Marshall® JMP 2203

Marshall® JMP 2203

Unison Enabled

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Marshall JMP 2203

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d. entz

September 19, 2017


it is what it is.

P. Christian

July 16, 2017


I have the real deal a 78 jmp 2203 it's been a part of my sound for years now.i know that amp inside and out,but I have to say this sick. I get all the great sound and tone of this classic amp ,amazing control ,and speed for set up. I can dial in my tone with the plug in and reamp later.

N. Karkour

July 5, 2017


As a Flamenco Brazilian Classical Electric guitarist this amp sounds as good as you have it live. To hear the proof check my recordings

G. Atkins

June 1, 2017

Getting "The Metal Guitar Sound"

I love the Marshall JMP 2203 plugin. On a recent project the guitar tracks I was sent sounded just ok. I really wanted to boost these tracks so that they had the “real punch and grit that to me define a metal song”. That’s when I put the Marshall JMP 2203 plugin into action, I could really work with the guitars and hear how they sounded soloed and then in the mix. Next time instead of spending hours to re-track the part I will go to this plugin first. UAD continues to make my job easier.

L. Pauselli

May 18, 2017

Marshall Jmp 2203

The best simulation who I heard, simple, very powerful, with incredible feeling!
I think 4 stars because there is a choosy frequency...I hope they'll fix it.

V. Kozhin

February 28, 2017

Marshall JMP 2203

Great bright sound! It's good for my Fender start I get really funky style tone. And it's good for jazzy tone.

o. Millot

February 20, 2017

One Word!

I use it all the time!

D. Webb

February 16, 2017

Marshall JMP2203

The JMP2203 was my first choice of the Marshall amps. The modeling is EXCELLENT! The choice and adjustments of the microphones along with the provided EQ and Gate make this plugin absolutely FANTASTIC! UAD folks, Thank You for the labor of love and time you invested in this plugin. It truly is one of my favorites,

J. Sidelinger

February 12, 2017

Nailed it

The Marshall 2203 is the base of my personal guitar tone and has been for many years. The problem is if you aren't on stage or in a band rehearsal situation, a 2203 is way too much amp. This leads to a whole lot of compromises with personal practice and digital recording- until now. To me this plugin not only has the exact sound of the Marshall 2203 circuit, but also the feel and response. Like a real 2203, all the characteristics of your guitar and playing (good or bad) are brought to the fore. Unlike any other amp plugin I've tried, this one sounds great on its own with no EQ or effects needed, and that saying a lot. Well done!

S. Tanner

January 31, 2017

A very nice emulation

I am very pleased with this plug-in. I can use it for many different things and so.

But for me I personally like the Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555 plug-in even a Little bit better for my style.

E. Pederson

January 29, 2017

Very close to the real thing

I'm fortunate enough to own a real 2203 (it's a JCM800 Master Lead 2203...but it's the exact same circuit as the JMP). Very impressed. There are some very minute differences I notice, but this is an excellent, excellent model. Probably the best I've heard. If you have ever been near a 2203 in real life, you know that if you crank the volume and preamp on them you can probably hear them 11 miles away. They're INSANELY powerful. With this, you can do it all in the box on headphones and still get the same tone. It's awesome.

l. lyun

January 17, 2017

Fantastic amp simulator

It's a good amp simulator.
The effect is also good as a plugin.
Listen to clean sound with damping
Https:// (09:13 ~ 11:15)

J. Kachelriess

January 17, 2017

Just missing the smell of the original...

To this day I regret that I sold my 2203 like ten years ago and still ask myself, why I did it. But the UAD softube instantly brings back the feeling and joy I remember from the "good old days". It's a killer plug-in and so far I used it on all recent recordings. If you're after this one typical dirty Marshall sound and willing to play a little with knobs and microphones, the 2203 plug-in will deliver THE tone.

P. Nalbach

January 9, 2017

extrem guter Clearsound

Ich habe schon viele Emulationen benutzt und war letztlich immer unzufrieden so dass ich mir einen relativ teuren Modeller zulegte, bei dem ich aber immer nur den JC100 benutzte, da mir der Rest nicht zusagte. Ich spiele überwiegend klar, das Gezerre geht mir auf den Nerv. Zufällig habe ich das Plugin ausprobiert und bin restlos begeistert. Nie hätte ich gedacht, einen solch warmen Jazzsound über einen Marshall zu erhalten. Den Axe habe ich sofort verkauft.

M. Cibien

January 7, 2017

JMP at its best!

I own a vintage ’77 JMP 2204, a couple of early ‘80s JCM 800 (2203&2204) and…an Apollo Twin USB. I’ve been blown away by the quality of this UAD/Softube emulation: it is as close as humanly/digitally possible to the real thing, period. What really stunned me is that also the interaction with different guitars and stomp-boxes is absolutely realistic!?! Awesome plug-in! Worth buying an Apollo by itself if you are a fan of those mighty tone-machines, but not so keen on tubes… ;-)

M. Merritt

December 5, 2016

Sooooo good!!!

This plugin sounds so good, I won't even bother to mic up my amp any more! I've been waiting for an amp sim that I could honestly say that I loved the sound of. Well, it's here and this is it!

B. Ward

September 18, 2016

The best

I overlooked this AMP for sometime and finally decided to check it out before making a purchase. Wow, the Marshall JMP 2203 is the most a versatile amp of them all. You can get so many sounds out of it but what impressed me the most were the clean tones that have such a great tube punch. The other amps distort or crack to easily making them less versatile. Get it now!

T. Isebjer

September 15, 2016

Best amp plugin

I've been a Marshall user since 1984 and own a JMP 2203 from 1982 among other great amps. I must say this plugin is awesome in every way. It sounds exactly as the real thing. It's so good that I don't record with the real amp anymore. This is way faster than setting up the real mics and cabs and it's as great sounding. This plugin also make it possible to get great recordings late at night and the ability to practice while the kids and wife are sleeping. The only time I fire up the real amp is when I want to feel the 4x12 pushing some real air. That's how good this plugin is.

J. Valentovich

September 12, 2016

Nice sound

UAD and Softube work good together. I have heard this head in person all my life and I have to say it is damn close.

B. Dunn

August 15, 2016

Marshall Goodness

I have the Silver Jubilee already, so I was looking for something that could do the big complimentary rock thing as well as clean up. Very glad I purchased this. It's VERY good, and very realistic. One thing I didn't realize, you use the preamp of your Apollo to drive the plug harder. At first i cranked the gain and didn't get as overdriven as I wanted. But, you can crank the preamp and get where you want to go. Another win for UA.

21-40 of 69 Results