Marshall® JMP 2203

Marshall® JMP 2203

Unison Enabled


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Marshall JMP 2203

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E. Gyger

June 23, 2016

Not bad

I think it, because, like most of these sort of plugins, the sound is stil a lot colder than a real amplifier, but the thing I don't like , is the fact that it's a lot more difficult to get a nice clear sound than distortion, really not fare to my opinion...,
But in this kind of plugin,it's the best one so far.....
Still a lot of progress to do!

s. kgr

June 2, 2016

Great Amp Sound ever

I playing fender&gibson guitars. Marshall amp is great Sound for me. Rock'n'roll,hardrock,heavy metal,and more.
I like UAD2 jmp 2203. So natura tonel!

C. Fuchs

May 8, 2016

Great tone

The JMP 2203 is by far my favorite of all the available Marshall from UA. When playing clean it has that metallic sound i am looking for in a Marshall. Also when played more crunchy, this amp delivers. Love it and highly recommended. Thanks Softube and UAD. A real masterpiece.

M. Niemczyk

May 4, 2016

i Review it wrongly with 3 stars but it deserves at least 4

the sound is awesome, but lacking of pre amp off (for usage with real valve preamps) is such a pity, one star has to be removed.
So (3 + 5) / 2 = 4

UAD User

April 13, 2016

Wow , ... no ... Double Wow !

To my taste a PlugIn cannot replace the real thing . However , this PlugIn just sounds very very good on its own and I have lots of fun to use it . Even the clean presets are giving the guitar a nice body . For Guitar recordings I use this PlugIn in combination with a Apollo Twin Duo . 5 Stars !

A. Kocks

April 11, 2016

Outstanding Amp Sim

I've played a 2203 Top for many years and it is really amazing how close this plugin is to the real one. From clean to high gain, everything sounds great. Like the original the mids a very strong so depending on the style of Music you're playing it needs additional eq-ing. But all the frequencies are there and it is not a big deal. In my opinion it is even easier to eq the plugin Version.

Perfect Job!

G. Rochler

March 9, 2016

It is what it is

All I can say is that it is like playing through a real 2203 (in fact a sweet one). The way the guitar reacts is incredible. All the sounds that you experience through the amp are here, including the one's you need to control when you are balls to the wall. The clean response on the jazz settings are so clear and sweet as well. I have dialed in 4 main sounds that give me just about everything I need.

E. Moore

February 27, 2016

Holy 70s...

I own all of the Marshall emulators on the UAD platform. This is everything they are promoting. It's like stepping into any record from the mid-70s and getting that tone. Whereas the 1959 specializes in the early 70s Deep Purple tone, this is more focused distortion and the clean tones are phenomenal. Don't hesitate to add this to your library, you won't be sorry you did.

G. Atkins

February 26, 2016

My new essential Plugin

I got the Marshall JMP 2203 Plug-in today, it saved me so much time and delivered the sound I needed for my mix.

I was trying to get a track that had the warmth of a tube amp but not overly distorted. I needed something to bring alive the thin Strat rhythm part in a blues tune. I dialed in the Clean Jazzy Preset, which got me started. Within minutes I adjusted the controls, so I could hit the sweetspot, the guitar part was then sitting great.

The ability to choose TWO mics at a time from a possible four and mix them is a great feature and shows some of the flexibility of this plug-in.

The Marshall JMP 2203 Plug-in is going to see a lot of action from now on in my studio.

C. Biddle

February 23, 2016

Versatile, responsive, almost perfect.

The ability to use the unison slot on the Marshalls is a big plus for responsiveness and feel. Real-world 2203s are nauseously loud and I was always closed-minded about master volume Marshalls - turns out, the 2203 is very flexible: everything from good, jazzy clean tones to that leg-bandana/hair-metal sound. Sits in the mix easily and great with the Trident A-Range.

