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Customer Reviews

Manley® Massive Passive EQ

Overall Rating

241-260 of 706 Results

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July 6, 2019

Perfect Master Bus EQ

Awesome EQ! Adds a smoothness to my mixes.

D. Causey

June 28, 2019

Massive Passive Fantassive!

A friend had this plugin and after hearing it I wanted one too. The presets are great starting points. Sounds great on a drum buss and especially useful on the master buss. Would highly recommend having this plugin in your toolbox!

C. Horsethief

June 26, 2019

Great for polishing up the master...

This plug consistently figures prominently in my master buss.

V. .

June 25, 2019

Best Manley® Massive Passive and Mastering EQ

Welcome to Universal Audio.
Very decent equalizer, use it on the master channel, happy with its effect.
Recommend to all.

D. Warren

June 22, 2019

Manley massive

What more can I say it’s a Manley Massive Passive EQ. Totally worth every cent!

A. Tomashenko

June 16, 2019

You need this one for mastering

Definitely a secret weapon for mastering, I always start with one of the presets and tweak it to my needs.

A. Hamada

June 15, 2019

Massive Passive

its so close to the real thing thanks UA for the great plugins

B. Gibbons

June 14, 2019

the King of Eq's

best eq plug-in on the market!!


June 14, 2019

Mixbus Mojo

After watching a tutorial of this plugin being used on mixbus, I tried it out for myself and it took the song to another, more professional sounding level. Don’t be afraid to boost a lot!

N. Jeremic

June 1, 2019

Makes my orchestral mixes shine

This one is a MUST HAVE for everyone into film score and game music mixing.
Absolutely makes both the recorded and sampled orchestra mixes shine and adds that beautiful top end to overall sound. I highly recommend using stereo version on your individual orchestral section busses, and then place the master version first in your mix buss chain for overall sculpting. You simply can't go wrong with Massive-Passive!

F. Pitlak

May 15, 2019


Great EQ, fantastic sound,,,

F. Pitlak

May 15, 2019


Amazing, eq very soft...

R. Carvalho

May 12, 2019

Best Mastering EQ

New with UA, but in love for this EQ. It become my on the go Mastering EQ. Excelente warmth, clarity and tube like!

T. Harvey

April 28, 2019

Great on everything!!!!

I love this eq plug-in! Sounds fantastic on master bus, drums, guitar (especially acoustic), and anything else you encounter when mixing a project. A Swiss Army EQ for sure!!! A must have in my arsenal of plug-ins.

S. Kaiser

April 14, 2019


Expensive but very useful for cutting or boosting frequencies. Easy to handle. One of my favorite plugins.

C. Jaramillo

April 5, 2019

Very musical.

I love it on the 2Bus. I always end up shaping my mixes with touches here and there on some frequencies, being cuts or boosts. This is when I know my mix is sort of ready.

M. Czyz

March 29, 2019

Amazing mastering EQ!

I have used hardware few times and I must say I think the plugin emulation is pretty tip top! I like this emulation and I use it on master bus in nearly every arrangement! It uses a lot of dsp and that is the only one downside of this plugin. Great for mixing, amazing for mastering! Love it!

L. Miladinovic

March 27, 2019

The Manley EQ

I was never able to use Manley hardware so my rating is based purely on utilisation of the plug-in. Since I bought it, it is a constant member of a master chain. Recommending without any hesitatation!

B. Muszkat

March 22, 2019

Game Changer

absolutely fantastic. its a must for me

J. Calverley

March 19, 2019

Highly Recommended.

Best EQ I own, but eats up power like a hog. I primarily use this on the master buss.

241-260 of 706 Results