Neve® 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection

Neve® 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection

Unison Enabled

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Customer Reviews

Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection

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J. Rutter

September 18, 2015

Great job

This beats hardware emulations of the 1073. Very pleased with the sound on this one.

A. Schuman

September 16, 2015

Neve 1073- improving my mixes

Made a big difference in my mixes- works great in Logic Pro X. I'm using the Neve plug-in for vocals and for the "drummer" program in Logic, and really adds a more realistic sounding kit. It takes significant dsp power, but I'm fine with "bouncing" my tracks in place.

Well Done!

H. Gu

September 15, 2015

You know that

I think I don't have to explain abut this VST
You know that
this is good

J. Quevedo

September 12, 2015


When I was interning at Studio West in San Diego, they have one of these in Room A. This console sound great when tracking anything but was I personally loved it on was drums. The room has an SSL 4000 console as well, one day I was assisting a session and patched everything into the SSL because that was the "Magic Console" the engineer nicely asked me to switch it all over to the Neve for drum tracking. Once we switch it was like the drums came to life, after that I started using the Waves version of this plugin and it didn't really hit home, finally upgraded to an Apollo 8 and demoed this right out the gate after one mix session I bought it. This plugin gives a life that the console does and is simply amazing. JUST BUY IT!

B. Olivier

September 6, 2015

Sounds great

Great sound . The EQ is amazing. Ideal for quick recording when you can not bring your preamp rack

R. Castillo

August 15, 2015

My main pres

Use it on pretty much everything. Breaths life on tracks on the way in.

UAD User

August 11, 2015

By Tyrone Sebastian

This plugin is awesome I have been trying to get that warm sound on my production for years, never thought anyone would be able to truly emulate the sound of the 1073 Neve preamp I now use this on most if not all of my projects. I'd like to say well done! UAD this was worth every penny! Extremely happy no need to travel miles pay silly money anymore in over priced studios. Can capture that vintage warm sound on my mixes in my own studio without breaking the bank!

J. White

August 11, 2015

Monster Sound

This plug-in adds significantly more gain, and enhances the presence of any mic I attach. I'm glad I purchased it. I only wish I had bought into the Universal Audio family years ago instead of piecing together cheap hardware interfaces and mic-pres.

m. cho

July 27, 2015

Best of the best!

Just perfect...sounds great on any sound!!!!
btw...eats up too much CPU.....

UAD User

July 27, 2015


I come from a Waves background and I'm pretty new to UA. I just bought my first Apollo, and after using the trial for the 1073 I bought it.

Honestly my only regret is not having more DSP to use more instances of this wonderful plugin.

I made a couple of blind tests comparing this wonderful plugin to the Waves version and it is just overall better. Nicer top end and saturation.

c. Antonelli

July 21, 2015


I tested it 2 weeks and it is just amazing! Never recorded guitars, voices and bass that sound like this! Bravo!!!! A must have! My best preamp plug ever!

UAD User

July 9, 2015

Wow 1073 indeed.

I have an aurora audio gtq2 & chandler ltd1 & this new 1073 plugin competes rivals them both. Its shocking n inspiring how in some cases Uad sounded better easier conveniently. I used the preamp section n 12k on a clients vocal that was recorded on rode classic n blue Robbie and results were amazing. Driving the preamp tamed the high frequencies that annoyed me about the rode classic n also a touch of 100 gave vocals balls. Also threw the 1073 on snare n kick and I no longer
need to run my sounds through the chandler because of this new 1073 plug.
I'm looking forward for 33609 update & dbx 160vu

V. Kelly

July 7, 2015

You want Amazing?

Well this is Amazing. I like it better than the hardware I think. it is hands down better than Waves. (sorry waves I do like your products)
As a pre it is open transparent with a pallet of color in the tone knobs...
That high shelf is ridiculous !
Now use it as a plug in to add punch and clarity ....say to drums. I love what it does for rock guitars also
I'm blown away!
Nice work UA!

P. Verhulst

July 7, 2015

Magic by just inserting it

I've just transferred a live recording from a cheap tascam recorder. The live track had very thin and harsh sound. Simply inserting this channel strip without even touching the controls completely removes the harshness. It opens up the top end, and brings out depth and detail. The EQ has amazinging clarity and smoothness. Just try a few dB of midrange, it adds vocal like clarity to a source. This plugin really stands out, it's not a surprise this is one of the most cpu hungry plugins (67% on one core). It's simple but powerfull. In Console I've stapped this one permanently on inputs 1/2. Just sitting there with no EQ applied, it adds a high end gloss to everything i feed my Apollo 8.

j. franco lopez

July 2, 2015

una maravilla

hace tiemepo que no escribo , pero es obligado , este plugins es una maravilla posiblemente el mejor que tengo .
el preamp y su eq son impresionante , y hace el proyecto con una claridad increible . gracias uad .

D. Hedin

June 9, 2015


This is my number one desert island plugin right here. Like the original hardware unit, everything just sounds better run through this thing! Rupert made some magic in that little red knob! I just shake my head with how easy it is to get things sounding incredible. The high shelf is so silky smooth on vocals, and the big bottom that Neve is known for is incredible on Kick and Bass.

Ok, just buy's an absolute staple. Everything will sound better that you feed to it. Those thick harmonics will make your mixes/productions sound so much fatter, rounder and huge.

TIP: Also, use this on the master bus. Try two clicks of the red knob and turn the output volume down to match the gain increase (and maybe a touch of that high shelf) :)

A. Leite

June 8, 2015

Best for Vocals

The unison tech just shines on my Miktek mic, using it together with an LA-2A it's almost impossible not to get great results

UAD User

June 3, 2015

knocked it out of the park!

My favorite hardware chain for my voice is SM7, 1073, 1176 - does the job every time. Now with the Unison 1073 I finally feel like I can get results at home that are as good as I was getting in the real studio. It reacts beautifully and has so much more character than the stock Apollo pres - I track almost everything through it. I recommend this one to veryone I know with an Apollo!

I. Papagiannidis

May 24, 2015

the ultimate sound!

this strip sounds amazing in every instrument!
and the unison technology rocks!
thanks UAD team

J. Rutter

May 17, 2015

Awesome Sound!

This is an amazing emulation, even better than them hardware emulations you get.

521-540 of 759 Results