My complaints (an issue with all four Marshall plug-ins) are the limited mic choices and placement options. (Compare Ocean Way options.) But I would have a hard time identifying this plug-in from the real thing if I were A/B-ing them blind in a control room, which is why it’s getting 5 stars and not 4. A joy to use; will make you want to buy fingerless driving gloves....

C. McDonald

February 23, 2016

Marshall Plugin/Back to the 70's

This plugin gives you that classic 70's sound.

S. Greenberg

February 22, 2016

Very impressed

I have been playing modeled guitar amps since they first existed and was never fully satisfied. I owned and played this range of Marshall back in the day. I downloaded the demo for this amp using Unison input on Apollo it immediately felt real and sounded great, bought it right away!! Truly impressed that is has an amp "feel"

M. Jiaras

February 16, 2016

Thumbs up

Excellent. Very useful. Great sound.

E. Cooney

February 5, 2016

My new favorite amp sim!

I'm a huge fan of UAD's platform / workflow and a few off their plugins have become essential to my daily life (Fatso, Fairchild, Ocean Way, API Vision and BAX). However in my humble opinion, their amp sims have been uncharacteristically disappointing, especially for the price. But this JMP is truly remarkable! I've never heard a sim deliver so much beef with so much organic detail / responsiveness. It doesn't do over-the-top laser distortion, but you can get that from just about every other sim or from many affordable real amps. For players who prefer to create The Heavy from that old school, amp-on-11 type of overdrive then this thing is just the ticket. I also love that it only has a few knobs and no dizzying list of cabs / mics.

R. Jacobi

February 4, 2016

Organic Tone and Natural Feel

The Marshall JMP 2203 plugin by Softube is as close as it gets to the original tone and feel.

The 2203 lines up perfectly with the other amps from the Marshall Legends bundle. These plugins do not sound or feel like emulations, it rather feels like sitting in the control room with the amp heads in front of you having the cab miced up in the room next door. The tone, dynamics and reaction to the incoming signal is spot on.

As a mix engineer I used to blend in amp sims to add more presence to previously recorded guitar tracks. With these plugins there is no need to blend, you can finally replace not so well recorded guitar tracks and totally get away with it. The sound is so natural!

Softube really are rock 'n' roll scientists! XOXO

c. niculescu

February 3, 2016

Now we're talking

Excellent stuff!

Softube, you've done it again.

D. Lavyne

February 3, 2016

The Most Versatile Marshall

I've been a huge fan of the Marshall Plug-ins from day one, and love them all. However the 2203 is by far the most versatile offering the widest variety of tones and (in my opinion) the best set of presets thus far. The clean sounds are perfect and Compact Rhythm is just out of control crunchy goodness! Highly recommended!

p. miller

February 2, 2016

Best Marshall to date.

Just demo'ed the the new Marshall JMP 2203 and I am very pleased with this plugin. It breaks up nice yet also, cleans up when you ease up on the strings..just like my orange tube amp. I Then turned my guitar volume down and was in tone heaven. I haven't said that about any of the amp sims here. I don't have the Unison preamp, but used a 500 series A-design p1 pre. I first tried this plugin with a Ibanez RG320 with SD jb/59 and thought it had a nice blues grit to it. I then plugin in my les paul and was instantly laying down some of the best blue jams that ever poured from my finger tips,,,, very inspiring tone. Thank you UAD, you finally made me smile. :)

B. Tonak

February 2, 2016

Spot on

I owned a '78 Master Volume 2203 JMP, which I ran through a cab with G12T-75's (for a while). This simulation is spot on. The mic selections are exactly what I used also (except I didn't own a 251). I sold that amp a few years ago.

I haven't tried any pedals with the sim yet, but this amp was a great pedal platform. Just like the amp, this sim takes some EQ to take out some of the brightness (unless you're going for that), and add some low end.

T-75's are the period correct speakers, but I didn't love them with this amp and wish the sim had a different option. But it's spot on and very real sounding, and true to the original as billed.

61-79 of 79 Results

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