass correction

this vog brt by little labs is the bass correction tool everyone requires does it all sets bass up,down .smooth ,rough in vocals and instruments improves the tonality completely and immediately to perfection
real slick product that I will not be without
once again a world class fantastic design uad
ralph macmullen

J. Perno

July 9, 2013

Not worth the money. Move on!!!

Brandon Drury recently blew the lid off of the truth about this little plugin. It's nothing but a resonance high pass filter. He demonstrates in his youtube video by using the voxengo span plugin. The amazing thing is that when he flips the phase, there is complete CANCELATION!!! Move on, don't buy this plugin. There is nothing amazing about it when you can duplicate the same effect on any stock eq plugin.

check out the youtube review by searching "UAD Owes Us An Apology For The Voice Of God / VOG"

M. Howden

July 8, 2013

VOG - really useful

I use it to get a little tighter and punchier bottom end; on kick, bass guitar, and extra body in vocals. Probably one of UA's more subtle plug ins, and definitely right for acoustic music, but also pretty good for rock etc too

A. Zilkov

July 4, 2013

Good one

The interface is not so intuitive. Had to open manual to understand how it works. But after that it's all pretty easy and it sounds really good. Comparing to Waves bass resonance plugins VOG sounds much more natural with much less mud and woofiness.
I would really love a gain knob to compensate on volume raise, though...

L. Franchi

July 4, 2013

simple tool

Programas simple y eficaz que utilizo para clavar el bajo

461-480 of 591 Results